August 3, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 10

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One night stand ????
Episode Ten✨
Wendy:I told you that this pretending stuff is get out of hand..i told you that you will start liking each other.
Jenny:No, i can’t amd don’t like Justin..that was not part of the plan.
Wendy:And why can’t you like Justin?.. Don’t tell me you are still in love with Stephen.
Jenny: Yes,am still in love with Stephen, that’s why i did this revenge plan.
Wendy:I thought it was only to make him jealous.
Jenny:And make him change so that we can get back together.
Wendy: Jenny.. Stephen will cheat on you again.
Jenny:he won’t.
At Justin’s house, Justin is on the couch still remembering yhe kiss and smiling to himself , Tamara comes in and notices him.
Tamara: Weirdo,what are you doing?
Justin:I and Jenny kissed.
Tamara:Woah, like on the lips?
Justin:But it was the only to prove to Stephen that we are really dating.
Tamara:But you liked the kiss?
Justin: Yes????.
Tamara: You know what I think
.i think you like Jenny.
Justin:No,i can’t.
Justin:She really loves Stephen and i don’t want to get heartbroken.
Tamara: okay…
A week later at school, Justin and Jenny are talking in the hallway.
Jenny:I haven’t seen Stephen since the kiss.
Justin:Yeah,me too.. maybe he’s crying in his room (they laugh)
???: Jenny (Jenny turns around)
Jenny: Stephen, what do you want?
Stephen: please, can we talk ..alone?
Justin: Jenny,are u okay with that?
Jenny: Yeah (Stephen and Jenny go to the garden and sit on a bench)
Stephen:Jen, remember the first time we met?
Jenny:Yeah,i bumped into you and poured orange juice on your favorite jacket.
Stephen:Yeah(they laugh)We never got along before but gradually we did..then we fell in love… I was so stupid not to realize your love for me and I don’t think i will get you back.(sees a bracelet on Jenny hand) You still have the bracelet?
Jenny:yeah,i like it.
Stephen: Jenny,i love you..i still do.
Jenny: Stephen,i..
Stephen:i know you and Justin are together,i know am too late.
. what will be Jenny’s reply.

O.N.S. Episode 11 and 12
O.N.S. Episode 9

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