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My Master. Episode 23 and 24

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My Master. Episode 25
My Master. Episode 21 and 22





I descended the stairs, paying extra attention to my steps. But as I looked up and saw Kayden standing at the bottom of the stairs, his intense gaze on me, all thoughts about footing flew out the window.

Kayden was dressed in a crisp black suit that clung to his muscular frame mercilessly. He was absolutely breathtaking.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, Kayden grabbed my hand and tugged me towards him. I gasp as I feared I would stumble in the ridiculously high heels I was wearing.

“Red is a dangerous colour on you Lia, it makes me want to take you, right here and right now” Kayden whispered in my ear softly while he ran his hands up and down my arms, causing goosebumps to form on them.

I was wearing a bright red gown that was adorned with various shiny stones along the plunging back and slightly indiscreet neckline.

The look had been finished off with black heels and a whole lot of jewelery that seemed way too over the top.

My make up was subtle yet noticeable. And my hair had been done to absolute perfect and it was the only thing I truly loved about the whole ensemble I had going on. My back pressed against him harder.

“Jesus Lia, I can’t believe Kevin is gonna have your attention all night.” Kayden said through clenched teeth.

“Hey. Relax. This is for us remember and beside, I’m all yours after the ball and the many nights after” I said and turned to kiss his cheek slightly.

“I love you Lia, and we’re gonna get through this, both of us” he said and kissed me slowly and passionately, something I wasn’t used to when it came to him.

“I love you too Kayden” I replied once he had pulled away.

We walked towards the Limo where Remy was waiting for us patiently. He opened the door for us and helped me in.

The drive was silent and tense. And inside I was terrified. Terrified that I would meet Kevin yet again today. Terrified that he wants to ruin Kayden because of me, and terrified that I could lose Kayden forever.

“Lia” Kayden’s said snapping me out of my thoughts.

I looked at him then saw that he was looking down at his hands. I followed his gaze and my heart clenched.

“Fuck, this is gonna be so hard” he hissed as he fiddled with the diamond studded collar that was in his hands.

“Kayden, it’s okay. This is for us remember” I said reassuringly brushing his cheek with my hand.

“I kn…”

“Lord Kayden we are here” Remy’s voice rang out through the intercom.

He sighed loudly then opened the collar and placed it around my neck. He buckled the collar a bit loosely but it wasn’t the eyebrow raising kind of loose.

“I love you baby okay.” He whispered after buckling the collar into place.

I kissed him in response.

He pulled away and with one last look at me he knocked on the window and Remy opened the door.

He grabbed the leash attached to my collar as soon as we were outside. His expression changed from soft to the hard man I hard met on the first day.

As we ascended the stairs which led to the hall where the ball was being held we passed many other vampires, who bowed down in respect to their Lord but not after observing me carefully. I kept my head lowered, just like a pet should.

“Lord Kayden, welcome to the ball” a good looking and obviously charming man said.

Kayden nodded his response but did not say a word. His stance was absolutely frightening and if I did know him better I would have pissed in my pants in fear.

We arrived at the huge double doors that led into the ballroom and I took a huge breathe to compose myself.

Kayden turned to me and gave me a small bottle filled with a clear looking liquid.

“Drink” he commanded and obeyed, although I had many questions about what it is exactly I was drinking.

The Butler who was waiting for Kayden to give him tell go ahead to open the door seemed not to be surprised by what had happened so I guessed it was normal.

Kayden turned to the Butler and nodded his head at him. The Butler pushed the huge doors open and walked in ahead of us.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Lord Kayden” he announced and almost immediately all head snapped towards us. I lowered my gaze, fearing that I would chicken out as all these people looked at me.

‘Walk Talia!’

Kayden screamed in my head and I almost gasped as I realised that my that I hadn’t moved an inch.

I descended the stairs behind Kayden silently with my gaze still lowered and Kayden hands on my leash.

There was a carpet that was laid out in the middle of the room, where I presumed we were going to walk and I knew Kayden was going to sit with on the high table, along with the council members and fellow Lords.

As we walked towards the table, the people bowed down in respect of their Lord and I gulped as I could feel the hard stares of the female vampires on me.

