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Heart Doctor. Episode 17 and 18

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Heart Doctor. Episode 19. (Season 1 finale)
Heart Doctor. Episode 15 and 16

????????HEART DOCTOR????‍⚕????????

@Author RiRi Library ????

EPISODE 17 (unedited)

[Odeya] .

Day broke unexpectedly early and Amanda got up and rushed downstairs to go the kitchen. She prepared Odeya’s breakfast and lunch. Then headed back upstairs to wake Odeya up.

Getting to the corridor, she saw Gold come out from Desmond’s room.

Amanda inhaled. “Good morning.” she greeted and walked pass.

“Hey” Gold’s voice halted her.

“Excuse me and turn around.” Gold said and Amanda rolled her eyes and did.

“Yes?” Amanda answered.

Gold checked her from head to toe.
“Next time when you wanna greet me, don’t forget to add ‘ma’am’ understood?” Gold said.

“What?” Amanda said with raised brows.

“I’m sure you heard me clearly cos I don’t think you got deaf ears.” Gold said, eyed Amanda and with that she entered back into Desmond’s room.

Amanda could hardly believe her ears. “What did I just heard? I don’t think I heard clearly.. Call her ma’am.. Such a joke!” she scoffed and entered Odeya’s room.

Odeya was still asleep. Amanda woke her up and carried her to the bathroom to take her bathe and prepare for you.

“Nanny,” odeya called as she was having her bathe.

“Yes Odeya.”

“Can we go to see Jeremy today?” Odeya asked.

Actually Odeya was asking and not ordering.
That surprised Amanda.

“Deya.. You have to be in class today..” she said.

“Not this morning. Im saying after school today.” Odeya said.

“Ahh okay. We will.” Amanda said.

Odeya smiled.


“You gonna drop me off, right?” Gold asked Desmond as she was fixing his tie.

“I’m sorry baby, but today is Friday and I usually drop Odeya to school. I will tell Peter to drive you home.” Desmond said.

Gold rolled her eyes. “But I want you to.”

Desmond exhaled and cupped Gold’s cheeks. “Babe, this is like a debt I own to my daughter. I always take her to school on Fridays as far as I’m home.”

“You can drop the both of us then.” Gold said.

“I’d be late for work. Remember your house is quite far.” Desmond said.

Gold did a frowny face trying to change Desmond’s mind but that wasn’t working.

“I’m sorry baby, I promise to give you a call. And oh.. The money. Let me write you a check.” Desmond said and went for his check books.


“Here it is..” He finished and handed it to her. Gold was shocked at the amount he wrote.

“1.8million naira!?”

Desmond grabbed his briefcase. “Let’s go babe.”

Gold hugged and kissed him. “Thank you honey. I love youuu.” she said.

“I love you too baby.” Desmond reciprocated the kiss. “Let’s go..”

Gold was like ‘wowwwww.’ What a good catch!


They headed downstairs and met Odeya eating. She was having bread and mayonnaise and Amanda was packing her lunch box inside her lunch box bag.

When Amanda saw them, she closed up the bag quickly.

“Good morning sir. I will get you your breakfast.” she greeted without looking at his face then turned and headed to the kitchen.

“Darling, how was your night?” Desmond asked Odeya who focused on the bread she was eating, ignoring her dad to the extent of not even looking at him.

“Deya.. answer me.” Desmond said.
Deya said nothing.

Gold rolled her eyes. ‘Such a runt.’

Desmond exhaled.

Gold placed her hand on his leg.. “Baby, I guess she is in a bad mood. little kids behave this way most times. Maybe she doesn’t like her breakfast.” she said and turned to Odeya with a smirk smile. “Beautiful Deya, What else could make you moody apart from your breakfast, you don’t want it? You shouldn’t blame your dad but the nanny.”

Odeya dropped the bread angrily. “Your presence disgusts me and this whole house. Get lost!”

Gold’s mouth dropped open. “What!..did you just say that to me?”

“I’m gonna say more if you don’t get your ugly looking self outta this house and outta my dad’s life.” Odeya said.

