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Heart Doctor. Episode 11 and 12

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Heart Doctor. Episode 13 and 14
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????????HEART DOCTOR????‍⚕????????

@Author RiRi Library ????

EPISODE 11 (unedited✖)

[The Meal] .

“Gold you shouldn’t be here. I thought I told you that.” Desmond said.

Gold smiled and stood up. She gave a sign to Henry to leave.

“Ehm Director, I would take my leave.” Henry said.

“Take her with you while you are doing that.” Desmond said.


“You heard me. I don’t like her disturbance.” Desmond said.

Gold scoffed. “Really? I’m I being a disturbance?”
She sat back and faked tears.. “I’m being a disturbance because I can’t help my feelings for you. Can’t you understand that? I always apologize. I will apologize if I’m being a disturbance but I can’t go away from you Desmond. I love you.”

She started crying.

Henry’s mouth dropped in shock. ‘What is she doing?’
Desmond wasn’t shocked but her tears and cries softened his anger.

He turned to Henry. “Leave.”
Henry left and closed the door.

Gold was still crying with tears rolling down her eyes.

Desmond exhaled and walked over to her, standing in front of her.

“Im sorry if I was a little harsh.” he said.

Gold looked up at him. She had deliberately messed her mascara up.

“If you had ever fallen in love then you would understand how I feel for you Desmond. I can’t leave unless you accept me. I will keep coming to you Desmond.” she said.

Desmond grabbed a tissue and handed it to her. “Clean up your tears. Your mascara is messed up with it. There’s the restroom.” he said.

Gold collected the tissue. “Would you go out with me tonight for the movie?” she asked.

Desmond walked to his seat and sat down.
Gold stared at him without bothering to clean the mascara and tears off.

“Come on wipe that off your face.” Desmond said, amused by the way she looked at that moment.

“I see you trying to smile.. Is that a yes?” she asked.

“What? I’m only amused at how you look now.” Desmond said.

“Say yes and I will go clean it up.” she said.
“And what if I say no?”
“Then I will leave your office looking like this.”
“Fine then. Do I have to care about that?” Desmond said.

Gold smiled and stood up. “I will go clean it up and there’s no need answering. It’s only a movie. Nothing more. I just need someone to watch it with. Thanks for saying ‘yes'”

“What.. I didn’t say yes yet.” Desmond said.

Gold headed to the door he had pointed is the restroom. She opened it and walked in.
Shutting the door, she walked to the sink and smiled at her reflection on the mirror.

“If only he would get to eat that meal. He thought he’s smart but I’m much more smarter. If I could get him to eat that meal then he’s mine and only mine!”

Gold cleaned her messed up face and soon, she returned back to Desmond.

“You have to leave now. I will call you after work. When will the movie start?” he asked.

“8:30pm.” she said.

“I’m very busy right now and I wouldn’t want to someone else in here.” he said.

“I will leave after you eat. Im sure you would be so busy to do that if I go without you eating lunch.” Gold said.

“Gold, your meal is nice but… Im not hungry now. You know what, leave it. I’m going to eat it later on.” he said.

“How I’m I going to be sure you will? My mom taught me not to waste foods. Did your mom teach you that too?” she asked.

Desmond chuckled. “I’m not going to trash it. I ate yesterday’s. So why won’t I eat today’s own.” he said.

Gold smile. “Thank you a lot. I really cried last night when you told me never to see you again. My eyes are all baggy from crying.”

“Really but I can’t see it.” Desmond said.
“You can’t. Look closely and you will see it.” she said

Desmond chuckled. “Go now. I’m having a big client in two hours.”

“Oh really. I would leave then but don’t forget to eat so you’d have the strength to talk with your client without getting tired.” Gold said.

“I won’t forget.” Desmond said.
Gold stood up. “So how do we meet later?” she asked.
“Uhmm.. I think picking you up from your house would sound better. I give you a call OK.” Desmond said.
“Ah that’s better. Bye.” Gold said and headed to the door.

Desmond watched her as she walked to the door, opened it and left. Then he exhaled. “What do I do with this girl?”

He glanced at the bag with a food flask inside on the table before getting on with his works.


Amanda walked through the hallway towards Odeya’s class. She got to the class and the scene she met made her mouth drop.

