August 1, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 85

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Venessar High School

Episode 85

Written by Feathers

Author Feather’s POV

About 25 year’s ago. Uncle Lucas was a young man who had just got married about a year ago.

He was standing outside , pacing around anxiously cause his wife was at the labor room.

He was praying that in his heart that his wife delivers the baby in peace. He wants the woman to be alive as well as the baby.

After few minutes, a doctor approached him with a smile and he knew at once that his heart desire must have being granted.

“Hi, Mr Lucas. Glad to inform you that your woman had put to bed. ” He said with a grin

Uncle Lucas jumped up for joy and wanted to run jnto the ward to meet his wife but the doctor stopped him.

“Your wife needs some rest , sir. You can check in on her after one hour , plus the nurses are doing some cleanings on her. Please, be patient sir ” The doctor advised and uncle Lucas sat at the patient seat checking his time every minute.

He couldn’t just wait for an hour to clock.


“Common,sir! That’s a miracle and money ” The young doctor told the old doctor who was standing before him.

“I’m telling you man. It’s incredible. Like seriously, It’s being a while we see someone give birth to a triplet in this hospital. ” The old doctor said and smiled.

“So who are those that had paid to buy children already. This woman just made the business easy for us ”

“I’m telling you sir ” The young doctor answered.

“The owner of Joe and Juliet hospital. The prestigious Mr. Joe. The owner of the largest hospital in this city…”

“Can you just go straight to the point. What was his request?” The old doctor interrupted?

“Well he was among those that wrote a request to us that if anyone gives birth to triplet or twin in our hospital , we should sell one to him” The young doctor replied.

“Wao! I wonder why he wouldn’t get one in his own hospital ” the doctor said.

“He’s trying to avoid scandal. He’s just being smart. He will really buy the child at a very decent amount ” The young doctor said.

“Certainly , he knows how risky the work is. Invite him over , tell him a woman just give birth to a triplet and that he should come to check to see which he likes ” The old doctor commanded the young doctor and he did as commanded.

About two hours later. Me Joe entered the hospital straight into the old doctor’s office.

He was surprised to see two children laid on the table.

“Oh! Wonderful. But I need just one and a girl preferable. ” Mr. Joe said.

“Just 50k dollars, Sir ” The old doctor said and Mr Joe carried the girl and kissed her forehead.

“This must be a secrete. Consider yourself dead if you dare threaten me with what happened between us today or you try to disclose it ” Mr Joe threatened the old doctor.

“Will be sent to your account in thirty minutes time” He added and looked to the face of his newly acquired daughter.

“Very beautiful. I’ll take a very good care of you my daughter. I Love you. And erm…what name shall I call your personally. ” He thought for a while and said. ” Kim…Kimberly…”

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