July 31, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 4

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One night stand ????
Episode Four✨
Justin: Ma’am Jenny is the best student in our class so i think it’s a good idea if I pair with Jenny since am a new student (he smiles at Jenny?????
Mrs Smith: That’s a good thinking.
Jenny: There’s no way am teaming up with this dunzo ????
Mrs Smith: Justin and Jenny..You two are partners.
Jenny:Am not doing anything with him.
Mrs Smith: Jenny, i am the teacher here and I have made my decision.
Jenny: Damn it!!
Mrs Smith:No curse word in my class, Jennifer.
30 mins later, class was over and students were leaving the class.Jenny was picking her books when her classmates , Riella and Audrey came to her.
Riella: Jenny,if i were you, i would be so happy to be Justin’s partner.
Audrey: Yeah, he is sooo cute ????
Jenny: Whatever ????(Justin approaches them)
Justin:Hey ladies..and Jenny.
Riella:Hey, Justin ????
Jusy:Can u excuse I and Jenny?
Riell:Of course.(Riella and Audrey leave)
Justin:Hey partner ????
Jenny: Don’t “hey partner” me..why did you tell Mrs Smith that?
Justin:Cause i want to be your Friend.
Jenny:Look, i don’t know the kind of spell you put on all the girls and female teachers but it won’t work on me.
Justin:Why don’t you wanna be my friend?
Jenny: cause you are a guy and all guys are the same..Stupid and deceitful ????
Justin:Well am not like other guys..i respect ladies.
Jenny: That’s what they always say.. let’s just do this project and forget we ever did something together.
After school, Jenny and Justin went to Jenny’s house for the project.
Liam:Hey dude..u didn’t tell me you had a new boyfriend.
Jenny:Eww..no ???? Justin is not my boyfriend.. he’s here for a project.
Justin:Good afternoon.
Liam:Call me Liam, Jenny’s elder bro.
Justin: okay (they shake hands)
Jenny: Where’s mom?
Liam: Neighbor’s house.
Jenny:Okay, i and Justin will be upstairs.

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