The students in the class were running around Odeya and Jeremy while Mrs Tonia Solade was trying to call them in order.

They were all singing.

????Odeya like Jeremy????
????Odeya like Jeremy????
????Odeya like Jeremy????

On the whiteboard and mark boards where written words.

⬜Miss Sassy likes Jeremy⬜

⬜Odeya has Jeremy’s pictures⬜

Amanda rushed in and dragged Odeya out.

“Odeya how did it happen?” Amanda asked.
Odeya flung Amanda’s hand away.

“Telling you what happened won’t change anything. They all found out.” Odeya said and walked away.

Amanda ran after her and met her pace and tried taking her hand but she flung away.

“Don’t hold me.” she said.

Amanda exhaled. “I’m still gonna carry you when we get to the car, remember?”

Odeya said nothing.

“You don’t have to worry about what happened. It’s not a big scandal.”

She stopped and turned to me.

“It is.. Now, everyone is gonna think low of me. They will make jest of me all the time in class and my pride is gone from onwards. I told Jeremy a thousand times that I hate him. I told him yesterday as well.” she said.

Amanda grabbed her little hand. “Come on, let’s go home.”

Odeya didn’t take her hand off this time. She let Amanda hold her as they walked to the car.
Amanda opened the door and carried Odeya in then got in. She closed the door and Peter drove off.

There was no conversation in the car until they pulled into the house. Amanda carried Odeya and they entered the house.

“Put me down.” Odeya said and Amanda did.
Odeya headed upstairs and when she entered her room, she fell on the bed and covered herself with the duvet.

Amanda followed her and opening Odeya’s door, she saw her wrapped in her bed duvet.

“Deya, I’m going to make you pancake. Do you want pancake or noodles?” Amanda asked.

Deya gave no answer.

“After that. I will take you around and buy you alot of ice cream.”

No answer.

“If you don’t want to go out. I will tell you five folktales. Five.”

No answer.

Amanda exhaled, “I will be back.” she said, walked out and closed the door.

“What do I do? I’m her nanny. I should find a way to cheer her up.”


Desmond opened the food and the aroma filled his nostril.

It was white rice and stew.

He exhaled and picked the spoon.

“She’s just stressing herself. I can not accept her. She don’t wanna listen. I don’t wanna think about a woman now or love that would end up killing you. All I wanna think now is my daughter and how to build her future. Gold I can feel how nice you are but I can’t love you.” He said.

He stared at the food for awhile before taking a spoon and ate.

‘She’s a good cook.’

He took another spoon then another…


Gold walked to and fro in her room, highly disturbed.

“I hope he eats that meal. I hope he eats it. Maybe I should call him again. Baba said if Im not with him that I shouldn’t keep calling to know if he has eaten the meal or else he might get suspicious but I can’t help it.. This is the second time I’m going to call him. Baba said he will sleep for a little while after eating the food and when he wakes up, I’ll be the only person in his mind.”

Gold picked her phone and scrolled to his number. She made a call to him.

The phone rang and rang and when it seem like the call was about to end, he picked up.

????”Gold… Where are you?” he asked.

Gold clutched her hand on her mouth.
‘He must have eaten it.’

“Desmond, are you okay?” she asked.

????”I want to see your beautiful face Gold. You are the only one I wanna be with right now.”

Gold smiled triumphantly.
‘Yes he ate it!! You are finally mine Desmond. I was very smart’

“I know that honey. Actually you are to come my house by 7pm tonight. We are going to see a movie and after that, we spend the night together.” Gold said.

????”Alright dear. I Can’t wait to see you.” he said.

“I can’t wait to see you too. I love you.”

????”I love you too.”

Gold ended the call and jumped up.


Chioma walked in that moment.
“Babe wetin happen?” she asked.

Gold smiled. “Desmond couldn’t resist me. We are going out tonight. Why are you here?”

“Huh? Can’t I come to my friend’s place anymore.” Chioma asked.

“Oh.. Pardon me.. I’m only too excited.” Gold said.

Chioma sat on her bed. “But B, wait o. How did you do it? In just two days? Abeg.. Gist me.”

Gold smiled. “Power of a woman. E too strong.”

Chioma laughed and raised her hand. “Abeg give me high five. You too much.”

Gold jammed hands with Chioma.


