July 31, 2021

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 23 and 24

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By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 23
I sat on the floor and wept uncontrollably. My heart was bleeding as I cursed why I had to love Dave.
Why him? With all the handsome guys in the world. I hate my stupid heart it doesn’t know how to choose. My whole life is a mess. I wanted justice for my mom and Dave’s dad; but I can’t watch dad go to jail. Am going to step down from all this and save my dad. They abandoned me and never visited when I needed them most. To hell with the so called graduation. I will travel tomorrow. It will help not to raise suspicions. I walked back to inform dad but found him drinking.
‘Is this part of this year’s resolutions?’ I asked already fed up.
God am I not too young for this?
I took the bottle from him.
‘Am going back tomorrow,’ I broke the silence.
‘Please I don’t want to go to jail,’ he pleaded and he was in pain.
I understood him.
‘No, I won’t. I font want to raise suspicions,’ I said and patted him.
‘Thank you so much. I love you darling,’ he said and hugged me.
‘I love you to,’ I said with a fake smile.
Its true I love him but right now my heart is aching.
Scott’s POV
I couldn’t keep the promise of my friends because I can’t lie to my daughter. She is all I have. I just hope she doesn’t hate me. I won’t survive that.
Dave’s POV
Why do I have a feeling that Shanel looks like the girl I saw in my dream.
I hope am not doing a mistake of loving her. I will confess when she arrives tomorrow.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 24
Author’s POV
Being left with no other option than to surrender, she went to the office to do that. Known as one who doesn’t give up easily, they were surprised with her decision. She had to do it, knowing that sooner or later the truth will come out, she didn’t want that kind of news to come from her. She drove home, filled with fear as to how she will face Dave. She saw him seated outside relaxing. She got down and gave Dan a hug before walking towards Dave. He stood up and hugged her and though it came like a surprise she hugged back.
‘How have you been?’ He said after disengaging from the hug.
‘Fine and you?’ She said with a smile.
‘Can I tell you something?’
‘Okay go on,’
‘I want to quite the investigation for security purposes, I don’t want to die,’
‘It’s okay,’
‘You have no problem?’
‘Not at all,’
‘Thank you,’
She was happy that one of her loads had been put down.

Two days Later.
She switched on
TV to watch when the news drew her attention.
‘Two suspects have been arrested in link with the Kidnap of Miss Shanel Gladens. This is after they were seen in the Cctv camera’s and are currently withheld in the police station,’ the News reporter said.
‘We will finally get to the bottom of this,’ Dave said coming downstairs.
Shanel’s POV
The news is supposed to be good but not to me.
‘We will finally get to the bottom of this,’ Dave said. I looked at him and faked a smile. He looked hot. I wonder what he does on his skin as he becomes more handsome with each passing day.
‘I haven’t changed,’ he said snapping me from my thoughts. I guess he read my mind.
‘I didn’t say anything,’ I defended.
‘Okay, then stop drooling,’ he said and walked closer.

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