June 19, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 84

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Venessar High School

Episode 84

Professor Lucas POV.

I was finally released after four years in prison. It’s such a horrible experience and I do not believe that a prestigious somebody like me would be kept in prison for any reason.

So sad!

I stood before the ICP and signed some documents after which I walked away freely.

Information reaching me in prison had made me known that some 6S band had married which is against the band policy.

Not even do I allow dating. I do not think the band even exist anymore. I lost a lot of money to the duet that I couldn’t even bring my boys to perform.

Sean is married. So is Stephen.

Hum! I arrived home and Allie who had being informed of my release ran downstairs to welcome me.

Some of my workers in the 6S band mansion came welcoming me. Joy filled the building and everyone was just glad that I’m present.

“Dad , I miss you so much” Allie said and I smiled.

“I miss everyone ” looking around , I saw Silas and seth,Sebastian and Santiago.

“Oh! Thought the four of you would have married too” I said to them.

“No , we keep by the rules sir. Stephen and Sean found love and followed their heart ” Santiago said

“But it’s against the band policy ” I said sternly.

I bite my lips in pain.

“I loosed Stephen and Sean already? Oh no! They signed an agreement and time will not nullify it. I’m suing them to court ” I said.

“But sir, even if you do and you win the case which I’m sure you will do. They are already married and they will need to take care of the family…I do not think they can have time for music again” Sebastian said.

“Don’t be a fool boy. You want me to let them go at the expense of my own business , right?”. I said. ” common! If anyone of you wanna get married too, just signify so I can know who is with us and who is again us”

No one raised their hand and I nodded.

“Good. All my plans are jeopardized because of two people. Autumn and Kimberly. These are the two same people that married my boys. ” I said regretfully and stood.

“We are bouncing back to the music industry guys , stay prepared ” I said and walked inside.


Few days later.

I had built energy by eating food consistently and engaging in daily exercise. What I wasn’t able to do at the cell.

I dressed up and went to the hall that I had invited my business associate to at the estate.

We all sat and they all expressed their joy of seeing me.

“The last time we held this meeting was seven years ago. When we abduct a man and a woman among us to act as the parents of Kimberly. The lady that acted as Kimberly’s mother betrayed us by telling her that she’s not her real mother. And because we keep track on their daily activities everyday. We found out and killed her. Reasons why each and everyone of you should remain loyal” I said and everyone nodded concentrating their attention on me.

“You all know that the duet takes place every four years and another one is taking place this year. I understand the fact that many people had forgotten about the 6S band cause it’s being so long we released any single not to talk of an album” I said.

“Now, Kimberly is married to Sean. And we all know that Sean is our great asset here. We need him back. He’s still young to be married. I do not even know why he thought of marriage at that very young age of his. What do we do?”

“Hum! Well I suggest we find a way of convincing him to come back to the band ” One of the men said.

“He won’t. Heard he loves Kimberly so much and would do anything for the lady, he will rather choose the girl over the band ” Another woman added.

“Hum! Why not let us sue him to court. The court could force him to terminate his marriage and return to the band ” Another man suggested.

“Yeah, that was my first thought too, but if we force him to the band , we can’t force him to sing. We can’t force him to perform well plus it’s breaking my heart that he ended up marrying Kimberly and not my daughter. “I lamented.

” well, I have an idea sir. ” A man said.

“Bring it in”

“Why not let us make him loose his memory and immediately begin to teach him to like the band after we had abducted him”

“That will be dangerous ” A woman said.

“Why should it be a dangerous task?” The man asked the woman.

“We had made him loose his memory in the past. If we try it again this time ,don’t you think he may lose his memory forever?” The woman said.

“And who cares. Losing his memories forever is our benefit ” I said and agreed to what the last man suggested.

“I’ll do that this same night. And abduct him back to the mansion. but…how do we deal with Kinberly ,autumn and Stephen. This people might try to help him” I asked.

“We need Stephen back too plus we all know whom Stephen is to Kimberly and we know why we can’t hurt them for any reason?” A man said.

“Yes…yes…yes ” Everyone said.

“Those ones shouldn’t be our problem. Let’s just take Autumn out of the way once and for all. ” The man added.

“Agreed?” I asked the audience

“Agreed ”

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