June 13, 2021

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My master. Episode 17

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I woke up with Kayden’s words stuck in my mind. I had heard every single word last night. And I honestly did not know how I felt about Kayden’s little emotional moment.

I had woken up to an empty bed, but Kayden had left a note which demanded my presence at the dining table for breakfast.

I cleaned up quickly and got dressed. I didn’t want to keep Kayden waiting.

I walked down the stairs and towards the dining room but froze when I heard voices. One was obviously Kayden’s and the other I couldn’t recognize. But it was clearly female.

I walked into the room timidly and almost lost my mind when I saw a beautiful girl sitting next to Kayden on the dining table. She had her hand on Kayden’s arm while she was laughing. I was jealous and hurt as I saw the evident happiness in his eyes when he turned towards me.

“Talia,” he said “come and join us”

I walked towards him timidly. If I wasn’t so jealous I would have been confused about where I should sit since he had a guest. But my jealousy had determined everything for me

I walked towards the table and settled neatly and elegantly on Kayden’s lap.

“You didn’t tell me we had a guest” I said and eyed the beautiful woman in front of me.

She was clearly a vampire. That red gleam in her eyes told it all. She looked oddly familiar though.

“I apologise. I wanted it to be a surprise. And besides, she is not really a guest here, this is her home” he said and smiled sickeningly sweetly at her.

I rolled my eyes at him but froze when I heard a chuckle from the lady.

“You have your hands full with her brother, she just rolled her eyes at you” the girl said.

I gasped. How could she tell him that. He was going to punish me.

And wait, did she call him brother.

I looked at her more closely and realisation finally set in. I couldn’t believe it.

“Emily..?” I breathed.

“In the flesh.” She said smiling. “I was expecting a little more excitement my big-headed friend” she said teasingly.

I sprang out of Kayden tight grip and ran to hug her in her chair.

“Oh my God! How? I thought you were dead.” I said checking and touching her randomly, just to make sure she was real.

“I don’t think Kayden would appreciate the way you’re feeling me up right now” she chuckled.

“Fuck Kayden! I thought you were dead woman!” I said standing up straight while I looked down at her as she sat down in her chair.

Kayden growled at my words and I flinched slightly but went back to pretending he wasn’t there.

“You have a lot of explaining to do miss 14 year old. Starting with Cole and what the hell happened to you. ” I said folding my hands across my chest and tapping my foot impatiently against the tiled floor.

“You also have a lot of explaining to do. Starting with that huge hickey on your neck.” She shot back and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“Yes Talia, where did you get that awful hickey” Kayden added. I could literally hear the smirk in his voice.

“Fuck off, Kayden!” I muttered under my breath hoping he wouldn’t hear me.

Stupid, considering their super hearing.

Kayden growled another warning again, and this time I listened.

Emily’s chuckle also told me she had heard me.

“Come and sit down and eat breakfast princess” Kayden said.

I tentatively walked towards Kayden and settled down on his lap.

“Soo…?” Emily asked, drawing out the ‘O’s

“What?” I asked feigning ignorance.

“Who is responsible for that mark on your neck?” Emily said wiggling her eyebrows.

Why was she torturing me like this. She knew Kayden was responsible.

“I was mauled by a caveman” I answered sweetly.

Emily looked at me for a moment then started laughing hysterically.

Kayden’s grip tightened around my waist and I gasped.

‘Why do you tempt me, princess’

His voice rang in my head. I ignored him and turned my attention to Emily.

“So you and Cole huh?” I asked wiggling my eyebrows like she had earlier.

I shifted slightly in Kayden’s lap as I felt his manhood rising slightly. I squirmed and shifted causing Kayden to groan and his grip on my waist tightened.

“Yah. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I was afraid that if I did, Kayden would find out through you” she said innocently.

“Só Kayden didn’t know all this while?” I asked shifting again on Kayden’s lap earning another groan from him.

“Yes. He found out last night.” She said with a twinge of sadness.

I nodded silently and went on to eat my food. There was small talk and light banter all around the table.

“Kayden, can I spend the day with Talia?” Emily asked just after we had finished eating our meal.

“Yeah, sure. I have things to do anyway” he said. 5

I stood up from him and smiled sweetly at him then began to walk away with Emily.

“Lia” he called back.

“Yes, Kayden” I said sweetly.

I knew he was frustrated. I had been torturing him throughout the whole meal.

