July 31, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 86

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Venessar High School

Episode 86

Flashback Continues.

Author Feather’s POV

Uncle Lucas checked his writs watch and one hour finally clicks. He stood hurriedly and went to where his wife lay.

“Baby!” He called softly and went to kiss his wife at the forehead but he noticed his wife was sad.

“Is anything wrong?” He asked her and looked at the baby beside her.

“Yes , there is. I gave birth to a triplet.” she said and he looked around but only saw only one child.

” A triplet , where are they?” He asked.

“They have being taken by the doctor , I do not know why? Please help me bring my children back” She said and he just watched her not fully believing what she was saying.

“Are you sure of what you are saying?”

“I’m alright Lucas. ” She replied him and Lucas stood upright and ran to the doctor’s office.

He realized that it was locked from the inside and he began to knock aggressively.

After a while, the door got opened

“Mr Lucas , is anything wrong?” The old doctor asked.

“Of course. My wife said she gave birth to triplet and I saw just a child with her ,what’s happening?” He asked

“Triplet!” The younger doctor replied. “That must have being a slip of tongue from her mouth. Are you sure she’s alright?”

“I do not know. Come and speak to her yourself ”

“Sure ” The younger doctor replied and followed Lucas out while the senior doctor stayed behind.

The senior doctor had being so scared on how the woman got to know that she gave birth to a triplet.

“This will be disastrous if the woman kept insisting. We need to clear this woman off once and for all ” He thought and immediately invited three of his trusted nurse inside.

“Welcome, I need you to clear off that woman that gave birth to a triplet” He command them.

“Consider it done , sir ” The nurses said and walked out.


Uncle Lucas was with his wife who kept insisting that he gave birth to triplet and that the doctors are trying to play some silly games with her children.

The younger doctor kept insisting that the birth could have resulted into her being a temporary psycho

He assured Uncle Lucas that it’s only going to be for a short period of time and that he did not have to worry.

“I know what I’m saying ” The woman shouted and sat upright.

” I’m strong and healthy. As soon as I gave birth to the child. I was tired and watched the nurses clean them up and place them right beside me.

Before the nurses could come back , I had drawn a tattoo into their necks ; the three of them. Two females and a male.

I slept for few minutes cause I was so exhausted and before I woke, I had find two babies gone and left with a baby ” The woman narrated her experience and Uncle Lucas just stood confused not knowing whom to trust between his wife and the doctor.

“It’s a dream that looks so real ” He told Uncle Lucas and walked away and Uncle Lucas reasoned with the doctor and believed him.

“Dear , it might just be a dream” Uncle Lucas said and the woman start to cry.

Stop crying baby ” Lucas told his wife and tried to place his hand on her shoulder in a bit to comfort her but she flinched his hand away.

“Just leave me , leave please ” She screamed and Professor Lucas now finally believed the doctor that said she’s not really normal.

Professor Lucas thought that excusing her for a while will be the best. He went to sit outside and hoped that his wife will be fine as soon as possible.

He went to check his wife after few hours but found out his wife had died


Dear beautiful readers, guess whom the twins are?

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