Amanda opened Odeya’s door and carried the pancake on a tray in. She pulled a stool close and dropped the tray on it.

Odeya was still covered in the duvet.

Amanda uncovered it and smiled at Odeya.

“Come on get up and eat something. You don’t want the butterflies in your stomach to be hungry right?” Amanda said.

Odeya turned to the other side. “Just take it away. I got no appetite.”

“Really? Fine, just take only one spoon of it. Please.” Amanda begged.

“Throw it away if you can’t eat it.” Odeya said.

“I don’t want to eat it neither I’m I going to trash it. It’s bad to throw food away, I’m sure you know that..” Amanda said.

“I didn’t. My mom threw foods all the time. She breaks expensive drinks when she’s angered and replace them the next hour.” Odeya said.

Amanda sighed. “Do you like that she does that?”

“I like all she does because she’s my mom.” Odeya said.

Amanda exhaled. “That’s okay. About what happened in school. You don’t need to get too sad about it. I’m sure it would lead to something good and not something bad. Don’t you think that now that he knows that you want to be his friend, your wish would come true but if you kept hiding it, it wouldn’t?”

“You are lame. Keeping it a secret forever would have been better than it turning this way. I can’t stand it. I’m not going to that school anymore.”

“Then you won’t get to be seeing him again.. Do you want that?” Amanda asked.

Odeya have no answer.

“Deya look at me. Look at me Deya.” Amanda said.

“I don’t want to.” Odeya said.

“Just look at me, I want to tell you something.” Amanda said.

Odeya hesitated before turning to Amanda.
Her eyes red with tears.

“You can do it.. For this few days, I’ve known you as a strong woman who has her pride and that pride has never left. Don’t let anyone use that against you in school. Protect your pride and never give up because of a mistake.” Amanda said.

“Can I really still be the girl everyone feared? Can I still be the one everyone won’t try laughing at and make jest of?” she asked.

“Yes you can.” Amanda said.


Amanda smiled. “Eat ten spoons of this pancake and I will tell you what to do.”

Odeya sat up. “I told you that I have no appetite.”

“Try to.. Don’t forget I’m going to tell you five folktales tonight.” Amanda said.

“Really?” Odeya asked.

“Yes. I promise.” Amanda said.

“Fine then. I will eat ten spoons of this.” Odeya said as she picked the fork, cut from the pancake and ate.

“How does this one taste?” Amanda asked.

“Not bad.” Odeya said.

Amanda smiled.


????????HEART DOCTOR????‍⚕????????

@Author RiRi Library ????

EPISODE 12 (unedited✖)

[Enchanted] .

Odeya ate the tenth spoon and dropped the fork.

“Now tell me.” she said.

Amanda picked the fork, cut from the remaining pancake and ate.
“You know what you are going to do?”

Odeya stared at her.

“..Make friends with your class mates. Share things to them and apologize to your teacher for being pretty rude to her. When you do that, you will get more respect than you had before.” Amanda said.

Odeya narrowed her eyes. “How can that gain me more respect. I can’t stoop so low to do that, it will hurt and bring down my pride.” she said.

Amanda smiled.
“It’s nice to have pride but showing it off isn’t a nice way to get respects from people. A sweet Odeya is supposed to be loved by so many and be respected in the most lovable way and not being feared or hated. If you make friends with your classmates, then your wish to become friends with Jeremy would come true. Do you want to do that tomorrow?”

“I don’t like your idea.. I can’t make friends with those scumbags. I only want to be friends with Jeremy but that can’t even be possible. I’m not going to that school anymore. Once dad comes back, I’m gonna tell him.”

“Really? I just told you that becoming friends with your classmates would gain you Jeremy’s friendship. And you can’t leave Valentina now, cos your exams are only two weeks away.” Amanda said.

“I don’t care. I can’t stoop low to apologize to anyone. My mom never did.” she said.

‘Her mom again. She’s always doing what her mom does.’

Amanda adjusted on her seat. “Listen up Odeya. I understand how much you love your mom and want to be like her but no matter what, you are not your mom and you can’t be your mom Odeya. God loves children who are respectful and jovial.”

“Stop!! My mom taught me every right thing to do and they are all I’m doing. Just go away. I font need your help anymore. I want to sleep.” Odeya said and lay back down.

