June 19, 2021

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The Poor Girl. Episode 15

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????THE POOR GIRL ????

????EPISODE 15????

Henry’s result was so poor that melody didn’t understand what happened but she had a plan in her mind on what to do.
The holiday was a long one thereby giving students the privilege to enjoy their holiday, Mrs Armstrong was already warned by the doctor and her daughter not to sell again in the street thus giving the family a tough time to feed themselves. Melody took over her mom’s duty to do the selling on the streets.

Henry was seen sitting in his room pressing his phone, the room was well arranged as if he was expecting a visitor but none was to come. The thought of hearing melody’s voice came into his mind but the problem is that she doesn’t have a phone and that’s the worst.

It was on a hot Monday afternoon, the sun was so high and anyone who passes on the road will have an umbrella that covers him or her. Melody was walking under the hot sun shaking her butt voluminously selling orange, she was really sweating as the results of the high sun. Henry was on his way to visit one of his friends when he sighted a lady selling orange and he needed some to store in his refrigerator so as to lick it anytime he wants.

“Drive to that orange girl”he instructed his driver who did according to his command.
“Tell her to give you orange of #1000 naira “he said to his driver while he was busy pressing his phone.
Melody put the orange just as she was instructed, she handed it to his driver. Henry brought out the money to pay, instantly Henry was shocked to see that it’s melody that was selling orange in the streets, Melody too though she wasn’t that surprised to see that it’s Henry that she sold to due to the fact that it’s her business.

“Melody! “Henry called and drop his phone and then step out of his car while melody adjusted backward.

“Henry, it’s me please give me my money so that I leave this place “she said almost immediately Henry step out of the car.

Henry didn’t know what else to say as he saw the one he love selling orange under the hot sun in the streets. He open the car door again and brought out a bundle of #500 notes and then stretch it to melody.

“I’m sorry Henry your money is #1000 naira and that’s what I’m collecting “she said

“I know but you have to take this too, this orange selling is not cool for you ”

“But this is what we do to survive and there’s no way to stop selling unless you want us to die of hunger “she finally opened up to Henry thus making him to feel the more for her.

“Please give me my money let me leave this place, customers are waiting for me”she broke the silence

“Please melody accept this token, it’s from my heart and I mean no harm “he said stretching the money to her but she looked down thinking whether to accept or not then she finally agreed to accept it.

“Fine I’m only accepting this because of f one thing, and sorry to say this. I hope you don’t want anything in return? She asked collecting the money. Henry giggled knowing fully where she driving to.

“Nothing, there’s nothing I want in return please just accept that token ”

“Thank you “she said and turned to leave but suddenly turned back as Henry wanted to drive away.

“Henry! “she called and Henry stopped and looked back at her

“Thank you for the other day, I mean that rainy night “she said looking at him

“You are welcome dear it’s my pleasure “he said smiling that finally she has realized his help.

Days turned into weeks as melody keep selling oranges on the streets just to survive with her family. It was Saturday morning as melody sat down thinking about her life and how she’s going to overcome her challenges in life. Mr Armstrong noticed her daughter was lost in thought as he tap her on the shoulder and she jerked out of her thought. Her father assured her not to worry because the future is bright and all this suffering will pass away in a twinkle of an eye.
Melody didn’t touch even a kobo of the money Henry gave her, just incase he wants anything in return then she will hand it back to him.

Night finally draw near as the sun began going down slowly giving space for darkness to resume it’s duty, Melody and her father and mother were seen sitting around a small local table they assume to be their dinning table eating together. Though there was not much ingredients in the food but the food aroma took over the house this making it to smell nice.

“Thank you my daughter for such a delicious meal”mr Armstrong said after the meal

“Dad, you have to thank mom because she thought me”she said smiling and her mom smiled along with her.

“Fine, thank you mother and daughter for the meal” Mr Armstrong said and they all end up laughing together. Soon the wind began blowing as never before and lightening began flashing, the laughter slowly faded away as the family remember their predicament if it happens to rain that night not knowing that the worst is about to happen. The wind was so strong this time around as it carries sand and dry leaves along in the process, doors that were opened were banked closed by the strong wind.


The family of Mr Armstrong were sleeping peacefully and soundly when suddenly they heard a very loud sound as if the house as fallen which made them to jump out of sleep only for them to be soaked with the rain in the night, that was when they look up to see that there was no longer roof again in the house as the wind had blew it off. The rain directly fell inside their house as it does in the outside, it was a very painful and tearful situation for the family to experience.
They didn’t have anywhere to move to talkless of where to sleep in the night as they stood inside the roofless house and the rain keep on pouring on them as a shower of blessing.

The house was now roofless adding to the situation of the family. It was really heartbreaking in the morning as people came and checked the roofless house shaking their heads pitifully without anyone offering them help. Melody was lost in thought standing at a corner, she didn’t know what to do, just then she remembered the money Henry gave her that it was in a bundle and it was huge, she remembered that she didn’t count it after collecting the money, she ran inside the roofless house to where she kept it and took out,she went into the backyard so as not to be noticed by anyone, she counted the money to discover that Henry gave her #30,000 she was stunned as she covered her mouth with her hands. She knew that instant that she owes Henry a lot because that was the same amount of money needed at that time to see them through the situation they found themselves. Melody put the money back in her cloth and then sneak out ofthe roofless house heading to the street without anyone knowing what she has in mind.

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