June 14, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 6

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One night stand ????
Episode Six ✨
After school, Justin was going home when Jenny arrives.
Justin: Hey.
Jenny:I just wanted to tell you that we should skip today for our project.
Jenny:And pls, don’t ask me anything about what happened earlier.(Jenny walks away, Justin sighs in frustration)
Jenny’s house ????
Jenny is at the dining table thinking so hard when her mom arrives.
Joan: Hunnie, what’s wrong?
Jenny: It’s nothing…am fine
Joan:U sure?
Jenny:Yes, mom
Joan: okay, I will go make lunch (joan leaves, Liam walks in)
Liam: You can lie to mom but not me.. what’s wrong?(Jenny starts to cry) is it that bastard called Stephen..i told you to forget him.
Jenny:I love him????????
Liam:(Hugs her) It’s okay , everything will be alright.
Jenny:(Wipes her tears) Thanks,bro..i love you.
Liam: Don’t make it weird (Jenny laughs)
The next day,At school
Jenny:(Smiles)How are you?
Justin:Am good and you????
Jenny:Good too.. sorry i spoke to you that way yesterday.
Justin:(gasps) am i hearing properly cause i can’t believe Jennifer Blake is apologizing..to me.
Jenny:Are you gonna forgive or should I just punch your face?
Justin:Apology accepted ????????
Saturday, Jenny’s house ????
Justin is welcomed by Joan
Joan: Jenny is in her room.
Justin:okay, thanks ma’am.
Justin goes over to Jenny’s room.he knocks but no one answers then he opens the door to see Jenny dancing poorly to Bruno mars “uptown funk”.. Jenny doesn’t notice his presence so he starts videoing her on his phone,he starts laughing quietly.. Jenny turns and see him..she screams and turns off the music.
Jenny:What the fuck is your problem?
Justin:(laughs)am sorry..you dance so horribly ????????????
Jenny:Get out now
Justin:Teach me your moves????????
Jenny :get out
She throws a shoe at him but he misses and runs out of her room

O.N.S. Episode 7 and 8
O. N.S. Episode 5

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