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O.N.S. Episode 11 and 12

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One night stand ????
Episode eleven✨
Jenny: Okay, let’s do this..if i see that you have changed completely,i will give you a chance.
Stephen: Really?????
Stephen: Thanks (he tries to hug her but she resists)
Jenny:I gotta go.. bye (walks away).
Jenny’s p.o.v:Why do i feel so empty when I was with Stephen,i didn’t get those Sparks when i was with him.
The next day,at school, Jenny was at her locker when Justin approaches her.
Justin:Hey ????
Justin: You are happy today.
Jenny:Yeah, Stephen and i talked things out and he is willing to change.
Justin: Really? And how are you so sure
Jenny:He looked sincere
Justin: Whatever ???? (walks away)
Jenny: what’s wrong with him?.
30 mins later,
Wendy:You feel this way because you don’t love Stephen again.
Jenny: That’s not true..i do love her.
Wendy: Whatever.
At Justin’s house.Pattie(Justin mom sits beside a sad Justin)
Pattie: Hunnie, what’s wrong?
Justin:i just got angry at Jenny
Justin i have no idea..it just irritated me that she wants back together with Stephen.
Pattie:But what was the plan? So why are you angry?
Justin:i don’t even know
Pattie: Justin,i think you are in love with Jenny.
Justin:Am not..i admit that the times that i spent with Jenny was amazing, she’s an amazing person but i can’t fall in love with her ,i don’t want to get heartbroken.
From that moment on, Jenny spent all her time with Stephen,she totally forgot about Justin.
A week later, Jenny was at the school garden when Justin approaches her.
Jenny:hey,how are you?
Justin:Am good,um..i was wondering if you could come to my basketball game today.. it’s after school.
Jenny:I will be there ????
Justin: okay,see you…
After school, Justin’s basketball game started and Jenny was no where to be found, Justin was waiting but she never came,he was so sad and angry.After the game, Justin was about leaving.. Jenny arrived.
Jenny: Justin,am sooo sorry..i and Stephen were together and we lost track of time.

One night stand ????
Episode twelve ✨
Jenny:Am so sorry, Stephen took me out and we lost track of time
Justin:So are you two back together?
Jenny:No..not yet.
Justin:Not yet?..why?
Jenny:He’s still proving himself to me but i think he has changed ????
Justin:And how are you so sure?
Jenny:Excuse me
Justin:i mean he cheated on you several times,how are you sure he won’t do it again
Jenny:he won’t,i trust him
Justin:You trusted him before and he broke it
Jenny:What are you trying to say
Justin:Am saying Stephen will still cheat on you because he only wants Sex from you and once he gets it,he will dump you like a..(gets slapped hard by Jenny)
Jenny:How dare you say that?..i thought we were friends.. don’t talk to me again (Jenny walks away, Justin angrily punches the wall). Later that day,at Justin’s house, Tamara and Justin were talking.
Justin:She is getting Stephen back,that was the plan but why am i not happy..why do i feel this hurt?????
Tamara: Because you love Jenny.. Justin, you are in love with Jenny.
Justin:But i don’t want to be in love with her..i will just apologise and leave her life for good.
Tamara: Whatever step you take,am with you all the way.
2 days later, at school, Justin goes to meet Jenny,but he sees Jenny and Stephen kissing, jenny pulls away
Justin:I will just leave (walks away)
Jenny: Justin, wait (goes after him)
Justin leans on the wall and sighs in frustration, Jenny approaches him.
Jenny:Are u okay?
Justin:yes,i came to apologise for what i said to you.
Jenny: it’s okay and am sorry about the slap.
Justin:no problem..so you two seem okay
Jenny:yeah, thanks for making it happen
Justin:no problem
Jenny:We haven’t talked about your family get together party?
Justin:i forgot..are you still on?
Jenny:of course.
Justin: okay,i gotta go..bye(walks away)
After school, Stephen and Jenny were going home.
Stephen:Come to think of it, Justin hasn’t been bothered abt two of us spending time together.
…Will Jenny tell Stephen the truth

O.N.S. Episode 13 and 14
O.N.S. Episode 10

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