July 28, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 13

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Episode 13

Few minutes later, I noticed someone come by my side and tapped me by my shoulder.

“Hi…are you perhaps the secretary we had being waiting for inside?”

I looked to his face and stood. ” How do you know I’m the one?”

The boss gave us your pictures and told the workers in the house to search around for you.

“Yes, I am. Having some menstrual cramps ” I said.

“Oh really? Sorry ma’am. Are you alright now?”

“Yeah, I should try to show up since the programme doesn’t look like one that will continue without me ” I said and followed him.

I was finally escorted to the sit in front of the hall and I sat beside the boss.

He shot me an angry look like he would slap me anytime soon but I just smiled at him instead.

“Where have you gone too?” He whispered to me angrily.

“You are asking a psycho a questions , sir ” I reminded him.

“Sh!t!” He cursed and concentrate back on the event.


After the event was over. He walked out angrily leaving me behind while I walked swiftly after him so.
He entered his car and closed the door.

I tried to open it but couldn’t.

“Sir, are you leaving me behind?”

“After you almost disgrace me before everyone , right? You know what? I do not know you,excuse me ” He said and started the car.

“How can you not know your secretary, It’s me Rachel. ” I said and he just hissed and drove away.

I stood there stranded. I wasn’t expecting him to leave me behind.

The sad thing here is that I did not even bring any money along with me. I dropped my purse at the office.

I walked out of the environment sullenly and began to walk by the road. I would have put a call through to my sister , but I’d exhausted my airtime and the chance to borrow.

I wish I can just get my first salary. I will really change a lot of things about me and stop living this life of poverty.

After I had trekked for a while , I was so tired. I sat by a pole and buried my head in my palm.

I wish that one of the passerby would ask what had gone wrong with me but sadly , everyone just kept going there way.

After a while, I heard the horn of a car and I still lowered my head sadly. I was forced to raise my head when the horn persist.

I noticed it was the boss car and I wondered if he had come to pick me or?

He stepped down.

“I noticed you forgot your purse at the office so I decided to bring it for you. I’m only doing this so you would not have any reason to come late tomorrow. Cause I know you may complain of body ache tomorrow as a result of the fact that you trekked. Bye” He said and threw my purse on me.

He walked back to his car and drove away.

“Very wicked a boss ” I mumbled and opened my purse to see if the token there will be enough to transport me home.

I was stunned at what I saw inside the purse.

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