July 26, 2021

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Two months marriage with a beast. Episode 18

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The Poor Girl. Episode 18
Crazy Couple. Episode 14 (Semi Finale)

Two months marriage with a beats.

Episode 18

Flashback continues

^The beast POV^

I watched her pick the phone and scrolled through the picture. She began to cry. “Please forgive me baby , I was tempted ”

I smirked and my phone rang at the moment.

“Speaking with Mr. Joshua right?” I heard the voice said through the phone and I answered ‘Yes’

‘Great. I was the one that exposed what your girlfriend had being doing in hidden to you. She has signed a document to become a p0-*rn artiste and we just want to ask if you are aware and have your full consent in it?”

“I was never aware she’s a slU-t” I said.

“Oh! She f*vks with niggas here day in day out. It’s a norms man. I just thought you should know. ” He said and hung up.

My heart bleeds painfully. The phone was on speaker so she heard everything.

“It’s over between us Joshua. I know you can never forgive me ” She said and began to pack her luggage.

She didn’t even feel remorse. She walked out and left me broken.

I wonder if every ladies are actually like this. It hurts so bad that for a week all I took were slices of bread and water.

I tried to eat but I couldn’t. I tried to sleep, I couldn’t.

It was a horrible experience and I vowed never to ever love any lady again.

Few years later , Dad invited me over.

“Welcome son, Straight to the point. I need you to get married. ” the words that came from him met me as the greatest shock of my life.

“Married.!” I repeated feeling disgusted.

“Yeah, but you do not have to panic. It’s just a two months marriage. We having a contract with a cartel at Mexico and the deal is that our heir must be married ; a sign that he’s responsible. ” He said and I shook my head.

“Dad, No. I do not think I’m ready for marriage right now ” I said and he nodded.

“I understand , son. But this is business. We will be increasing our worth if you do this and overpower our competitor in all dimensions ” He said and I reasoned with him.

I still didn’t feel like marrying but since it’s just two months , I decided to just give a go.

Few weeks later , my father invited me over and introduced a lady that she had paid her master well for her freedom so I can marry her.

He made it known to the lady that it’s just two months and mere looking at the lady ; I had being imagining how I’ll take revenge of what my ex girlfriend did for me to her.

She was made to sign a document and the date if the wedding was set.


This is the reason why I had made life hell of a living Loveth.

But I was surprised when I find myself falling in Love with her.

At first , I do not want to believe the feeling cause I had thought I no longer have a heart and that I can not fall in Love again.

But mysteriously , In a way that seems to difficult for myself me explain. I find myself loving her so bad but it was only few days for the two months contact to be over.

I knew she will wonder what had suddenly came upon me that have made me suddenly become nice to her in her last days of departure.

I do understand why she may not truly forgive me.

But Loveth , I truly Love you.

I thought sadly.

The Poor Girl. Episode 18
Crazy Couple. Episode 14 (Semi Finale)

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