“If you sleep now, you might find it hard sleeping at night. You know you are going to school tomorrow.” Amanda said.

“I said that I’m not going back to that school!” Odeya said.

“Fine… Do you really want to sleep or should we go on a little walk? Do you want ice cream. I will buy you alot of it.” Amanda said.

Odeya rolled the duvet over her head in presence. “I’d rather sleep.” she said.

Amanda chuckled. “Come on, I know you are pretending. Don’t worry, I will go drop this things and come back for you. It’s just six. We can take an hour walk. I’m coming… Don’t sleep ok” she said and with that, she carried the tray of empty dish and walked out of Odeya’s room.

Odeya rolled off the duvet and scoffed. “Take a walk. I haven’t done that since I came here.”

Amanda dropped the dishes in the sink, turned and leaned on the counter.

“Her mom taught her the worse manners on earth. She needs to know that and she needs to change from them and I’m going to make sure that I do that. She’s too young and beautiful to be like this.” Amanda said.


Henry stared at his boss in shock as he talked on.

“..I can’t help but fall in love with her. She’s beautiful, sexy and lovely and to crown it all, she’s a perfect cook. What else I’m I looking for in a woman when Gold has it all?”

Henry couldn’t believe his ears. It seem he was in a serious dream that would never come close to becoming a reality.

“Sir, are you really serious on what you are saying?” Henry asked.

Desmond laughed. “Come on Henry, we are on the friend mode.. Why the sir?”

Henry cleared his throat. “Okay Desmond but I’m shocked by your sudden confession. Like you were yelling at Gold few hours ago.”

Desmond raised his brows. “Was I? Hmm anyways, I’m going out with her tonight.”

That shocked Henry the most. “Really? Where?”

“A movie.” Desmond said.
“Movie? Why movie?” Henry asked.
“I can’t give you the answer.” Desmond said.
“What about your daughter?” Henry asked.
“Well.. She has her nanny with her. Why asking about my daughter?” Desmond said.
“Actually.. With how excited you are right now, you might not get home tonight.” Henry said.
Desmond threw him a pen. “Get out of my office you jerk.”

Henry smiled and picked up the pen. He dropped it back on the table, and stood up.

“I’m going to finish up for the day.” he said and walked out of Desmond’s office.

Desmond smiled. “I can’t wait to see her.”


Henry walked into the men’s restroom and took out his phone from his pocket and put a call to Gold.

Gold picked up after few ring.

????”Hello what’s up Henry.” she said first. Henry could feel how excited she was.

“Gold, what happened? How manage?” Henry asked, making sure his voice was low enough.

????”What are you talking about?” Gold asked.

“I’m talking about him, Desmond. Why is he suddenly mad about you.. He kept talking about you. I’m shocked.” Henry said.

She laughed. ????”what’s shocking about that? He’s realized he needs me and that’s it. Nothing to be surprised about.” she said.

“Desmond for three years have rejected so many women but how did he fall for you Gold. Come on… I still can’t believe it.” he said.

????”Well, you have to believe Henry. I told you that he’s gonna fall for me. Now you see it happening. Well I have to prepare for our first date. Bye.” she said and ended the call.

Henry gasped. “Seriously?”
He shook his head. “This is unbelievable.”


The evening was cool and welcoming. The estate road were mainly passing cars and few people walking and among those people were Amanda and Odeya with Ice cream cups in their hand.

“ you like the taste of the ice cream?” Amanda asked Odeya.

“Not bad.” Odeya said.

“That isn’t what you supposed to answer me.” Amanda said.

“I answered what I want to.” Odeya said.

“But you know it wasn’t the right answer.” Amanda said.

“I guess.. Do you really want the right answer?” She asked.

“Nope.” Amanda said.

“It taste nicer than the pancake I ate earlier.” Odeya smirked.

Amanda sneered at her. “If you say so.”
“I said so.” Odeya sneered back.

A bicycle suddenly came from nowhere towards them. Amanda noticed on time and in a swift, she grabbed Odeya and jumped off the way with her.

The bicyclist sped pass but stopped after and drove back to Amanda and Odeya.

Amanda carried Odeya out of the place they had jumped into.

“Are you hurt? Are you OK Deya?” Amanda asked.

“I am fine. I should be asking you that.” Odeya said.

