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The Poor Girl. Episode 20

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????THE POOR GIRL ????

????EPISODE 20????

The phone she threw away started ringing instantly in the room very loud, it was Henry that called because he had already registered a SIM card and put in the phone for him to surprise melody by calling her. Mrs Armstrong heard the ringing tone and melody too heard it, it was coming from the bedside.

“Melody what’s that sound and where is it from ” she asked and melody stood affixed not knowing what to say but just then reality struck her not to be a fool.

“Mom, it’s the radio from outside that is playing music, look daddy is close to the window that’s why the sound is loud”she said praying her mom takes her own excuse.

“But I don’t think so, it’s not from the radio ” Mrs Armstrong said

“If you don’t think so mom then search for what’s is making the sound”melody said but deep down praying that her mom never tried such but she was wrong. Meoldy was so scared when her mother started looking around for the phone, just as she walked to the bedside where the phone laid and was about to look down Mr Armstrong called her attention.

“Honey! “Mr Armstrong called from inside thus distracting her from her search

“Yes my love, I’m coming “she replied and walked out of the room but not after giving melody a look that says let it not what I’m thinking. Melody heave a sigh of relief as her mom leave her room, she immediately picked up the new phone and discovered that the screen had cracked due to the she threw it away.

Amanda sat in her father’s parlour crossing her legs on the table like Queen Elizabeth. Her phone was on her ear making the ringing sound that she’s calling someone just then the person picked up the call from the other end.

“Hello Desmond ”

“Yes Amanda whatsup ”

“I’m fine, I wanted to inform you that they have officially united as one, melody has finally accepted Henry’s proposal ”

“What!? “Desmond shouted from the other end

“Calm down, that’s where the game begins. I will brief you tomorrow on how we will carry out the plan.


“No buts, I’ve studied melody and know that she’s very weak emotionally and that if we carry out our mission she will be distracted from studying hard in the upcoming competition and I will become the winner ” Amanda said laughing

“Okay till then “Desmond replied and she ended the call smiling.

“Melody, the time I’m done with you, you will regret the day you set your foot into golden gates school “she said and took a sip from her juice.

“Who were you talking to? “Mr Patrick voice echoed from behind and Amanda looked back to saw her father sitting in one of the couch behind her. It’s obvious that he heard everything, when she was busy making call he walked in without her noticed.

“I repeat who were you talking to Amanda ?” he asked furiously and Amanda didn’t know the lie to say because she was caught red handed, but she later changed her mind to say something.

“Dad Desmond is my team mate in the upcoming competition, so I was briefing him on how the competition will be”she lied thinking that it will solve the issue. Mr Patrick walked to her and gave her a resounding slap that echoed in the house.

“How dare you lie to me? I heard everything that you say Amanda, what is turning you into a beast ?I send you to school to study not to drag a guy from a girl ”

“It’s obvious that your mother attitude has come over you, let it not be the poor girl called melody that you are planning evil against. I will come to the school tomorrow don’t worry “he said and picked his briefcase and entered his room.
Amanda ran into her own room crying that because of Melody that her father slapped her, she vowed to double her punishment.

Henry has changed this days that he has been with melody, he was no longer seen pressing his phone but rather putting his focus in his books studying hard making his parents to wonder who’s the teacher that had finally captured Henry into studying not knowing that it’s love that Is solving the issue. Mr Stephen was excited to see his son finally studying his books thus making him to plan for s surprise package for him. Henry was still battling with the assignment though he did three remaining two which he wanted to check the answer from Wikipedia but later kicked off the idea knowing fully well that melody will ask him on how he got the answers and he will have to explain, so he decided to do it on his own.

#Next day#

The school was filled as usual, students from different class were having good time as it was break time. Gladys walked to melody.

“Hi girl, whatsup “she asked

“I’m cool Gladys, how are you guys preparing about the upcoming competition? “she asked

“Forget about that thing joor, I hate the group I belong. If only I was in your group it would have been better “she said

“Don’t worry Gladys, just study hard you can come out the best ,don’t look at who is leading you “she assured

“I’ve heard, how’s the lover boy doing “she asked while melody giggle knowing who she’s referring to as the lover boy, just then she remembered that she has not told Gladys about the new phone.

“Guess what Gladys? ”

“What’s that ”

“Just guess, you dumb head “she said jokingly

“Okay fine, you are pregnant “she said holding back the laughter that was in her mouth.

“Thunder fire that your long mouth, who is pregnant? “she said laughing along too.

“It’s obvious that your brain is empty let me just say it”
She whispered into Gladys ears who cover her mouth in shock.

“You mean Henry bought you a new phone?
She nodded her head in s yes gesture.

“But my mom spoiled it”

“How? ”

“She came into my room yesterday and I threw the phone away thus making the screen to crack “she complained like s small child which made Gladys to laugh.

Amanda and Desmond had finally meet and decide on what to do to the two lover cause they have seen that their love is real.

Things were going on smoothly between Henry and melody, a month has passed and their relationship is going higher with Much love and strength until one hot afternoon when Henry was sitting alone in the house when a message alert entered his phone showing the green light, he picked up the phone unlocked it and then look at the screen to see a multimedia message displaying the picture of Melody and Desmond standing alone in their class holding hands together and melody smiling. It was as if Steve sharp knife piece through his heart as he keep on glancing at the picture again and again feeling his heart was boiling, he tried to call the number but it was blank.
Melody had no time for herself as she was seen in the night using a lamp to read her books though it was dangerous but she didn’t care, she really wants to win the competition with all might, just then she remembered her grandmother final word to her before she died “Melody I know you are a star, I believe in you and you are the one that will make a turn around in the family, study hard and never accept defeat “that has her grandmother last Statement before giving up the ghost thus strengthening her the more. Henry kept the message to himself only checking out whether he will see melody around Desmond at any angle, Amanda was smiling because she knew that the message was delivered successfully to Henry without him knowing the person that sent it.

Henry decided to watch melody’s every step to be sure that what was sent to him is a mistake or not. Melody was on her way to the cafeteria when Desmond the senior prefect walked to her.

“Hi melody”

“Good afternoon senior Desmond “she greeted

“Please can I see you today after school? “he asked making sure that he hold her both hands looking into her eyes as instructed by his mentor knowing very well that Henry will be somewhere watching.

“Okay but immediately after school oo because I won’t stay when everyone are gone “she said

“Okay I’ve heard you “he smiling and left while melody too was smiling knowing what he wants to say but it’s too late because someone else has already occupied her heart as she walked to the cafeteria.

“can this be real? Henry said from his hiding place as he shook his head and walked into the class.
I pity the poor girl called Melody.


The Poor Girl. Episode 21 and 22
The Poor Girl. Episode 19

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