July 27, 2021

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The Poor Girl. Episode 8

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????THE POOR GIRL ????

????EPISODE 8????


Melody arrived the hospital to check on her mother , and to her greatest surprise she met her sitting on the hospital bed.

Just as she step inside and rushed and gave her mother a warm hug she has missed for a long time, Mr Patrick arrived with his family behind and melody didn’t noticed.

Amanda saw the person standing by the bed to look like melody which made her to stop half way wondering what she was doing there.

Mr Patrick walked to melody and placed his hands on her shoulder thus making her to startle and then look up to see Mr Patrick.

Melody smiled and then stood up and hug him and that was when she saw Mrs Patrick and Amanda who stood by the door without any interest of coming in.

Amanda knew that instant that it’s melody’s mommy that her father got injured and that’s why she has been absent from school for days but she was not ready to say the truth but rather she was thinking of the way to add more salts to her wound.

#1 month later

Mr and Mrs Armstrong finally discharged from the hospital which made melody to regain herself.

Melody left for school at the early hour of Monday ,she got to the school and drop her bag running to the assembly ground.

Desmond the senior prefect was looking for a chance to have a word with melody for a long time now but he didn’t know the right steps to take.

The devotion was brought to a close as melody left for her class likewise other students especially the jss1 students who ran to their various classes to be the first person.

Mr Ebuka the SS1A class teacher came in to the class and informed them to elect their prefect now as the former one has left for another school.

Gladys didn’t even even allow Mr Ebuka to finished his speech as she stood up and mentioned Melody’s name this generating more jealousy by Amanda.

Melody knew what that means if she’s been chosen as the class prefect, though her situation has changed and she happens to be liked by everyone in the class including Mike and Dave who hate her.

Without wasting of time, she stood up.

“Sir, I choose Amanda “She said and sat down making everyone to be surprised why she choose Amanda who is the same person that hate her.

After conducting an election between Amanda Patrick and Esther Chester, Amanda happens to have the highest vote and she was declared the class prefect and Henry happens to be her assistant.

The class cheered Amanda as If she just won Miss World and she felt on top of the world, she stood up and faced the class and then speak up.

“If you know that you are a poor bitch in this class you better find your way out now “she said and everyone knew that she was referring to melody but they were all waiting for the terminal result so as to see who is the boss bet the two of them.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and the time for the terminal exams finally arrived as teachers were busy giving out test to the students so as for them to prepare for the exam.

Mr Williams entered the class and without wasting time, he drifted out his question on the board for the students to provide the answer after which they will summit it to the class prefect.

Melody looked at the questions and smiled as they were to easy for her to handle, she took time in answering the question.

They all summited their answers to melody to take it to Mr Williams their economics teacher, Amanda knew what was running through her mind as she collected the script from melody and then left for the staff room.

She took the stiair case down and on getting to the ground, she took her left and then scattered the paper looking for Melody’s answer.

Immediately she found it she smiled and went through the answers and discovered that melody answered everything, she took the paper and tear it into pieces and then took the rest to Mr Williams the economics teacher.

“Let’s see how you will pass economics without your test script “Same said and laughed wickedly.

Melody didn’t know what had happened to her script all her thoughts was that she’s going to score the highest point.

Melody’s spread around the school as the most brilliant student in the school and both junior and senior ones respected her this creating more forum for Amanda to hate her the more.

The principal general was proud to have a brilliant student like that who’s firm was heard everywhere, he was glad that finally he has someone who will represent his school in any competition.

Mr Armstrong at home was now strong and healthy as he sat down outside his hut receiving the fresh breeze as his wife Mrs Armstrong emerged from the inside with a tray of hot soup in her hands.

Though there was no much ingredients I’m the food but it tasted sweet and delicious as Mr Armstrong eat and cleaned his mouth.

“Lord please make my daughter successful for her to come and change our story “Mr Armstrong prayed and then relaxed.


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