July 28, 2021

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Crazy Couple. Episode 9 and 10B

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Crazy Couple. Episode 11
Crazy Couple. Episode 9 and 10

Crazy couple
Story by mercy olawale

Episode 9&10 B

Bryan POV

I still couldn’t believed what happened between I and Kate while we were dancing..

As we were going home, no one spoke to each other while in the car..
Kate was just staring at the window, her gaze was just fixed..
she neither shake nor turn her body backwards.
the silence between us was just too awkward that it is making me uncomfortable..

we finally got home and Kate quickly rushed out of the car and went inside..
she was behaving really weird.
I also went inside and we both entered the room but still no one was talking to each other..

Its bed time and we were both on the bed staring at the ceiling wondering if there are invisible answers to our questions up there.
I turned to the other side and Kate also did the same.
but still I couldn’t sleep , I tried closing my eyes but all I could see was the picture of Kate and I dancing..

Kate POV

I just couldn’t sleep , different thoughts were going through my mind..
I turned to face the other side of the bed but that’s when it became worse and finally I decided to turn towards Bryan side and almost immediately Bryan turned and our eyes met..
“gosh that awkward moment..

immediately I turned back.. gosh ..
I used the pillow to cover my face and that was it , I didn’t turned back until the following morning, I don’t know if Bryan kept looking at me but I don’t care , I just buried my face in the pillow and slept.

Episode 11

Kate POV

I woke up the early, having slight headache .
I made my way to the kitchen and there I found him looking cute and sexy as always , then all of a sudden last night dance became so fresh in memory and immediately I turned to leave but I heard his voice and stopped immediately.

” do u care for a coffee ??…he said
I turned back to look at him..
he was already holding the cup of coffee , he looks so caring..
“thanks I said as I grab it from him..

” can we talk..he said as he sat down on the dinning
“I sluggishly nod my head and also grab a sit at the dining.

he sip the coffee and drop it , then he look at me and said
” I was thinking ..if could be friends, trust me I don’t want anything else….he said
I was just staring at him as he said those words..

I was silent for some minutes then he said
“if its not OK with you , then no problem.. I was just thinking since we are married but we know we don’t have feelings for each other but we can still be friends and maybe after six month if we believe the marriage won’t work then we can both separate and go on our ways. how about that? he said

I quickly sip the coffee immediately I heard we could go our separate ways if the marriage never work” …that sentence grip my heart..
my heart don’t wanna stay away from him.

I cleared my throat then said.

“its OK by me, we can be friends and if after six months nothing works out , then we will go separately ..I said
but within me I don’t want that to happen.

” thanks…he said and I nod..
so what should we start with…he said happily
I replied with all excitement and said “why not make break fast?..
“huh…someone love my food the other time??…he said jokingly
” umm…its nice, you tried…I said
“oh really??.. just admit it , I cook better than you…he said
” that’s not true , I cook better that you do..I said
“ummm…OK am not arguing , tomorrow morning you will prove it by making breakfast for us..he said
” with all pleasure… I said and he laughed , them move towards the kitchen to start his cooking…
I sat down at the kitchen counter as I watch him cook, he looks so cute , caring and romantic.. just perfect like a husband


Crazy Couple. Episode 11
Crazy Couple. Episode 9 and 10

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