Gold was stunned. She was too shocked and raged to speak to the little girl.

“Odeya!! Be quiet this minute!” Desmond ordered.

“Dad!” Odeya yelled.

“Shut up and don’t talk to her like that, ever again.” Desmond said.

“Dad! she doesn’t belong here!” Odeya said.

Amanda walked in with a tray of Desmond’s usual breakfast of tea and bread.

“You got no right to tell me who belongs here or not, understood.I’m trying my best to be the best dad to you and every single thing i do is to make you happy and be a good daughter so eat your food and go to school, that’s what you should be focused on right now.” Desmond told Odeya.. for the first time.

Odeya stared at her dad with teary eyes.
Gold was smiling triumphantly within her.

“Dad.. did you just say all that to me because of her?” Odeya asked.

Amanda decided to clear this scene because it get worse.

“Here’s your breakfast sir.. You should eat now or you might run late for work.” she said then turned to odeya. “Deya, you should eat too so you can go to school.”

Odeya stood up from the seat and.
“I’m filled up. I will go to school now.” she said and without waiting, she headed towards the exit door.

“Deya.. Deya wait..” Amanda called but she was out already.
Amanda grabbed Odeya’s school bag and lunch box and rushed out.

“Deyaaa..” she called as she saw Peter talking to her.

“Take me to school.” Odeya said.
Amanda sighed and opened the car door. She carried Odeya in and got in too.

Peter got onto the driver’s seat and soon they were heading to Odeya’s school.

They hadn’t driven far, when Amanda saw tears rolling down Odeya’s cheeks.

She took out wiper from Odeya’s bag and wiped her tears off.

“It’s okay Deya, don’t cry or you gonna have red big eyebags.” Amanda said then cuddled her in her arm.

“It’s okay. Everything’s going to be fine.” Amanda said.


After Odeya left, Desmond became uneasy and felt bad about yelling at his daughter.

“Are you okay honey?” Gold asked, caressing his hand.

“I shouldn’t have talked to her that way.” he said.

Gold smiled. “Don’t feel bad about it. Kids are to be scolded when they do wrong and you did the right thing by scolding her for talking more than she should.”

Desmond looked at her and she smiled more charming and touched his cheek.

“So don’t feel bad. You are only training her to be a good child. She insulted me. It’s been a while I got insulted and I couldn’t believe it could come from a five years old girl.” she said.

“Still I feel that I shouldn’t have said all that to her. She’s only a little girl.” Desmond said.

“Come on baby, it’s now you start.. Anyways, let’s get going. Now you gonna drive me homee.” Gold said and kissed him. “..and did I just remember something. That nanny didn’t get me my own food. I’m getting hungry. let’s go.”

Desmond sighed and stood up.
He took his briefcase and suit. Gold carried her bag and they left.


“You are going to be okay right?” Amanda asked Odeya as they got to her class.

“I will try.” Odeya said.

Amanda smiled. “That’s a relief. I will see you in few hours and we gonna see him after school. Please be happy OK.” Amanda said.

Odeya nodded. “I will try.”

Amanda handed her lunchbox to her and she headed to her seat.

????Odeya… We heard you were with Jeremy all through yesterday. I never thought you could be this nice.????one of her class mate said.

The others joined in.

????Odeya can we be friends?????

????I want to be your friend Odeya.????

????Im sorry for calling you miss sassy????

????You are nice Odeya.????

Odeya was shocked.
Amanda was surprised. Such kids..
she smiled, waved Odeya goodbye and left.

One of her classmate by the name, Gift came with candies..”Hi Odeya. Have some and let’s be friends.” she said.

“Have some chocolate Odeya.” Another classmate said.

“Deya, do you want cookies. It’s very delicious.” Another classmate said.

‘What happened…’ Odeya wondered.

“Okay kids.. Go back to your seat. First class is about to begin.” Mrs Tonia, their form teacher walked into the class.

The kids dropped their gifts on Odeya’s table and went back to their seat.

