August 1, 2021

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The Poor Girl. Episode 14

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????THE POOR GIRL ????

????EPISODE 14

The long awaited day finally arrived, the day students were waiting for to reap what they have sow in school for the past month. Golden gates school compound was filled with students both junior and senior as they hang around corner in groups discussing about who will take the first position as usual. Henry stood at the jss1 block were the school compound that be easily view from there, he was looking at the gate continually expecting someone to arrive but there was no sign of the person.
Melody had a severe headache that very morning and her body temperature was so hot that she just sat on her bed thinking whether to go and get her result or not.
Amanda too arrived the school looking neat and classically expensive, she alighted his father car and then walked into the school premises as the students watched her.
Desmond too was doing his duty by gathering all his perfects and assign duties to them, he looked and saw Amanda and he smiled remembering the plan they had the previous week.
The bell came on thereby making the students to know that it’s time, many students especially the junior students were seen praying to God to make their results a good one, though Golden gate school was known to be the best in town. Students gathered in lines according to their classes singing as usual preparing to hear their names being announced. Henry was still stretching his neck like a giraffe, he was in the line but all his thoughts were in melody thinking what could have made her absent from school. Mrs Hannah too was expecting to see melody in school and was also expecting good grades from her, she was standing on the podium looking beautiful than before.
The principal finally came on stage after a brief welcome speech he proceeded to the main thing of the day. He started from the least which was jss1 and ???? claps and shouts filled the air when ever the first three is being announced in a class. He took the classes in turn and it get to SS1A which melody and Amanda class, everywhere was silent that instant waiting to hear whether there will be a change because Amanda always comes our first in that class. Mr Anuma adjusted his glasses just to make sure that he doesn’t make any mistakes.

“The first person in my list is Amanda Patrick ” Mr Anuma announced and students clapped for her while she emerged the podium feeling on top that melody is a no match to her. Gladys was fuming in anger deep inside as her hatred for Amanda grew the more.
“The second person is Gladys Wills ”
“And the third person is Melody Armstrong “he said and everyone was waiting for the last person which was melody to come out but she was not found, just as the principal wanted to return others to their place, Melody was seen walking into the school compound through the gates and Henry smiled.
“The third person is melody Armstrong “he announced again as melody walked to the podium feeling disappointed that some one else has taken the lead. Amanda smiled at her and she smiled back.
Just then everyone attention drifted to Mr Ebuka as he ran in full speed from the staff room to the stage, everyone who saw him was so scared wondering what could have pursued him at that hour of the day. Some students were even scared too thus getting ready to took on their heels incase of any thing. He finally stopped behind the principal and whispered into the principal ear ????. which made the students to wonder what’s going on.

“I’m very sorry students, there’s a mixed up somewhere here in this ss1A results”Mr Anuma apologies

“The mistake is from me not the teacher, I didn’t understand his write ups ”

“The first person here in my list is Melody Armstrong “Mr Anuma said and Henry was in the crowd shouted so loud that his voice over power that of others and students what they share in common with melody that makes his shout that way. Mrs Hannah too was seen smiling that melody has made her proud, Amanda was not left out as her face expression changed instantly to an angry one and a surprise one.

“the second person is Amanda Patrick, and the third person is Gladys Wills “Mr Anuma said and went further to explain the coincidence.

“I know that some of you will make comments about this result, but I want to tell you that I didn’t look at the top part of it before announcing. Mr Ebuka started from the 3rd position as the first name in the list, and the 1st position as the last name in the list, so I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, try and understand. Melody Armstrong is the first person “he said and proceeded to other classes as Desmond took first position too in his class.
Everything finally ended as Henry congratulated melody and it was so poor that only ladies took the first three position without a single male in the line.
Mrs Hannah congratulated melody for a successful work, Gladys too couldn’t help than to smile and hug melody because she has defeated Amanda that none was able to defeat starting from their jss1 time.
Melody was pleased with her results, she looked and saw Henry after collecting his results sitting at the far end of the class looking down and so moody, she wondered what could have got him in such mode, she waved off the idea and wanted to leave. Her conscience struck her immediately telling her that it was that same Henry that helped her when she needed help, she later walked to Henry and tap on the shoulder.

“Henry? She called softly in a sweet and gentle voice and Henry looked up and that was when Melody noticed that Henry was so sad, she wondered whether he’s waiting for her response concerning what he asked her not knowing that it’s his result that got him that way. She looked down his hand and saw him folding his results in a rough manner.

“Henry, what’s going on. Why are you like this? Melody asked for the first time in history. Henry didn’t know the response to give her that moment than to hand over his results to her which made her to pity Henry that instant because of the red ink.

“Henry, what’s the meaning of this”?she scold like a mother and Henry smiled not for the fact that he is happy but for the fact that melody is scolding him like his mom which made him to smile.

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