August 4, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 14

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Episode 14


I was stunned to see a lot of money inside the purse. I could feel butterflies flying in my belly.

Is this a dream? I dipped my hand inside and checked the money and counted it. It was much , even much more than my first salary.

Was that a mistake from his side? Well,I’ll find out tomorrow.

For now ,I’m just so happy.

I began to jubilate and ordered a cab home.

I walked in hurriedly and saw my sister eating at the dinner.

She noticed I was so happy and she just kept looking at me expecting me to explain what exactly is making me happy.

I narrated what transpired between the boss and I today and how he brought my purse that had only a token of money there only for me to find a huge sum of money inside.

“Could it be a mistake?” My sister asked.

“Thinking the same cause the boss I know is very wicked. ” I said and she chuckled.

“Wicked and cute. The day he came with the cops , I was literally crushing on him”My sister said and my face dropped.

Even me do not know the reason for the change of my face. I kind of feel jealous but why should I?

” what’s wrong?” She noticed my facial expression and I quickly brightened my face up.

“Nothing ” I said faking a dry smile.

“Hum! I know it ”


“Erm…you are jealous that I’m crushing in your boss ” She said and I chuckled.

“No , no… That wicked boss. Common! I loathe him so much and he loathes me too. We are enemies ” I said

“Hum! You know sometimes , enemies use to become best of friend. ” She said.

“Our enemies can never be best of friends. Seems you did not know what that big head boss had done to me. Hum! Let’s stop talking about him and have some fun” I said and stood

“Let’s go out together , all bills on me “I said happily to my sister and she pressed her face on me.

” I won’t mind ” she said and stood. “Let me dress ”

I went inside and shower too , all my clothes are saggy and I wish I could have branched and get a good cloth.

I sat down sadly, I do not know what to do. All my clothes are not fit for parties.

My sister entered after few minutes

“What’s wrong?”

“I do not have a decent cloth to wear ” I answered.

“And… Is it too late to get one already,common get up and let’s spend ”

I stood up and reasoned with her.

We went to acquire a new cloth for myself and her and we dressed gorgeously and beautifully.

I can’t believe I’m the one. I kind of look beautiful.

This party should be fun.

Unfortunately , we did not have a car so we just had to take a cab to the party.

We entered the cab and I felt eyes set on me even though I knew everyone is just minding their business.

My sister and I went inside to take a sit.

“This is my first time , sister ”

“It will be fun ,don’t worry”she said and the the DJ began to play my favorite music all of sudden

Everyone gathered to the front and began to dance.

” I feel like dancing…” I said and my sister chuckled.

“Just sit , a man would soon come to ask of your hand to dance. It won’t make any sense dancing alone there ” She said and I sat expecting just any man to come.

“Hi, won’t you mind dancing with me? ”

Huh? This voice is familiar.

I looked up in my beautiful dress and he just kept smiling at me like he did not know me.

It’s the boss.

I looked at my sister and shot her a look that was asking if the boss had gone blind not to know that I’m the one dressed beautifully like this.

My sister signaled for me to stand and follow him to dance.

I stretched my hand in agreement and he received it. He walked me to where couples were dancing and began to dance with me.

I was just smirking inside. So this boss has become blind finally…he did not even recognize me.

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