August 6, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 82

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He and her V.

Episode 82

Camilla’s POV

I lay on the bed , thinking about Tucker. I still couldn’t eat for the past few hours. My whole body was aching me.

I felt like I had loosed the most important thing to me. I do not think I can move on with any man. No! I do not think so.

I’m addicted to Tucker. Even after I thought we could live without one another, we still ended up coming together.

I really needed someone that can advise me. My heart is so heartbroken and I needed it to be healed as soon as possible.

I just want someone that can teach me what to do.

I took my phone and began to browse marriage counseling centers around. I finally found a reputable one and I decided to go there the following day.

But the problem now is I can’t even sleep or eat. I feel so empty without Tucker.

I cried and kept on crying till I become sick and finally slept off.

I woke up lean the following day and still felt extremely bad.

Weird thoughts were popping into my heart but I still believe that Tucker is for me and that Grace will never be successful in her plot.


I arrived at the ‘marriage counselling center’ and entered.

I was welcomed and I saw series of people who sat waiting for their turn to speak with the marriage counsellor.

After several hours of waiting ; It was finally my turn and I walked inside.

Turns out the counselor. was a fat old woman. She looked cool and watched me sternly.

“Good afternoon ma” I greeted.

“Welcome dear, mere looking at you , I need no one to tell me that you are sad and that you probably cry all night” She said and I furrow my brow in surprise.

“You are right” I replied.

“Tell me about it?” She requested and I narrated all the incidents to her.

“Tucker loves you and you love Tucker. But one thing or the other had always tried to separate you guys.

Well, facing challenges in a relationship or marriage is inevitable. You see many marriage always face threat from different occurrences and circumstances just to separate them

The way we handle it is what makes us a a victor. Did you understand my sayings dear?”

“No ma , looked like parables ” I answered.

“Alright. I need you to go back to that house and fight for what is yours ”


“You heard me right. What she wanted is for you to leave and you have left. You know what! She is trying to fight every thing just to get to Tucker and since you are weak , you simply allow her.

My dear , be strong and fight back what is yours.” she said and a courage began to arise inside of me.

“Grace had only be winning all this while cause Tucker and you had proven to be weak. It will only take series of challenges and face to face battle for you to win over what is truly yours. Remember ; your happiness lies solely on this marriage.

Your marriage is in your hand. Do not allow anyone snatch it from you.
Be strong and send Jezebel away from your home ” The woman’s advised touched me and right there and then , I decided to fight my marriage back.

There are women reading this presently who are in this situation in their marriage. Instead of loathing on your husband, help him fight whatever wants to snatch him away from you.

May the Lord protect your marriage.
For those that aren’t married yet , I hope you are learning and not just reading. One mistake could jeopardize your future.
May the good Lord bless you with the right partner.

Let’s see what happens in the next episode. Like and comment

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