It took me an while to register that the music had stopped and that the whole room was quiet, save for the faint sound of our shoes padding on the carpet.

Kayden walked towards the table and St in the chair right in the middle, which was the highest and most prominent.

I was confused as I lowered myself obediently on the cushion beside the chair which was reserved for me. There was another smaller, but similar chair beside him, which had me wondering whom it was meant for.

Kayden nodded his head and the music started playing once more.

‘What the hell is going on.?” I asked.

‘Welcome to my castle princess’

He replied.

And I finally remembered that the mansion we were living in was not the Royal mansion of Vinnona, this was.

And that was when I remembered hearing that I realised Emily saying that Vinnona was hosting the Halloween ball this year.

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were hosting the ball’

‘Well it’s not like I was happy about the fact that I was hosting but…..’

I frowned when he stopped midsentece. I wanted to look up at him and ask him what was wrong but I couldn’t. I was supposed to be his pet tonight, not his girlfriend.

The butler’s voice made me know what had caused Kayden’s sudden silence.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Lord Vincent and Prince Darrien”

My heartbeat accelerated and I swear I almost puked on the floor because of the knot of fear that had tightened itself in my stomach.

“Prince Darrien is accompanied by Lady Dália, daughter of Lord Michael of Vitigia.” The Butler added and is swore I almost cursed under my breath but then I remembered I was in a room full of vampires, they would definitely hear me.

Lord Vincent approached Kayden first and offered a slight bow.

“Welcome Lord Vincent” Kayden said, his voice sounded so formal and plain. Void of an emotion whatsoever.

Ahh my young nephew, it’s good to see you. And it’s good to see you again, pet” he said referring to me before walking away. +

“Prince Darrien and Lady Dália, you’re welcome to my home” he said calmly.

“It’s good to see you cousin” Darrien said.

“We are humbled by your reception, my Lord” Dália voice rang out.

And they walked away. I faintly noticed that Lord Vincent had occupied the seat next to Kayden,the throne like seat.

‘How are you holding up’ I asked Kayden.

‘Not so good. I feel like reaching out and killing someone’ he growled.

‘Relax love’ I said.

The ball proceeded and it was rather uneventful. There was small talk between the Lord’s and elders of the council while they whined and dined.

I looked around the ballroom. I saw Emily and Cole in one corner, then I saw Dalia and Darrien. Dalia was laughing animatedly while Darrien just seemed disinterested in the her and the whole ball.

My eyes kept raking all over the ballroom discretely. Then my eyes landed on him. He was staring at me with a huge smirk, his eyes dark and his face unfriendly, just like I knew him.

I offered him a small and discreet smile, and this caught him by surprise and he frowned.

“Who is that, with your second in command. She smells like she is of our bloodline” Lord Vincent suddenly asked, catching the attention of the council members and also some Lords in the process.

I crossed my fingers as I sat there, waiting to hear what Kayden would say.

“That is Emily Blackwood, my half sister. The product of my late father’s affair with the late pet Cathrine” Kayden explained easily.

If I wasn’t being a pet right now, I would have kissed the daylights out of him for answering with such ease.

“Unacceptable,” man from the council, I presumed, said.

Murmurs went around the table, people obviously spreading the news about Emily.

“All Lords and Council members to meet in Lord Kayden’s throne room in five minutes.” An authoritative voice said that made me flinch.

People began to rise from the table slowly.

‘As soon as I walk out I will tell Remy to come and get you and take you to the garden. Have a look around for a few minutes then come back inside. Don’t talk to anyone.’

I nodded my head as discretely as I could. Kayden stood up up and followed the other Lords and council members.

“Come with me miss, I will show you the way to the garden.” Remy said.

I walked up from my spot and followed Remy, but not before taking one last glance around the room, and not before seeing Kevin eyeing me devilishly.

I followed Remy through the castle and when he finally opened the door that led to the garden I was stunned.

It was so big, and so beautiful.

I turned back and realised Remy had gone back inside.

I walked deeper into the garden, immersing myself in the feeling of being around by nature and so much fresh greenery. So much fresh. I saw a fountain coming into view and I removed my heels and ran towards it.

