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The Poor Girl. Episode 16

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????THE POOR GIRL ????

????EPISODE 16????

Mr Patrick was on his way back from shopping with his family when the thought of visiting Mrs Armstrong hit him on the head.

“Honey, I think we have to visit that woman to see how she’s doing “Mr Patrick said

“You mean now? She asked

“Yes honey, ”

“Okay that’s fine, we can go “she said and Mr Patrick did a u turn driving to the lonely streets of Mr and Mrs Armstrong residence. On getting there the compound was deserted and it seems that people are not there for days, it was only dry leaves that was lying on the ground. Mr Patrick wondered where the woman could have gone to, just then he looked up to discover that the house was roofless, luckily for him a guy pass by immediately and he inquired of him about the whereabouts of Mrs Armstrong.

“Good afternoon young man “Mr Patrick greeted

“Good afternoon sir”

“Please, do you by any means know about the whereabout of Mrs Armstrong? “he asked

“Oh sorry sir, it seems you are a stranger. It’s a week now they are living in the church because of the wind that blew off their zinc”he replied pointing to the roof.

“Please can you direct me on how to get there?

“When you reach the junction turn to your left hand side you will see a church there that’s where they are” he directed

“Thank you young man”he said and handed the guy a #500 note which he collected and thanked the man.

Melody was on her way to buy food stuffs for their breakfast, it’s been a week since they have been staying in the church and nothing has changed. She was walking along the road when Mr Patrick sighted her from inside the car and matched the break and wind down the glass.
Melody stopped on her tracks and went to greet him not knowing that it’s her mother he’s looking for.

“Where’s your mother “Mr Patrick said after exchanging pleasantries with melody. She thought about whether to tell him the truth or lie about it not knowing that he had already knows the truth. Me Patrick noticed her silence and understand it.

“I’ve already heard about your predicament, so don’t worry much just take me to her cause I came to check on her ”
Melody finally took him to where they were staying in the church, it was a small tiny corner which the space was so small. Mr Patrick felt like crying with what he saw, he was really touched to help the poor family. After discussing with Mrs Armstrong asking her about her present health status which she confirmed to be fine, he dip his hand in his pocket to bring out money for Mrs Armstrong and her family, his wife pinch him to return the money back.

“Sorry to interrupt, let me have a word with you please sweetheart “she said interrupting him from what he wanted to do. They excused them and stood at the far end outside the church .

“sweetheart I don’t think that you are doing the right thing ” Mrs Patrick said which got her husband confused thinking about what he did wrong.

“And what could that be?

“Giving that woman money of course ”

“I only wanted to help her and the family to return back to their house with this #50,000 he said and brought out the notes and she snatched it from him.

“Never will you do such, who knows whether she’s a witch and God is paying her with her own coins? She said

“Who says so? Why accused your fellow woman of being a witch when she’s not?

“Oh I see, she’s even using the power on you too. It won’t work, it’s better we leave this place right now or you will have yourself to blame”she said putting back the money in her handbag and zip it. Mr Patrick didn’t want it to look as if he’s irresponsible so he decided to let it go that way. Melody who was eavesdropping on their conversation from inside shed real tears as she heard Mrs Patrick accusing her mom to be a witch because of her poor background. The pains was just too much for “the poor girl “called melody.

Mr Patrick came back to Mrs Armstrong with his wife who followed behind.

“I just came to check on you how you are doing, now I’ve seen you are okay “Mr Patrick said

“Yes my son I’m fine, that’s so thoughtful of you “Mrs Armstrong said

“Okay I will take my leave now, I promise to visit you anytime soon ”

“Thank you my son, I do appreciate ”

Mr Patrick left almost immediately with his wife and melody came out of her hiding place still with tears in her eyes which made her parents wondered what could have possibly cause the tears. Melody ran out of the church as someone who is being pursued by an unseen spirit, her father wanted to stop her but couldn’t stop, he decided to let it be that way.

#2 days later.

“Mom,dad let’s go back to our house “she broke the silence.
Mr Armstrong thought of how he will return to a roofless house, he too was tired of staying in the church he needed to make a change but there’s no possible way to do that. He cursed himself for being poor and useless not knowing that everything happens for a reason and that God has a better plan for him.

“My daughter I know you are tired of staying here, but there’s nothing we can do melody “he replied

“Dad, there’s something we can do with God on our side we will surely get out of this situation one day ”

“Amen! “Mr and Mrs Armstrong chorused and then pulled her daughter into a tight hug.

“But dad, let’s just go and check in how the house is”she said and Mr Armstrong wondered why she keeps disturbing.
“Fine, let’s go check it but it’s a shameful thing to me”

“Don’t say that dad, God is with us and he will surely wipe our tears away soon “she assured

“Thank you dear, you are truly my daughter ”

Mr Armstrong and melody finally arrived their home, Mr Armstrong didn’t understand what was happening as he finds out that there’s new zinc on the roof. He cleaned his eyes again so as to be sure that he wasn’t dreaming, Lo and behold it was not dream but real as he wondered who could have been responsible for that. Melody too acted surprise too so as not to look suspicious, she walked inside the house and unlocked it, the house was well swept and tidied thus making me Armstrong wondered who could have done all this nor knowing that it’s her daughter handwork.
After so much inspection I’m the house, Melody told him that since the house has been roofed by a good Samaritan who they don’t know and never heard of that they should return to their house which Mr Armstrong agreed though he was feeling shameful to do so since he didn’t know the person that was the good Samaritan but that was the only choice for him as he returned to his house with his family.


Melody was so heartbroken with what Mrs Patrick accused her mother of being a witch, though she didn’t confront her but she wanted to let it die down that way. She was seen running into their compound with tears in her eyes as she enters the backyard and started digging the ground as if she had something inside, suddenly she brought out a well wrapped clothe in a bag, that was the “30,000 naira Henry gave to her including her savings #10,000 thus making it to be #40,000 in total. She thought about what the money will provide for them in such situation, she knew that the money was not half of the money to buy zinc. She later stood up with the money in her hand. It took her two days to went in search of old zinc to buy and pay money so as to roof his father’s house. She achieved that successfully and paid a carpenter to do the work secretly without her father’s consent and it was meant to be a surprise to them. After warning the carpenter not to mention her name to anyone as the one who did the thing.


Mrs Armstrong was really grateful for the good Samaritan as she showered prayers of blessings on the person not knowing that it’s her daughter standing next to her who keeps saying a resounding amen to her prayers.

Truly melody is a legend who make things happen.

Time was flying so fast as it remains Only a week for school to resume.
Melody didn’t even bother herself because that will be her first term in SS2.

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