Mrs Tonia walked to Odeya and smiled at Odeya for the first time.

“Jeremy talked very nicely about you. He said we should be your friend from onwards because you care about people you like.” Mrs Tonia said.

Odeya coughed…”ehm..Ms.. We should start first class now.” she said. Mrs Tonia smiled.


Chioma walked into Gold’s room to see her dressing up for work.
Gold had called her immediately she got home and told her about the check and about sleeping over at Desmond’s house.

Chioma dropped her bag and stood in front of Gold..

“Hey girl.. What’s up?” Chioma asked.

Gold smiled. “You no trust me ni?”

“Wow… I can hardly believe this… Babe, what’s the secret?”

“You suppose know me nah.. I get whoever I wan get. I am Gold Benson.. You know me girl..”

“Woah… So gist me nah..” Chioma said and sat on the bed.

“What gist do you want?” Gold asked as she applied makeups on her face.

“Ah Ahn.. Gist me jor.” Chioma said.

Gold laughed. “Everything is amazing and sweet except one small witch.” Gold said.

“Small witch?” Chioma asked.

“If I tell you what that small brat said to me ehn. Babe, you no go believe am.” Gold said.

“Who is the small brat and what did the small brat say to you?” Chioma questioned curiously.

Gold dropped her makeup and turned to Chioma.

“Babe, that little runt that calls herself Desmond’s daughter is a spoilt little witch. This girl insulted me be yo mg measure. I can’t start telling you all she said but that girl totally insulted me.. telling me to get lost from her dad and so on.”

Chioma raised her brows “really? How old is she sef?”

“Do I even care? Is it not five abi six. You see that small rat ehn, I’m going to show her the other side of me. I must teach her a lesson.” Gold said.

“What do you mean Gold. Rember she’s Desmond’s daughter. You should try hurting her in any way.” Chioma said.

“Did you say hurt? Hurt her how? I’m only going to teach her what it means to insult her elders.” Golf said.


Gold smiled, “I have a plan.”

“What plan are you talking about?” Chioma asked.

“Uhm.. I’m going back to that house.” Gold said.


“Yes, Desmond would be home the weekend so I’m going on a weekend stay.. He’s picking me up tonight.” Gold said.

“Woah.. You for just stay there now. Why you come back na?” Chioma asked.

“I just made that decision now. I’m gonna call Desmond and tell him. I’m sure he’ll be excited. He can’t resist me one bit.” Gold said and laughed.

Chioma laughed along. “Girl, you amaze me oh.. See you better settle my brother o”

Gold eyed her. “What.. Go jor.”

“No give me that kind eyes o. I’m serious here.” Chioma said.


Amanda was mopping the sitting room when her phone rang. She took it out from the back of her trouser and it was her mom calling.

She smiled and picked up the call.

“mama, good morning” she greeted.

????Chimamanda how are you doing?”

Amanda heaved a sigh”I’m fine and you?”

????”You hesitated before answering, is everything okay? Are you fighting with your boss?”

“Ah mama. Why will I fight with my boss. I’m fine. I’m cleaning up right now. I’m the only one at home. I got a lot to do.” Amanda said.

????”Then is it his daughter.. If it is, please you have to do everything you can to make her like you. It is very important. Those kind of Kids are very smart and sensitive… Don’t forget to cook very deliciously and clean very well. It is very very important. I know you are very smart and hardworking. Again don’t forget to dress nicely all the time. Don’t expose yourself too much and don’t cover too much either. Always smile whenever you are talking to him… Make sure you wash his clothes very neatly and iron them perfectly.. Don’t for…”

“MAMA!!! what is all these!”

????”…ah ahn why are you shouting..I’m just telling you what you should do as a good nanny.”

“Yes mama nanny, I’m just Odeya’s nanny so stop talking about Mr Desmond!! Stop stop!”

????”Ah here she comes again with the shout.. Ah bye bye..call me later..”

The call dropped and Amanda flung her phone to a couch.

“Arghh this woman! What’s she up to.. This is crazy..” she sighed and continued her mopping.