As I reached the fountain I froze dead in my tracks when I realised there was someone sitting on one of the benches adjacent to it.

“Well well, if it isn’t Kayden’s little princess.” The figure said and my heart stopped beating for just a few seconds.

“Forgive me your Lordship, I was not aware that you were here” I said looking down onto my bare feet.

“I think I should be the one apologising, after all this is your castle now, you’re the queen” he said with a small smirk as he swirl the drink in his hand around the glass.

“I do not understand you your Lordship” I said feeling a bit uncomfortable under his gaze.

“Come and sit with me Talia” he said.

I hesitated, rubbing my feet together.

“Please” he said in a low voice.

Well this was unexpected, Prince Darrien just said please.

I walked tentatively towards him, and settled besides him, keeping as much distance between us as possible.

We sat there for a moment, in silence.

“I was once in a forbidden romance you know” he spoke quietly. I turned and looked at him, I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t stop myself. His words had taken me by surprise.

“Her name was Anya” he said. His face held so much pain and sadness that my heart went out to him.

“Did you love her?” I found myself asking against my better judgement.

Darrien took a sip from his glass. Then he stared off at the fountain.

“I loved her. A lot. But I betrayed her. I kept the taboo side of her hidden from her. And I abused her as a way of pleasing my father” he replied.

I was beyond shocked.

“Was she human?” I asked.

“She was half werewolf half vampire. Her mother and I hid her werewolf side from her. My father out pressure on me to exert my manly authority on her, make her fear me so that she could respect me.” He continued.

“And did it work?”

He chuckled darkly.

“It did. It worked in pushing her to her limits, then she ran away from me. I pursued her, only to find out she found her werewolf mate. And she left me, for good.” He elaborated.

My heart went out to him.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered.

He shrugged and downed his drink in one go.

“It’s okay. You should go back inside ” he said in response.

I nodded my head at him in agreement. I began walking away from from him.

“Talia!” He called.

“Yes, your Lordship ?” I answered.

“Take care of my cousin for me. Oh and by the way, your secret’s safe with me” he said.

I nodded my understanding and continued walking towards the castle, my thoughts jumbled all over the place.

I walked back into the castle and glanced around the hallways. I tried to remember which way I had come but I was completely confused.

Suddenly a felt a hand clamping over my mouth, muffling a scream that was spilling out on impulse.

“You didn’t think you could get away from me so easily, huh pet!”




We entered the throne room and settled on my throne as I waited silently for everyone to settle down. I had come prepared for this. And I was ready for everything they would throw at me.

As soon as everyone had settled down, Dean, the old council leader stood up and stood in the middle of everyone.

“I’m sure you have all heard the reason why we called this meeting. Now let us not waste further time. Let’s quickly resolve this and pass judgement so we can head back to the festivities. ” he said then turned to me.

“Lord Kayden, tell us what happened”

I sighed, and began narrating.

“Emily was born some few days before I killed my father’s pet Cathrine. So I took her in as a maid in my mansion and watched her grow. I had no reason to kill her because she showed no traits whatsoever of being a half vampire. She began showing traits however when she was 18. It was minor, just the occasional mind reading and stuff, obviously something she inherited from my father. So I kept her, and then she somehow warmed up to my second in command. They fell in love, then he marked her, she turned full vampire during the mating. ” I explained the story that Terrisa had cooked up for us.

The Leader of the council nodded his head in understanding.

“Any questions from council and Lords before we pass judgement.” Dean asked.

I saw my uncle standing up to ask a question and boy was I not surprised.

“I don’t understand Lord Kayden. You know the Law forbids the survival of half vampires, they are abominable creatures, so why exactly did you go against this Law” he asked.

I clenched and unclenched my fists in annoyance.

“It was for two important reasons. One is pretty obvious, she is my last remaining blood relative. And the second one was to ascertain whether the tales we hear about half bloods is true.” I answered him, this time my answer was honest.

He looked surprised by my answer. Or was it my calm demeanor?

“Só tell me dear nephew, are the tales true?” He asked taunting me.

I looked at him calmly, trying to make my face look as blank as possible.