“I’m fine.” Amanda said and they faced the bicyclist.

The guy put his hands together in plea. “I’m very sorry.”

“It’s okay. You should ride carefully.” Amanda said.

“What? You told him it’s okay? Seriously? No it’s not okay!” Odeya said and walked to the guy who stood, staring at her.

“Hey you. Do you know what you just did? You left the road you were supposed to ride on and came on the pedestrian. Do you realize that you can go to the police station for that huh?” Odeya hurled at the guy who raised his brows in astonishment.

Okay, he can see that she’s an half caste but isn’t she too little to talk this much?

“Stop staring at me and apologize better! I almost got hurt because of you and my nanny as well and you just put your hands together like you are praying to virgin Mary’s statue..” Odeya said.

Amanda sighed.

The guy was astonished. “So how do you want me to apologize?”

“Apologize better.” Odeya said.
“Odeya, he had apologized already. Let’s just head home, it’s getting dark.” Amanda said.

“I think I would have but my nice ice cream got messed up too, so what do he have to say about it?” Odeya said.

“Okay, I would apologize for riding on the walkway and almost hurting you and at the same time spilling your ice cream. I’m very sorry, pardon me.” He said.

Odeya rolled her eyes. “That’s better.”

“Thank you. Anyways, my name is Jimi and your name sound quite familiar. I can’t remember but I think I’ve heard it from my brother. Never mind tho. I came to this estate to see a friend. May I go now?” he said.

“Yeah yeah, please go on.” Amanda said.
He smiled, climbed back onto his bicycle and rode away.

“Let’s go Deya, it’s getting dark. Don’t worry, there’s an ice cream vendor over there. We will buy another one.” Amanda said.

“My leg hurts from walking.” Odeya said.
“Really?, I will carry you on my back then.” Amanda said and squatted in front of Deya. “Get on my back.” she said.

Odeya hesitated for a moment then climbed on.
Amanda stood up and with met hands behind her, holding Odeya, they headed home.

Odeya lay her head on Amanda’s back. ‘Her back feels comfortable tho.’ she thought.

As they were reaching the ice cream shop, Amanda asked Odeya, “do you still want an icecream?”

“Nope” deya answered.

They passed the shop and headed home.

It has gotten dark already and the stars were appearing eagerly in the sky.

“There are so many stars in the sky. Do you see them Deya?” Ananda said.

Odeya raised her head from Amanda’s back and looked up. “I don’t. They are quite far away.”

Amanda shook her body. “Stop lying…”

Odeya held tighter to Amanda. “Stop! I’m gonna fall.”

Amanda laughed. “Are you really scared?”

“I’m not. Just don’t do that again. Drop me if you are gonna do that again.” Odeya said.

Amanda laughed. “You are so scared right now.”

“Okay yes I am.. Just head home, I’m hungry.” Odeya said.

Amanda smiled.


Desmond pulled to the gate of Gold’s house and just immediately, the black gigantic gate opened and Gold stepped out in a skimpy indigo gown with tiny sleeves matched with yellow heels and yellow bag. Her weavon perfectly straightened and her lips shinning in red lipgloss.

Desmond smiled when she walked towards the car. He got down, moved over and opened the car door for her.

“Awwwn you really shouldn’t do this. I can get the door myself.” Gold said.

“No, I can’t let my woman open the door herself.” he said, smiling.

Gold smiled. “Seriously.”

Gold leaned over and kissed him, on the lips. “You are such a sweet man. I’m so glad I got you.” she said.

Desmond touched her cheek. “I love you Gold.” he said.

“Awwwn, I love you too baby. Come on, let’s go before the movie starts.” she said.

“Yeah that’s right.” he said. She entered and he closed the door, then came over to the driver”s seat and soon they were heading to the cinema.

Gold couldn’t stop staring at the handsome rich guy who just became here.
It seem like a dream. She would ever be grateful to Baba.

“Dont you wanna know the title of the movie we are going to watch?” she asked.

“Sorry baby, Uhmm what’s the title?” Desmond asked.

Gold smiled. “Don’t worry. You gonna see that soon.”

Desmond glanced at her and smiled.

“Focus on the road, so we don’t run into another car.” Gold said.

Desmond smiled and faced the window screen.

“You look so beautiful.” he said.

