August 6, 2021

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My master. Episode 16

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I spent the night in Lia’s arms as I told her all there was to know about me. I felt so safe and secure in her arms. Ironic, right? The predator finding comfort from his own prey.

I watched her as she slept. Her babyish features made her look even more beautiful.

I did not need anyone to tell me I was attracted to her. That was very obvious. It was the intensity of the attraction that worried me, though. I did not crave any other woman but her. I felt content and complete with her. It wouldn’t have been a bad thing if she wasn’t human, and my pet.

And at certain times when Talia was close to me, I felt the primal urge to mark her. Claim her as mine so no one else would have her. And whenever anyone would see her, they would know she belonged to me.

“What are you doing to me Talia? Why do I feel like I am falling for my pet, just like my father?”

I knew she was asleep, but I just had to voice it out, even though I knew no one was going to answer my questions.

I got up softly from bed, trying not to wake Talia up. I walked out of my room and decided to go to my study to relax. Or at least try.

As I was walking to the stairs, I saw Cole running toward me.

“Terissa is requesting your presence. Emily is up.” He said. Cole did not wait for me as he vampire sped down the stairs and out of the house.

I followed suit, his words ringing in my ears. Replaying in my head over and over.

Emily is up.

My little sister was alive. I ran faster and harder, pushing myself to get there as quickly as possible.

I barged into Terissa’s house, knocking the door off its hinges.

And then I saw her. Lying on one of Terissa’s couches. She looked as pale as death, but still absolutely beautiful. She had now morphed into her twenty-one year old body and I still couldn’t believe it.

“Emily…” I breathed.

She looked at me with her now red eyes. Then she squealed loudly and shot up from the sofa and ran into my arms.

I hugged her, tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

Emily was alive. She had survived the change. She was now safe from those filthy council members. She was now a full vampire, not half. She wasn’t an abomination anymore.

“What happened? How did it happen?” I asked, pulling Emily from my embrace.

My question was aimed at Terissa and Cole. I knew Cole cared about Emily, but what was he doing here?

“Well, Emily forgot the important detail that involved her having a mate.” Terissa shrugged, rolling her eyes.

I tensed almost immediately.

Emily had a mate? She never told me. Who the hell would mark a fourteen year old girl? Even if she wasn’t technically fourteen, she still had the body of a fourteen year old. The body I had had Terissa trap her on her fourteenth birthday so she would stop growing, and hence delay the emergence of her powers. We couldn’t have anyone know what Emily was.

The question was still ringing in my head. Who had had the guts to mark my little sister? There were only two people who knew what she was. Two people that I knew of anyway. And neither of them would betray me like that.

I looked at her, seeking answers about this surprising new development. She lowered her gaze and refused to meet mine completely.

“Who marked you Em?” I asked, keeping my temper in check.

I was failing miserably. The question came out more like a threat. She flinched at my tone. +

I looked around the room, starting with Terissa – who gave nothing away. Then I looked at my best friend and I knew I had found the culprit. The way he was scratching his neck nervously and avoiding my gaze.

“Cole…!” I growled.

He flinched, and so did Emily.

In less than a second I had him pinned against a wall. How could he mark her? I had trusted him. And he had the audacity to keep it from me.

“Kayden! Stop please!” Emily said, trying to pry me off her mate.

She wasn’t strong enough.

“I’m sorry Kayden, it was a mistake. I lost control on her thirteenth birthday. I swear to God I did not mean to.”

“You marked her when she was fucking thirteen? What is wrong with you, you sick pervert?” I bellowed as I threw Cole across the room.

I began walking toward him, eager to teach him a lesson, when suddenly I felt my right leg cracking. I groaned in pain and glared at Terissa whom I knew was the cause.

I pushed through the pain and continued on the way to assault my best friend. I felt my head spin and a wave of dizziness washed over me.

“Calm down and let’s talk, child. Fighting doesn’t solve anything.” She reasoned, not releasing her hold on my leg and the dizzy spell got worse.

I groaned in both pain and frustration.

I released a huge sigh as I cast one last glare at Cole, who was now getting up with the help of Emily. I lifted my hands up in surrender, showing I wouldn’t do anything and Terissa released her hold on my leg.

“What happened?” I asked, now looking at Terissa.

“She simply needed her mate’s blood, other than yours, of course. If Cole hadn’t come here, I wouldn’t have known she had a mate, and she wouldn’t be alive.” Terissa explained.

I groaned at her answer. I had nearly lost her because of my stupid best friend and his uncontrolled urges.

“How did you know she’d need your blood?” I asked Cole as calmly as I could.

He gave me an apologetic look, one I chose to ignore. I didn’t have time for that right now. All I needed to know were the finer details on how Emily had survived.

“I didn’t. I had simply come here to see her, and…ask Terissa why I wasn’t feeling the pain of loss from the mate’s bond. That was when Terissa told me she needed her mate’s blood as well.” Cole explained.

I nodded silently. I had nothing to say. I was simply relieved she was alive.

“Look man, I’m really sorry.” Cole repeated.

“For what? Marking my little sister or for not telling me?” I asked.

“I will not apologize for marking her, Kayden. As much as it was a mistake, it was the best mistake of my life. I do apologize, however, for keeping it from you.”

His words pierced my ears. They were so sincere I could hear the emotion in his voice.

“Come Emily, we are going home.” I said.

“But…” She began to protest.

“Cole is free to come and visit anytime he pleases. He is still my second in command-” I paused before adding, “-and my best friend.”

Cole smiled slightly at my words. I nodded at him in return. As much as I felt angry and betrayed, I knew that Emily needed her mate, and I needed my best friend and second in command.


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