August 2, 2021

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O. N.S. Episode 5

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One night stand ????
Episode Five ✨
2 weeks later, Jenny and Justin already started their project together and for Jenny,it was so annoying but to Justin,he loved Jenny’s company so much.
Jenny:Urrgh, Justin is soo annoying.
Wendy: Really?
Jenny: Yeah, he is always bugging me and the worst part is that my parents love mom is always like”When is your handsome friend coming?” And liam loves playing basketball with him.
Wendy: Justin is a cool guy..liam hates all the guys you bring home for him to like Justin.. that’s huge.
Jenny: Yeah, whatever.
Meanwhile, Justin was with his friend Ryan.
Ryan:Dude, what’s up with you and Jenny?
Justin: She’s just my science partner(smiles)????
Ryan:Then why are you smiling like an idiot?
Justin:i don’t know.. Jenny’s an amazing person.
Ryan:Hmm..someone’s in love.
Justin: Shut up(Ryan laughs)
30 mins later, Jenny was at her locker when Justin approaches her.
Jenny:Oh lord, Justin what do you want?
Justin: so i was thinking..after all project,we go get some ice cream.
Justin:To get to know each other better.
Jenny: That’s not necessary.
Justin: Jenny,you should…
A guy with brown hair and blue eyes approaches them.
Jenny: Stephen,why are you here?
Stephen: Can’t i say hello to my ex girlfriend?
Justin:(Confused)Ex girlfriend?
Jenny: Stephen.. leave now.
Stephen:You and I know that you are trying to suppress your saddness.
Jenny: Stephen.. leave (Jenny starts to cry)
Stephen:You miss me like you always do.. I have said this before but I will say it again..You are the worst mistake of my life.
Jenny:Get out!!????????(Stephen walks away)
Justin tries to wipe her tears away but she pushes him away
Jenny: Don’t come near me..(walks away)
Justin’s p.o.v????
Seeing Jenny cry made me so angry and to think it that bastard called Stephen that hurt her..i wish i could take her pain away.


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