July 31, 2021

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My master. Episode 11

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I was beyond annoyed. I had been waiting for almost 30 minutes for Dalia to come downstairs so we could go to the god damned lunch she had requested. I was honestly wondering why I had agreed and why I hadn’t chased her out in the first place. I frowned as I saw Dalia walking down the stairs as if the the whole world revolved around her. She smiled as she walked over to me. I didn’t return her smile.

“You kept me waiting” I said.

“I was freshening up. It takes time and effort to look this good” she beamed.

I snorted at this.

Lia did not need 4 hours behind the mirror to look good. And she looked better than you.

I frowned at the words in my head. What was I thinking?

“Kayden” Dalia snapped beside me.

“Did you just zone out on me?” she asked cocking an eyebrow at me.

Yes, your high handedness! I thought in my head.

“No. I was just telling Remy and Leah to take care of the house.” I said instead.

She nodded and walked towards the front door. She hated when I used my telepathy. I walked behind her feeling more and more depressed by the minute.

I walked outside and saw her standing by the passenger door. She was obviously waiting for me to to open the door for her. I ignored her and walked to my side of the car and got in. She got in on the opposite side and frowned at me.

“Why aren’t we using the Limo?” She asked as we headed.

“Because I do not want to attract attention”

She looked at me as if I had grown a second head.

“Are you kidding me? You’re Lord Kayden, you attract attention whether you like it or not.”

I ignored her and we drove on in silence.

“Where are we going for lunch?”

I ignored her. I did not need her pestering me about my restaurant choice not being good enough for us. If she wanted to talk to me we were going to do it on my terms.

We pulled up in front a small diner on the outskirts of Vinnona.

“We aren’t seriously going into that place are we?”

I ignored her and continued walking towards her. I heard the clicking of heels behind telling me that she was following. We got into the restaurant and got a table.

We ordered food. Well I ordered anyway, Dalia absolutely refused to touch anything from ‘this shabby piece of filth’ as she so politely called the diner.

I knew it wasn’t the fanciest place in town but I had brought her here to prove my point.

“I can’t believe you brought me here. Whatever happened to the Kayden I grew up with”

“He grew up” I answered nonchalantly.

She rolled her eyes at my statement.

“So are we gonna talk or what?” She asked.

“You suggested the talk. I’m here to listen” I shrugged.

She sighed as she flipped her hair back dramatically.

“I’m sorry” she said.

My fork stopped halfway to my mouth as the words flew out of her mouth. I placed my fork back on the plate as I had suddenly lost my appetite.

“For what Dalia?” I asked.

She gulped as almost audibly.

“I’m sorry for cheating on you” she said in almost a whisper.

I chuckled.

“Only?” I asked. My anger was slowly rising.

She shook her head, signalling a no.

“I’m sorry for cheating on you with your cousin. It was stupid but it wasn’t entirely my fault. You must understand, you were not paying attention to me Kayden. I just wanted the attention Darrien was giving me.”

Dalia, I was going through some stuff, you of all people knew that” I retorted. +

“I know, but going through stuff doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to me” she said almost close to tears.

“You weren’t even there. All you ever did was come and try to get into my bed, or ask me to accompany you to some fancy dinner. You didn’t even care how I was feeling” I was almost shouting.

She stared at me silently. I took a huge breath, trying to calm myself down.

“When you were with him, did you tell him about Emily” I asked.

“Yes.” She said hanging her head in shame.

So that’s why Uncle Vincent and Darrien had come that night. It wasn’t just to see Lia, it was also to confirm if what they had heard about Emily was true.

“What exactly did you say to him?”

She was silent.

“Answer me Dalia” I growled, slamming my fists on the table.

“I…. I told him about …. about what she is” Dalia spoke.

I froze. I looked at Dalia, wondering if this was the same woman I had fallen for.

“Kayden. Please. Say something.” She said in barely a whisper.

I pushed my chair back then stood up. I began walking out of the restaurant. I walked to the car and got in. Dalia also got in and we drove off. I needed to punch someone.


“Pack your bags right now and get out of my house and my life. I never want to see you again.” I shouted the minute we were inside the house.

“Kayden please…. ” she began but I stopped.