“I’m just going to tell her that he has a girlfriend so she should stop hoping on nonsense…nonsense.. Yes nonsense.”


????????HAPPY NEW YEAR RIRIANS????????

????????HEART DOCTOR????‍⚕????????

@Author RiRi Library ????


[Odeya] .

Gold was in her boutique shop when she made a call to Desmond and told him about spending the weekend with him in appreciation for the money he gave her.

Desmond mentioned his daughter but Gold assured him that she can take care of that.

“She’s only a sweet little beauty, I will take care of that. Don’t worry about it.” she said.

“Alright then, I will pick you up by 8 tonight.” he said.

Gold smiled. “I will be waiting. I love you honey.”

“I love you more.” Desmond said and the call ended.

She smiled triumphantly. “I control him like a television and I ride him like a car. Being wise is the greatest thing on earth.”

One of her employee walked to her office.

“Ma, a customer is insisting on you being the one to attend to her.” she said.

“Oh.. That’s okay, take me to her.” Gold said, stood up and they headed out.


It was time to go bring Odeya back from school.. Today was early since it was Friday.

As Amanda was dressing up, Peter and I.K were outside, discussing.

“Chelsea come disappoint me last night… E remain small I for cry.” Peter said.

“Eh.. I no say Man united go beat them…See ehn, make we leave soccer matter for now. shey you no see that girl wey oga carry come back yesterday and still carry comot for morning?” I.k said.

“Eh I see am.. Wetin happen?” Peter asked.

“Which kind question be that one kwanu. She you no get better question like. Shay na him girlfriend ani wetin.” I.k said.

“That one no be my cup of tea. I no wan put eyes for matter wey no concern me. Month don dey end. I no want anything wey go make oga hold my salary.” Peter said.

I.k snorted at him. “See him. You too dey fear. For three years wey I don dey work for Oga, I never see him bring woman for house. Na only seven months you don work for oga so you no go know na.” I.k said.

Peter came closer. “you dey serious? You mean say this na the first he bring woman come home?”

“I tell you. Wetin you think” I.k said.

“I no know..” Peter said and saw Amanda come out. “..Amanda don come.”

I.k’s head spin at the sight of Amanda. He wondered how he’s going to get this figure 8 walking towards them.

He can’t help his urge for her anymore. He has to get her whatever it maybe. Even if it means giving her all this salary for this month.

He wished he was the oga, Amanda would have been servicing him every night.

Just look at the way she walks. The hips and the boobs needs to be held in his hands.

He began fantasizing Amanda and him fore playing.

“Why you dey look Amanda dey smile like he-goat.” Peter asked him shooting him back to reality.

“Ehn..?” I.k said.

“What is ehn…” Peter eyed him.

“Goodafternoon Oga peter and Oga I.k. How una dey?” Amanda asked as she got to them.

“Oh.. you so you decided to speak pidgin today. Okay oo. I dey fine.” Peter said.

“I no sure say I fine.” I.k said as his eyes stripped Amanda naked.

Amanda who had nothing in mind quickly went over and touched his neck. I.k shivered with urge.

“You are fine.. But try sleep small.” Amanda said.

“I no know say you be doctor.” Peter said to Amanda causing her to smile.

“It’s what I want to be.” Amanda said.

‘Oh… E go sweet pass if you be my bed doctor.’ I.k said within.

“Let’s go.” Amanda said. She entered the car and Peter did.

I.k opened the gate and peter drove out. I.K closed back the gate and touched his head.

“That girl!! she dey scatter my head.” he said.
His ‘Nokia touch’ began ringing and he hissed when he saw the caller, Ada. His wife.

“This girl! Why you dey call me.”

He picked it up.

“Eh. Ada na wetin.. Why you dey call, dey never pay me, abi you no see say month never end?”

????”I know… But Blessing dey sick.. The sickness too strong.. I don give am different kind of medicines but e no do. They tell me say make I take am go hospital and na hospital we dey now. Doctor say I go bring fifteen thousand for her treatment.” his wife tearful voice said.