“Come here for a second.” he said and I walked over to him.

He stared intensely at me.

“I know you were awake last night” he whispered.

“And I know you heard every word I said” he continued.

His gaze and his voice sent shivers down my spine. I felt electricity coursing through my body.

“And I want you to know that I meant it. I think I am falling for you” he said, his gaze still on mine.

“Kayden…” I began but he cut me off by pulling me towards him.

“And I’m going to fuck that little dirty mouth of yours tonight. You disrespected me today. You actually had the audacity to call me a caveman.” He whispered hotly in my ear.

“I mean how rude was that?”

I shivered and I swear I almost moaned.


“You may leave” he said and smacked my ass playfully before walking away from me.


“So tell me what in God’s name happened to you” I asked as Emily and I were finally seated on the bed.

“Well I underwent a process to turn me into a vampire. Kayden was supposed to bite me, after a series of rituals, then drain me of my blood. Then he was supposed to replace my blood with his.” She explained. I nodded. Well that sounded simple enough.

“So why didn’t it work the first time?” I said.

“Well since I’m a mated vampire I also needed my mates blood to complete the ritual. That is why I didn’t wake up the first time.”

I nodded again in understanding.

So why didn’t Kayden’s father just do this to save Emily’s mom. He could have just turned her into a vampire and they both would be alive right now. +

“He couldn’t do that” Emily replied the question in my head.

“Humans rarely survive the change. And most of the times the Council doesn’t approve the change. You would need a very good reason to convince the Council on why you want to change a human.”

I felt my heart falling. So this meant Kayden and I really didn’t have a future then. I quickly brushed those thoughts aside.

Emily and I spend the day in her room, talking and laughing. I told her about Kayden and I, leaving out some stuff of course, and she was ecstatic.

We had dinner alone, Kayden had sent a word saying he couldn’t make it to dinner.

After dinner I decided to go check on Kayden. I knocked on his office door and entered after I heard a faint ‘come in’ .

“Hey” he smiled as he saw me.

“Hey. You look tired” I said as I walked towards him closing the door behind me.

He looked overworked and stressed. And his hair was a mess. But a cute and totally sexy mess.

“Vampires don’t get tired, princess” he said standing up and walking towards me.

“You owe me a punishment, Lia” he rasped and I felt a cold tremor racing through my body.

“Really?” I mused with a smile.

“Get on your knees!” he ordered.

I froze.


“I hate repeating myself and you know it. Get on your knees.”he ordered again.

I obediently followed his instructions and got on my knees in front of him, my face was just inches from his clothed but very hard erection.

*****mature content below. Skip if not comfortable******

I gulped as I knelt before him.

“Undo my pants, Lia” he ordered.

I stared up at him with wide eyes.

“Do it Lia!” he said.

I reached for the button and zip of his leather pants and undid them. I pulled them down hesitantly.

“Stroke me through my boxers” he ordered.

I gulped and reached for his hard length. He groaned the minute I made contact with him.

I stroked his length up and down, earning a few grunts of pleasure from him.

“Stop!” He ordered once more.

I stopped immediately.

He pulled down his boxers so fast that it was blur.

His manhood shot out and smacked me against my face.

Kayden held his massive length in his hands stroking himself in his hand.

“Before the end of the night, I will bury this inside you Lia, would you like that?” he asked seductively.

I nodded a frantic yes.

“Good. Now, first things first. Open that little mouth of yours for me” he rasped with his manhood still in his hand.

I opened my mouth slightly and he chuckled.

“Wider, princess. ”

I opened my mouth wider and he pushed his length into my mouth.

“Oh God” he moaned looking at me.

“Suck it princess” he said in a husky voice.

I began sucking and swirling my tongue around his tip.

“Just like that, Lia” he moaned throwing his head back.

His hips jerked and thrust his length into my mouth and I gagged slightly. He froze. And pulled out of my mouth.

“I’m sorry… I… I shouldn’t have done that” he stuttered.

“It’s okay. Let’s try that again” I said with a sweet smile.

I wanted him to release himself completely. I wanted him to lose control. I could tell he was holding back on me. With a new found confidence I pulled his length back into my mouth and he groaned as I forced him to go deeper into my mouth.

I pulled him out and continued stroking him with my hand as I looked at him.

“Don’t hold back on me Kayden, give me all of you”



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