July 26, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 83

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He and her V

Written by OS Feather

Episode 84

(I’m back)

Tucker’s POV

I sat only at the compound of the house, the weather was cold but I was it hot on the inside.

It was a beautiful morning but I was ugly on the inside. The day was a happy one as birds fly over the sky having fun but I happened to be the saddest man in the universe.

I loathed myself at the moment. I couldn’t even believed I slept in this house. Yes! It’s my house but without Camilla,it’s arrant nonsense.

The house is not worth making me happy as long as Camila is not around. “I need you , Camila” I let out and looked to the sky.

Last night, I had locked myself up in the room. I knew that wicked girl called Grace would come and she did but I had locked the door already.

She knocked the door several times after which she gave up and I exhaled in relief that she had left.

I couldn’t sleep all through the night. Around 2 A M when I had thought so much and realized that my head was seriously aching me. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t.

I went to shower but I still couldn’t sleep. I was so disgusted and felt so bad on the inside. I was feeling horrible.

I was just tossing to and fro on the bed wishing that I had not make love with Grace many years ago.

I blamed my silly self and till now , I still couldn’t sleep.

I woke up very early this morning and bathed , dressed well and came to sit right here on this couch.

I do not want to be waking and seeing Grace or her daughter first thing In the morning . I had always wished that the first person I would be seeing anytime I wake is Camilla but everything seems to be turned at the moment.

About one hour ,thirty minutes later , I began hear a horn at the door and I was so pissed at whoever might have come to visit me or could it be that Grace had a visitor.

I do not feel like standing so I remained on my sit. The horn persists and I reasoned at once that it might be my sister ; Mira.

I stood sluggishly and walked to the gate , I peeped through the small opening at the gate and my heart began to be beat faster heavily.

It’s Camilla’s car.
Huh? Is this a dream?

I opened the gate hurriedly and the car drove in.

Just then , Grace and her daughter stepped down the little stairs that was right before the house.

I closed the gate and went towards the car.

I watched as Camila stepped down courageously and adorably. She was on dark speck and her short pink gown was so beautiful with her beautifully packed hair.

She cat walked towards where Grace is and I could discern a look of a solid surprise at the face of Grace.

She’s probably wondering what she had come to do after leaving.

“Well, we both have the right to leave in this house ,right? Good. I’m back” Camilla said.

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