“I think it’s about the bloodline from which the half breed is born and raised. If they are given attention and not treated like outcasts I think they will be pretty harmless. I think the ones in the tales were violent and aggressive because society considered them an abomination” I explained as calmly as possible.

My uncle narrowed hi eyes at me in anger, then sat down quietly.

“Any further questions?” Dean asked and I was relieved to see that everyone hands remain down.

“Okay then let’s put this to a vote then, should she live or should we kill her?” Dean announced.


I walked out of the throne room my heart swelling with joy.

Emily was now officially a legal vampire. I couldn’t wait to tell her. And I couldn’t wait to tell Lia.

That was when I heard her in my head.

‘Kayden please help me!’

My heart froze. I tried to speak back to her but she no longer replied. I walked into the ballroom, my eyes searching frantically for any sign of her. I was quick to spot Remy standing in one secluded area. I ran through the crowds, heading towards the man.

“Remy where is Lia?” I asked the minute I reached him.

She is in garden, my Lord” he responded. +

I walked towards the garden, more like ran. Just as I was about to open the door which led to the garden it opened, revealing an obviously intoxicated Darrien. My eyes saw red.

“I swear to God if you so as much as touched a strand of…”

“Let go off me you idiot. Kevin dragged her off somewhere,” Darrien cut me off immediately, removing my hands from their grip on his clothes.

“Where did he take her?” I said through clenched teeth.

“Follow me, I can still catch her scent.”

I frowned at him. It’s either I was dreaming or hallucinating. In as much as I wanted to ask him what the fuck was going on, but I was too desperate so I followed him like the love sick puppy I was.

I cursed that damn portion that I had given her. It was supposed to mask her scent from other vampire, except those who had been in recent contact with her. And from the way he could smell her scent, it was clear they had been together. The question that gnawing at the back of my mind now ‘what the hell were they doing together?’

I pushed the question out of my head completely as I continued following Darrien down the extremely long hallway.

He stopped in front of a certain door and I froze as I heard Talia’s heartbeat beating rapidly behind the door.

I didn’t hesitate kicking the door, and it flew off it’s hinges.

What I saw made my body boil. Kevin had Lia against the wall, one hand had her hands held together above her head. The other was near her now exposed chest, obviously Kevin had been molesting her.

I ran towards him with a growl and pried him off her, and she slumped to the floor. I held him by the neck as I punched him severally in the face. I had never been one to resort to violence, but this time I had no other choice. He had to learn. Lia was mine, he could not just touch her as he pleased, she was my queen. MINE!

I was surprised to see Kevin wasn’t fighting back. I had expected more from him. He wasn’t one that gave up easily.

I stopped punching him and looked at him, lying on the floor, clutching his chest his face contoured in pain.

He looked up at me, and smiled.

“Dear brother” he began then paused, coughing dramatically, “I had wanted to be the one to bring you down, but I guess my pet has already done it for me. Let’s see how you will deal with this situation you have brought upon yourself” he said before standing up and vampire s pi ed out of the room.

I ignored his words and turned to Lia and tears almost spilled out of my eyes as I saw her, huddled up in Darrien arms, sobbing into his chest.

Once again my mind wandered to what had happened between them while I was in the damned meeting.

“Lia” I rasped and she looked up from Darrien’s chest were her head had been buried.

She got up from him and ran into my arms and I hugged her tightly. She sobbed against me as I soothed her. I pushed her away and looked at her.

“Are you okay?” I asked and she nodded her head, yes.

I looked towards Darrien who was oddly still standing there.

“I know we have never gotten along much, but thank you for what you did. I do not know your reasons for what you did, but either way I thank you. ” I said to him and he nodded before staggering a little obviously due to his drunken state.

Mm maybe that was the reason he was helping me?

“Allow me to take her to your room while you go and call it a night to the council and the stuck up idiots” he slurred and I almost chuckled at the fact he had also called his father an idiot.

I frowned at the idea of living Lia in the hands of my drunken and assumed enemy.

Lia nodded her head, signalling she’ll be fine with him.

I let her go and I swear I almost growled in jealousy when Darrien picked her up bridal style, her head resting easily on his chest.

Now I was seriously curious about what the hell had happened while I was in the meeting with the Council.

