August 3, 2021

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 25 and 26

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By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 25
‘Am not. I was just wondering,’
‘I don’t look good?’
‘You said, I didnt,’ I said.
‘You are always stubborn,’ he said.
He was so closer that I could feel his breath. His scent was making me go crazy. I wanted to talk but I couldn’t find my tongue.
‘I…wa…want something upstairs,’ I managed to stay before heading upstairs. I hadn’t gone far before he dragged me as he pulled me to himself. I didn’t want to hit myself on his chest so I stopped myself. He looked and me and chuckled. I wonder what’s funny. He placed his lips on mine and it came as I surprise. Though I had dreamed of kissing his cute lips, but now am confused. They tasted strawberry and I couldn’t resist the feeling than to reciprocate. I was enjoying the feeling when someone coughed from behind. I pulled back really scared. I wasn’t expecting anyone.
In front of us was Ken, hands Akimbo and a devilish smile.
‘So you were released?’ Dave asked.
He didn’t seem moved by her presence.
‘I told you I had nothing to do with her and you didn’t believe me,’ she said still staring at me. If eyes could kill, I guess her stare could have killed me by now.
‘Who told you to come back to my house?’
‘My things are here,’
‘Okay, you can pick and leave,’ he said.
We heard a knock on the door and she had to go and check. They were two police men.
‘Mr Dave we have an arrest warrant to arrest Mr Richard. We were informed he works here,’ one of them said.
‘Give me a moment,’ he said and made a call through to someone. The door opened and the gateman walked in.
‘He is the one,’ he said to the policemen.
‘You are under arrest,’ the policeman said and handcuffed him.
‘What has my dad done,’ Ken shouted from behind but they were already going. She sat down and wept, I could feel her pain. I went closer and hugged her.
‘Everything will be fine,’ I said to her though am not sure.
‘Thank you,’ she said in tears.
Dave’s POV
This girl amazes me, after everything Ken did to her she still comforts her. If it were me, I don’t think I can do that.
‘I will be in my room,’ I said to Shanel and she nodded.
Shanel’s POV
I helped her stand and took her to her room. I prepared coffee to calm her down and went to talk to Dave to allow her stay for a while.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 26
Shanel’s POV cont
He replied almost immediately after my knock, like he was waiting. He was operating his laptop.
‘Can you allow her to stay for a while, she is going through a lot, please,’ I pleaded.
‘But she never wanted you, don’t you think she will cause trouble?’
‘She has enough problems, I will be the last in her list,’
‘If you want her to stay I have no problem,’
I was happy, I didn’t know how I ended up hugging him from behind.
‘Am sorry,’ I said after I realised.
‘It’s okay,’ he said and smiled.
A smile that melts my heart.
‘Let me check on her,’ I said.
‘Wait, we had an unfinished business,’
‘Huh,’ I said scratching my neck.
Dave’s POV
‘Huh,’ she said scratching her neck and I couldn’t help but laugh.
‘Sit here, I have something to tell you,’ I said patting beside me.
She looked at me and the place and I guess she didn’t feel comfortable. I walked to where she was and locked the door first. Am tired of hiding and it’s better I tell her once to remove this burden from my heart.
Shanel’s POV
Why is he locking the door?
I wanted to ask but I can’t. I don’t know what he does to me but whenever am around him I feel weak. I was stuck on the wall as his hands were supported on the wall. I feel like disappearing. He has green sparkling eyes and they are really cute.
‘I love you,’ he said after sometime of staring at each other. I tried to open my mouth to speak but I couldn’t. What if he finds out the truth, will he hate me?
A tear escaped my eye. I don’t know if it was of joy or sadness. Right now I can’t explain how I am feeling.
‘You don’t need to give me an answer now,’ he said maybe after reading my mind.
‘I love you to,’ I can’t explain but I found myself saying.
I covered my mouth immediately not to cause more troubles.
He backed me and laughed. I felt embarrassed.
‘I need to go,’
‘Are you afraid?’
‘Of course not,’ I defended.
‘Then feel comfortable, this is also your room,’ he said and went to sit.
After some time I gathered enough courage and sat beside him though I kept a distance. There was silence in the room as he kept staring at me.
‘How did you and Mr Scott’s daughter?’ I broke the silence.
‘She was my friend but months after she lost her memory my dad took me away,’
‘Am Mr Scott’s daughter,’ I said and I could see shock in his eyes.

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