August 1, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 15

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Episode 15


“How are you dear?” He asked still dancing with me.

Well, since he didn’t recognize me probably because of how I dressed so beautifully , I decided to play along.

“Fine boy” I replied and kept dancing with me.

“He chuckled. Common! I’m not even a chap. You looked beautiful” He said.

“You looked ugly ” I replied smiling at him as he kept dancing foolish.

“I usually don’t roll with girls but you are one of a kind. It’s being over five years I dance with a lady, I just can’t resist myself when I saw you” He said

“Nice story , you must be a good story teller ” I kept insulting him stylishly but he is not getting it, instead , he is just seeing it as a joke.

We kept dancing.

“Let’s go and sit and discuss better ” He said and I nodded.

He wakes me to a sit and we both sat before each other.

“I do not know why I suddenly develop this feeling towards you , you are so adorable” He said and I chuckled.

I wasn’t blushing at all, instead , i felt like knocking his big head.

He ordered for food and we began to eat.
“Can I have your digit?” He asked and I looked into the air thinking swiftly of what digit I could give him.

It suddenly dawn upon me that I could just give him the digit of my sister so we can have fun with his foolishness a little

I did as I had thought and after a while , he stood

“I’ll give you a call ,it’s my pleasure meeting you” He said and shook me.

I wasn’t even saying a word. I just shook him and he walked away

Well,he’s a gentle man really. He never asked to make love with me unlike other men in the club but what happened to his eye.

I went to where my sister sat and I began to gist her about my blind boss.

She made me understand that he didn’t recognize me cause of how beautiful I’m dressed. She told me he use to see me as a girl without fashion. Clumsy and ugly.

“Play along girl” My sister said after we are done eating the first round of food.

We stood after a while and went home.


At office.

I dressed in my grandfather’s trouser and my mother’s shirt this time. Even though , I still had little change with me to change my wardrobe but I had to play along like my sister said.

I need to keep acting like the ugly girl he sees at the office and not like the beautiful girl at the club.

On getting to the office , he saw me and shot me a disgusting look.

“Here she comes again. Dressing like a chimpanzee” He said and walked towards the door.

“Meet me downstairs ,I’m having meeting with my employers ” He said and walked out.

I smiled at myself and just as I was about to walk downstairs to attend the meeting , my phone rang.

I had put my sister’s sim card in my phone and she had told me that she wasn’t expecting any call and that I can keep playing my pranks on the boss with that line.

I picked the phone.

“Hello baby ”


“Common! Don’t be cold ” With that , I recognize at once that the boss had called the beautiful lady he saw at the bar.

Thought he wanted to have a meeting with his employees, how in the world did he have a time to call.

“You know ,I’m just about having meeting with my employees but I can’t just get my heart off you. Wanna tell you that I miss you so much ,call you later” He said hung and I just shook my head.

This is going to be interesting.

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