I pushed it to back of my mind for the third time that night and walked back towards the ballroom. +

As I settled down in my seat I noticed Emily shooting me a concerned look. I looked away from her quickly, I did not wish to worry or trouble her.

I stayed for about 15 minutes before I excused myself for the night, using the excuse that I was hungry and had a pet to feed from, earning disgusting grins of approval from my fellow Lords and Council members.

I literally ran towards my old room in the Palace. The same room that I had grown up in. The same room where Catherine had sung lullabies to me.

I opened the door and found Lia sitter on the bed and I was glad she wasn’t crying anymore.

“Baby, are you okay?” I asked walking into the room and kneeling between her feet.

She looked at me, there was something in her eyes, something I couldn’t comprehend.

“Lia….” I began but I was cut short.

“Take me home Kayden. Take me home and remove the feel of his hands crawling all over me” she whispered.

I wanted to reply her, but the words quickly got stuck in my throat.

Deciding now wasn’t the time for words, I lifted her up bridal style. I vampire sped out of a palace through the back door and ran through the jungle, taking a shortcut to my mansion.

I would have taken the car, but that would sell me out since everyone was sure I was spending the night in the palace,as expected.

I sighed in relief as I saw the mansion coming into view in a distance.

I burst into the house and did not waste anytime. I ran straight to my room, kicking it close with my foot.

I laid Talia down on the bed, and crawled towards her slowly.

I ripped off what was remaining of her dress and threw it across the room living her in the black lace bra and panty set that clung to her body mercilessly.

******mature content below.***********

I leaned down and kissed her, ravishing her with my mouth as I earned a guttural groan from her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her half naked body.

I continued kissing her as she pushed the jacket of my suit from my body. I aided her in doing so.

I pulled away from her, removing all my clothes in a haste, leaving me in just my boxers.

I leaned back down and began kissing her neck. I bit down on one spot on her neck making her arc her back and offering me more of her body.

I pushed her back down, and continued my assault. I trailed my kisses down her collar bone. I reached her breast and groped them through her lacey bra. My impatience rising, I tore the damn thing of and threw it somewhere on the floor.

I was growing impatient. I needed to be inside her, it felt like a darker force was controlling me.

I pulled away and looked at her, her eyes drooping with lust.

“I can’t handle it anymore, please” she whispered.

“On your knees” I said and she did so almost immediately.

I pulled down her underwear, and chucked them somewhere across the room where all our other clothes lay.

I ran my fingers up her exposed slit, and grinned as I realised she was wet.

“Spread your knees wider” I said again as my hand ran over and squeezed one globe of her soft ass.

I directed my dick towards her wet slit. And I pushed in with a grunt.

She felt absolutely amazing. I began to thrust, giving her little time to adjust to me.

“Fuck!” I growled as I saw my dick moving swiftly in and out of her.

Her cries of pleasure where like music to my ears.

I began to thrust faster, pushing myself to go deeper inside her.

Then suddenly, out of no where, Lia came contracted around me and came. I slowed down my thrusts, allowing her to calm down from her intense and unexpected orgasm. As she became to calm down, flipped her over, with my cocktail still buried deep inside her.

I laid on top of her, not moving, as I looked down at her flushed face.

Then I began moving home again.

No one will touch you again Lia, no one will harm you.” I said, increasing the pace of my thrusts, earning a scream from her. +

“I will make you mine,” I grunted, feeling my balls tightening.

“Everyone will know you’re mine” I growled as I continued ramming myself and her.

“Fucking mine!” I growled.

********end of mature scene*********

I felt like I was in heaven. And out of no where, leaned down and licked her neck, I licked my spot. Then I bit down into her neck. It was an amazing feeling as I felt her begin to orgasm again.

I drank from her slightly, then retracted my fangs from her skin.

I pulled away and looked at her as she orgasmed and my mark began to imprint on her skin.

I had marked her, I had made her mine.

And then that’s when I heard it, a faint heartbeat. So faint that I almost missed it. At first I thought it was Lia’s but then that couldn’t be. Lia’s heartbeat was absolutely going haywire.

And then it dawned on me.


My Master. Episode 25
My Master. Episode 21 and 22

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