July 23, 2021

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The Master. Episode 7

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“Why am I banned from entering Talia’s room?” Emily barged into my office shouting.

I groaned and pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration. I loved the girl but I did not need her bickering at a time like this. I was stressed out enough already.

“Emily, ” I began but the words got stuck in my throat.

How the in heaven’s name was I supposed to tell her? How was I going to explain this?

“Well you can start by telling me what you did to Talia” she snapped.

I groaned as I realised she had been in my head.

“Your talents are improving.” I noted in a soft whisper her angry expression sobered for just a bit.

“Yes. I wanted to tell you, it’s just that you have been busy lately” she said her head dropping slightly.

“Have you told Leah?” I asked.

She nodded her yes.

“And have you gone to see the Terrisa?” I asked.

She nodded again. Why was she not saying anything.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” I asked her.

Her head remained hung low and she refused to look at me nor to answer me.

“Emily…..” I began but she cut me off, confirming my worst fears.

“The time is nearing Kayden” she whispered softly.

The room fell silent. I felt my anger rising, slowly simmering inside me. I suddenly growled and stood up, picking up the desk in front of me and throwing it across the room. Emily slipped out of the room knowing I needed to be alone. I ran my hand through my hair, pulling and tugging the roots rather forcefully. Helplessness was one emotion I could never deal well with.

I walked towards the window, the only one in my office. It overlooked the garden. The same garden that resembled the one at the family palace I grew up in. I saw myself running around the garden full of laughter and happiness. And with her behind me, chasing me playfully. She would always catch me of course. And then shower me with kisses, telling me how much she absolutely adored me.

I growled again, clearing the painfully clear images from my head. I moved away from the window, and walked out of the office. I needed to see Terrisa. Surely there was another way we could do this.

“Remy get the car ready, we’re going to see Terrisa” I commanded the man loudly as I knew he was standing just outside the door. He stepped in and he simply nodded and walked off to get the car ready.

I walked to my room, where I changed into one of my usual black leather ensembles. I walked out of my room and purposefully strode towards the staircase. I passed by Talia’s room and paused slightly by the door. A huge part of me wanted to get in, to make sure she was okay before I left, but a smaller part, the darker part of me strongly protested. I dragged myself away from her door, deciding to let her rest.

I walked downstairs and walked to the car which Remy had already parked just in front of the house.

I told Remy where we were going and he drove off.

The whole ride to Terrisa’s house was a blur. My thoughts were jumbled and I couldn’t bring myself to focus on thinking about anything in particular for a period of time.

We pulled up in front of Terrisa’s old house and Remy opened the door for me.

The minute I got out of the car, Terrisa walked out of her house and approached me.

“Lord Kayden, I’ve been expecting you.” She said. Her smile was warm, just as I remembered it.

“I apologize for not coming to see you earlier, Terrisa.” I said accepting the hug she was offering.

“It is okay. You’re a lord now and that comes with many responsibilities. Let’s go inside, we have plenty to discuss.” Terrisa said after pulling away from our embrace.

I followed her as she led me inside her house. It was just as I remembered it. It had been eighteen years since I last came here, and I was glad to see nothing had changed.

“Sit” she said offering me a chair in what seemed to be her study.

I vaguely noticed she had sort of redecorated. +

“I take it you’ve talked to Emily?” She said sitting on the chair behind her desk.

“Yes. That is why I’m here Terrisa. Can you not do anything more. You are the most powerful witch I know. You have to help her.” I said, my voice almost cracking with emotion.

“Kayden, I’m trying all I can but to be honest I’m running out of ideas” she said her voice sounding just as sad as mine.

I shot up from my chair, and began pacing around the study, running a hand through my hair.

“Kayden, calm down, Emily needs you to be strong” she soothed.

I stopped pacing and looked at her.

“I cannot calm down, Terrisa. Emily is all I have left. I cannot lose her. She is the only family I have” I was almost shouting in frustration.

“I know, Kayden. But you need to calm down for her, if your nerves are on edge you’ll slip up and you’ll lose her during the ritual or before it even. Once your uncle suspects something is up then we’re done for” she said reminding me of how extremely volatile the situation was.

I slumped back into my chair, my jaw clenched tightly.

“Run the whole process by me again.” I said leaning back on my chair.


“Did you see her?” Emily said as she saw me walking in through the front door.

“Yes. I did”

She looked at me waiting for me to add something else. I was not going to tell her. How could I tell her that she was going to die by my hand. She knew vague details of the process and that’s all she would know for now.

To turn her into a full vampire, it just had to be done.

“There is no hope, is there?” She said her face falling.

I simply looked at her, my face was void of all emotions. I did not know how I was feeling. I did not know which feeling was stronger than the other, anger or helplessness.

“Go to sleep, Emily. We will discuss this tomorrow” I said and began walking toward the stairs.

“She is awake by the way. She is refusing to eat, nor speak to anyone” Emily said.

I kept on walking pretending I hadn’t heard her. I just did not know how to respond to her statement. It’s pretty obvious that Emily wanted to know what I had done to Talia but I couldn’t tell her. It would just complicate things further.

I walked past Talia’s door, deciding a shower would be good before I go and see her. I got to my room and headed straight for the bathroom.

After my short shower, I made my way to Talia’s room. I stood in front of it for a few minutes, wondering if this was such a good idea.

I finally pulled myself together, opened the door and walked in.

She lay there, her skin looking so pale. It was then that I realised that maybe I had taken more blood than was necessary to prove a point to my uncle.

“Have you come to finish your meal?” Her voice echoed through the room.

Her words stung. I knew they shouldn’t have affected me, but they did. I could sense the anger and resentment that was resonating from her.

“I heard you haven’t eaten today” I said deciding to ignore her question. “You need food to regain your strength” I added.

She snorted.

“Why, so you can drink from me again?” She threw back.

Another punch aimed towards my bag of guilt.

There was silence in the room, a deafening silence. I wanted to apologize. I felt compelled to tell her everything but I fought against it. She was a pet, I couldn’t burden her with my problems, her life was hard enough as it was.

“Please……” I began but failed to finish the sentence.

“I cannot have you dying under my care Talia” I ended up saying instead.

“And why is that? Oh I know, it’s because I cost a lot and I haven’t given you your money’s worth isn’t it?”

Her words were toxic. She hated me, the same way she despised Kevin. She saw no difference between me and him.

“Goddammit Talia” I growled my hand punching through the wall.

I punched the wall repeatedly, letting the pain soothe the ache in my heart, and the hurt that Talia’s words inflicted on me. I have never been one to hurt myself physically. But I was just so frustrated and I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

“Kayden” I heard a shout but I kept going.

“Kayden, stop please”

Blood was now pouring out through the wounds that had formed on my knuckles.

“Kayden, I will eat, just stop. Please.”

I seized my punches immediately and turned towards her. I looked at her and the sight that met me was one I will never forget. She looked scared, scared of me. I was a monster in her eyes.
I looked down and saw that my blood was messing her carpet.

“I’ll send a maid to come and clean the carpet and the wall” I said in a voice that I almost didn’t recognize.

I turned towards the door silently and walked out without saying another words.

Way to go Lord Kayden!!



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