“You fucking betrayed me Dalia. God! You of all people know how much Emily means to me.” I shouted.

“If you had been giving me more ATTENTION I wouldn’t have gone to seek it from your cousin”

I looked at her. At always came to this.

“That’s the only reason you’re with me, isn’t it?” I said


“Attention. That’s why you’re with me?”

“You know that’s not true”

I snorted.

“Leave, right now. I will not be responsible for my actions if I come down for dinner and find you here.”

“You can’t break up with me. My father will not be happy with you” she shouted.

“Do I look like I give a flying fuck?” I shouted walking toward the stairs. As I looked up I saw Talia standing at the top of the stairs. She wore a confused expression on her face.

“Lia” I rasped my anger quickly evaporating as I took in her soft features.

Her wavy black hair fell graciously around her cute little heart shaped face. And her pink plump lips that were slowly becoming my addiction were slightly pouted.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

I nodded a yes as I continued to walk towards her. Dalia’s voice made me freeze in my tracks though.

“She is your little play thing now isn’t she?”

I felt my anger rising once more. I turned towards her and smirked.

“You know what? Maybe you should stay. I really want you to hear the way Lia moans and screams my name. It’s fucking amazing”

He eyes darkened at my statement. I did not wait for a response. I simply walked towards a clearly stunned Talia and I picked her up bridal style, causing her to squeak in surprise.

I carried her to my room, trying my best to not look at her eyes. That would be my undoing. We entered my room and I placed her on my bed. I quickly got on top of her and began kissing her. It was a demanding kiss which she quickly responded to. I demanded entrance and she allowed it. I groaned into her mouth as I explored her sweet mouth with my tongue. I pulled away quickly, and I looked at a breathless Lia who was still underneath me.

I got off of her and sat beside her in bed.

“What happened” she asked.

I did not answer her. I really did not know why, but the thought of telling her made a huge lump to form in my throat. What if she betrayed me, just like Dalia had. And besides she was just a pet, she would never understand. My silence must have told her I don’t want to talk.

“Take off your shirt” she said.

I frowned and looked at her.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” I asked.

She burst out laughing at this. I frowned at her even more. What was she laughing at.

“No you pervert. I simply want to give her a massage” she said punching me playfully.

I glared at her, but not for the reasons she assumed.

“Ohh God, I’m sorry Kayden. I didn’t mean to… I just…… please don’t punish me” she stuttered.

I smiled at her.

“You’re cute” I said and she looked away from me, obviously blushing.

I took that time to undo the buttons of my shirt and removed it, throwing it somewhere across the room.

Talia’s eyes trailed over my body in silence.

I groaned.

“Lia, if you want this to be just an upper body massage you better stop looking at me like that”

She cleared her mouth in awkwardly.

“Lie down on your stomach” she said.

I did as she said.

She straddled me and settled her butt firmly on top of mine.

She began rubbing my back with her soft hand. I groaned, my body immediately relaxing.

“Have you done this before?” I asked.

“Yes” she said.

I felt a pang of jealousy at the thought of another man experiencing this.

“To Kevin?” I asked and I felt her hands pausing slightly but they continued after a few seconds.

“No. My mom used to run a spa, she taught me” she said.

I could hear the emotion in her voice. It clawed at my heart.

“Where are your parents now” I asked

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen them since the day I was taken.” She replied.

There was a short silence.

“Tell me about your family”

She continued massaging. But didn’t say anything for a while.

“My father was a professor at our local college. He absolutely adored me and I him. And my mother was my idol. She was such a strong woman. She was a Manager at the only spa in our small town ” she said.

I was silent for a moment as her words sunk in.

“What about your siblings?”

“I was an only child. They had me at a very late stage. My mother had been told she couldn’t conceive but surprisingly she conceived me. I was a miracle.” She explained.

Another minute of silence.

“I’m sorry.” I finally said.

I meant it. I really was sorry. I for one knew what it felt to lose family.

“My mother was killed when I was young..” i began but stopped myself along the way.

Was I really going to tell her. Something made me want to tell her so badly.

She leaned down, resting her front on top of my bare back. Then she kissed my back softly, and got back up, continuing her comforting massage.

I knew then that I was gonna tell her. There was no going back.



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