July 30, 2021

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My master. Episode 12

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As I sat on top of Kayden, massaging his now tense again body, I waited for him to speak. I was hoping he would tell me, that he wouldn’t shut me out. He wasn’t obligated to tell me, of course, but I really wanted to know him more. I needed to so that I could understand him. He was so confusing. One minute he was scary and intimidating, then the next he was sweet and kind.

“My father was the second son in his family, my uncle Vincent was the first. ” he paused and let out a huge breath.

“When they were growing up, my grandfather, Lord Martin, saw that my uncle, Lord Vincent was exhibiting traits of brutality that were rather unpleasant. So when the time came to crown the new Lord, my Father was chosen over his brother as had been decreed by their father on his death bed.”

I kept rubbing his taut back muscles, trying to ease the tension and encourage him to continue talking.

“This did not sit well with my uncle, of course. He fought against the motion of crowning my father as the Lord. When he finally saw he had no chance, he moved out of the land, and went to conquer weaker kingdoms so as to take them over.”

“He became Lord of course but his grudge against my father still fuelled his life. Eventually my father got married to my mom.”

His jaw muscles tightened again when he mentioned his mother. I kept rubbing them, hoping to get him to relax. He did, but only slightly.

“When my mother was pregnant with me, Lord Vincent made an attempt on her life. The baby she carried was a threat to him, it distorted his plans of taking over if he eventually succeeded in killing my father. My mother was taken away and she gave birth to me in a foreign land, which she wasn’t happy about. After giving birth to me, she didn’t pay attention to me anymore, neither did she pay attention to my father. Then she had Kevin, but then she was attacked and killed just after giving birth, the midwife managed to run away with Kevin. So Kevin and I were raised by my father’s pet, Catherine” his voice came out as a strangled whisper as he said her name.

“Did you love her?” I asked, cursing myself afterwards for allowing my mouth to run itself again.

“She loved me like her own son. She took care of Kevin and I. All hell broke loose however when she got pregnant with Emily” he said.

My heart was thudding in my chest. Realisation was slowly setting in. The way he loved Emily, the way he cared about her.

Kayden must have read my thoughts. He lifted his head up and looked at me with a frown.

“Lia, Emily is not what you’re thinking. Emily is not my daughter.”

I moved from my position on top of him and sat in bed with him.

“Come here” he said.

I scooted to his now upright frame and settled my head on the headboard right next to his. We looked into the space in front of us, comforting each other with silence.

“I crave you, so much. It torments me day and night. ” he whispered.

I blushed at his words, but said nothing in return.

“Everytime I see you, I feel like taking you up against the nearest surface and fucking you senseless.”

Liquid heat pooled between my legs, soaking my panties.????????????

“What stops you from doing that?” I ask, with a suddenly hoarse voice.

He is silent for a moment, but then when he replies I feel my heart clenching,

“Because I think of how fragile and breakable you are. I might make a mistake as I tend to lose control sometimes” he said silently. He was probably talking about that night with his uncle, how he had lost control. How the bloodlust had taken over.

Before I could stop the words, they flew out of my mouth,

“What if I want you to?”

He groaned at my words.

“I can smell your arousal, it’s killing me princess. You’re don’t know what you’re asking for .”

He turned to look at me. I wanted to answer him, but he beat me to it.

“I’m not like Kevin, I don’t want to force myself on you. But I can’t seem to control myself around you” he whispered against my neck.

He kissed, the pulsing vein on my throat. I gasped, my breath catching in my throat. +

He pulled back from my throat almost immediately.

“I’m sorry,” he rasped. His eyes were bloodshot red.

“When was the last time you fed?” I asked my voice suddenly shaking.

He looked away from me and stood from the bed.

“Kayden-” I called.

“Lia, stop. Please.” He growled.

I stood and went to where he was standing. His face looked pained.

“You know, all you have to do is ask, Kayden” I murmured. I couldn’t believe the words were coming out of my own mouth. What was going on with me?

He looked at me, a frown was plastered on his face.

“I’m going for a hunt, I need to feed.” He said looking at me.

I immediately began to protest. The thought of another person being killed just to satisfy his hunger did not sit well with me.

“You can’t go drinking from random people Kayden, that is not right!” I shouted, suddenly forgetting I was the pet and he was the master.

“So what do you want me to do, Talia? Drink from you?” He growled.

I swallowed pondering if that was truly what I wanted.

“Yes, if that’s what it takes” I said, but my voice lacked the confidence it previously held.

I remembered how I had felt that night he had drank for me, the pain and his lack of control. If that happened again-

“Lia, please don’t think about that night” Kayden murmured.

Screw his mind reading self!

“Why did you do it though?” I found myself asking.

I wanted to know. Why had he treated me so terribly that night, only to come back to his normal self the following day. He walked towards me, and with each step he took towards me I took one away from him. I ended up backed up against the wall with Kayden right in front of me.

He leaned down and pressed himself against me, trapping me between his body and the wall. A wave of pleasure washed over me.

“Fuck, Lia, you shouldn’t be attracted to me like this.” He rasped.

And then he kissed me. I responded almost immediately. I allowed him entrance into my mouth and he quickly thrust his tongue into it. I moaned at the feeling. He picked me up and instinctively my legs wrapped around his waist. He groaned against my mouth and pulled back. He dropped me back to my feet and pulled away suddenly.

He leaned his forehead against mine. Staring deeply at me, he growled loudly and punched the wall right beside my head.

I gasped, and stared at him with wide eyes. He pulled away from me and walked out of the room without a single word.

What the hell was that?



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