“Blessing dey hospital? Fifteen thousand?… I no get shishi – nothing for my account now o.. Wetin I go do.. Eh.. I go talk to my oga, make him give me fifteen thousand from my salary. I go send you tomorrow morning, you hear. Tell them to treat her.” I.k said.

????okay.. I go do that now. Bye bye.” Ada said.

“Eh.. I go call you later.” I.k said and dropped the call.

“Ahh which kind wahala (problem) be this one now.” I.k sighed and entered his quarter.


Chioma was in her room with her thoughts on Gold’s catch on Desmond so fast.

“How could that be… Someone who Henry said hadn’t dated for three years. How can Gold win his love so fast in just few days?” she wondered.

“I know Gold is good at winning men but this one seem really odd. I want to accept that it’s her luck but still, I doubt it. I still find myself doubting it.”

“I need to talk with Henry.”


They pulled into Odeya’s school and Amanda headed to Odeya’s class to pick her up.
On getting there, she saw Odeya and her classmates together, playing jigsaw.

“Oh my.. Odeya is so good on this..” they said after odeya fixed everything perfectly.

Amanda smiled and at that moment, Odeya saw her. Odeya smiled and waved at her and Amanda couldn’t believe it.

Odeya is changing so fast towards her.

“I gotta go now friends. See you next week Monday.” Odeya said to her classmates as she picked her bag and lunch box and ran to Amanda.

????Bye Odeya..???? They all said.

Amanda took Ode ya’s lunch box and held her hand as they headed back to the car.

“Looks like school was fun today.” Amanda said.

“A little but there’s someone missing it.” Odeya said.

Amanda understood so she smiled.. “You are going to tell him everything that happened today in school, won’t you?”

“I will.” Odeya said.

They entered the car and drove off..

“Uhm.. Can we stop by a flower boutique and candy shop too?, I want to get him some flowers and some chocolate.” Odeya said.

Amanda smiled.

“Mr Peter you heard that.” Amanda said.

Then Amanda remembered. “You have to buy that with money. Are you with any money?”

“Nope.. I’m sure Mr Peter do. I will get it from my dad tonight and give him back. One thousand- five hundred is enough.” Odeya said.

Peter raised his brows. “What? I.. Don’t have.”

“It’s fine. I will give you N2,000.” Odeya said.

Amanda chuckled.

Peter sighed. “Okay okay..”


After they got the flowers and Chocolate and was now heading to the hospital, Odeya took out her phone and began checking her face in the phone’s screen.

Amanda chuckled.

‘Is this girl really five years old? She doubt that.’

Peter was busy praying that his one thousand – five hundred returns to him today..
He had wanted to use that money to stake a bet.

Now he can’t do that again but it would be nice if it returns back to him, he would use it to stake tomorrow.

“You look beautiful.” Amanda said to Odeya who was still checking out her face.

“I know that” Odeya said. “My mom never stopped telling me that. She said that I’m so beautiful that every man would wanna have me as his wife. She made sure that I am the prettiest girl in class.”

‘Really? Was that what a mother was already telling her five years old daughter? Many reasons why her dad fought and took her away from her mother.’

“I miss my mom and can’t wait to see her again.” she said and gave Amanda the eyes like – you- have -to -help -me.

Amanda cleared her throat. “Do you want a shot?” she asked and took Odeya’s phone.

“Nope. I’d like to take it with Jeremy.” Odeya said.

Vanessa Jackson dialed another country code number and put a call.

The call was picked at the second ring.

“Update me on every information about the man in that picture. Where he lives, his house, his daily activities, who he’s with and about his daughter. Do your job well. You will receive an alert now.”

????” You got nothing to worry about.” The deep baritone voice said.

“Good.” Vanessa said and dropped the call.
She dropped the phone on the bed, picked the wine beside her and zipped then gave a lopsided smile.

“I will get my daughter back Desmond” she said.


Heart Doctor. Episode 19. (Season 1 finale)
Heart Doctor. Episode 15 and 16

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