Gold smiled. “Thanks a lot. You are so handsome, always.”

(An hour later????)

Desmond and Gold were laughing as they watched the comedy, romance movie and shared popcorn from one pack.

“Oh my that’s really funny. This man won’t stop amazing me with his funny roles.” Desmond said.

“They are going to fall in love anyways, just like us.” Gold said and placed her hand on Desmond’s.

Desmond smiled and kissed her cheek.

Gold smiled triumphantly.
‘You are trapped in my web forever.’ she said within.


“The title of the first folktale tonight is ‘the reason why Cat and Rat are enemies.’ And here goes the story.

Once upon a time, there was a great famine in the land. The people were going hungry day by day including the animals. Cat and Rat where friends but Cat was considered living rich since his owners were rich and noble citizens in that country but Rat lived with no one and was poor.

As the famine went on, Cat and Rat agreed to bring things. Cat would steal meat and fish and ingredients from his master’s store while Rat would bring ingre and pot, water and fire for the cooking.

This plan went on successfully for days then one day, they came a meeting, the people were called including the animals to discuss on how the famine can be stopped.

Cat and Rat decided to prepare their meal and eat it when they get back from the meeting and they did.

At the meeting, Rat said to Cat. “Dear friend, I had forgotten my glasses at home and can barely see the people in this meeting. I would have to go back home and get my glasses.”

Cat told him to do so and off Rat went back home to get his glasses but immediately he stepped into the house, the aroma of their soup filled his nostril and he couldn’t hold himself from opening the pot. He picked one meat and ate, then another and another but at the fourth one, the pot shifted and covered him.

The meeting finished and Cat wondered why Rat haven’t came back. He headed home and when he got home, what he saw got out tears from his house. He saw the pot of soup upside down then he heard noises inside the pot and when he opened it, it was his friend, Rat. Rat took to his raced and entered into a small hole that Cat couldn’t get in. Cat was enraged and promised to kill Rat if he sets his eyes on him and from then on, Cat and Rat had become enemies and Cat had shown no mercy to any Rat that comes his way. The End.”

Odeya chuckled.
“I think the moral lesson there is being patience and endurance. If Rat had endured his hunger, he wouldn’t have become an enemy to Cat.” Odeya said.

Amanda smiled and clapped for her. “Wowww I can’t believe you said this Deya. Did you like it this much?”

“It was nice. Go on to the next story. You promised five.” Deya said.

Amanda said. “Yes.. I did. The second is title Tortoise and the hare. Here goes the story…”


The movie got over and the lights came on. Gold and Desmond held hands as they left the cinema.

They got into the car and Desmond drove off.

“Do you wanna head home now?” he asked.
“Yeah, I don’t know how I’m feeling… I’m feeling a bit dizzy.” Gold lied.

“Really. I will drive you home then.” Desmond said.

Gold smiled.

“This third folktale is so funny and really false. Monkey never got his human like face from rubbing an oil God dropped.” Odeya said.

“That’s why it’s called folktale. They are things that never happened and far from being reality but they are told in order to extract moral lessons.” Amanda said.

“Oh yeah, you said that the first time. Well go to the fourth.” Odeya said.


Desmond pulled to Gold’s house and unfastened his seatbelt.

“I’m so dizzy, can you help me please?” Gold said.

“Sure.” Desmond said. He got down and moved over to the passenger seat door. He opened it and helped Gold down.

Once they got in, Gold grabbed Desmond and pushed her lips to his. Nothing could hold Desmond back since all he could think about was Gold Gold GOLD…


“I love this fifth Folktale most. It’s the best you told tonight..” Odeya said.

Amanda smiled. “Now, I’m certain you would go to bed.”

“I can’t. My dad isn’t home yet.” Odeya said.

Amanda exhaled. ‘That’s true. Why isn’t he back. I missed his presence in this house.’ Amanda said within.

“I’m going to call him. Dad always made sure he returns before 10pm.. But it’s already ten pm.” Odeya said and took her phone out from the place she dropped it.

She never wanted to touch that phone again but she have to now because her dad isn’t home.

She put a call across to him…
The phone rang and rang and ended.

Odeya looked at Amanda with teary eyes. “He didn’t pick up.”


Heart Doctor. Episode 13 and 14
Heart Doctor. Episode 10

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