July 29, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 15 and 16

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One night stand ????
Episode Fifteen ✨
Justin: Stephen asked her to be his girlfriend and she agreed… Tamara:Oh, am sorry,bro.. Justin: it’s okay,i shouldn’t have fallen in love with her,now i have to carry my cross.. Tamara: Promise you that everything will be fine… Meanwhile, Stephen brought Jenny home and they were standing outside… Stephen: I would have come inside but your family doesn’t like me yet.. Jenny:No problem,we will settle that later… Stephen:i love you.. Jenny: Love you too(they kiss)
Late at night, Justin was staring at a picture of him and Jenny… Justin: Jenny,it wasn’t really hard for me to fall for you because you are an amazing person,i just hope Stephen gives the happiness you truly deserve.
2 weeks later, At school
Stephen:Hey,babe.. Jenny:Hey,how re you?.. Stephen:Good.. Jenny:So i waa thinking why don’t you come over to my house for dinner so that you can settle this with my family.. Stephen:um… Jenny:You don’t want to come?.. Stephen:I want to, it’s just that i don’t want your brother to beat me up.. Jenny:He won’t ????.. Stephen:Okay, I will come… Meanwhile, Justin was talking to his Ryan…Ryan: That should be you kissing and cuddling Jenny.. Justin: She’s in love with Stephen.. Ryan:No doubt, Stephen will cheat on her.. Justin: He really loves her.. Stephen: Haven’t you seen Stephen during basketball practice, he flirts with every girl he sees.. Ryan:it hurts, doesn’t it?.. Justin:i try not to think about it…At night, Jenny and her family are seated for dinner..Liam: Dude, what’s the announcement you want to make?.. Jenny:well, you all have noticed for the past weeks i have been so happy,i just wanted to let you know that I have a boyfriend.. Joan: Really?.is it who i think it is.. Jenny goes outside and comes back with Stephen,the whole family is shocked..Liam: What’s this bastard doing here?..(Liam tries to punch Stephen but Jenny stops him).. Jenny: Liam, stop, Stephen has changed.

One night stand ????
Episode sixteen ✨
Jenny: Liam..stop he has changed..Liam:And you believe him, come on , Jenny,he cheated on you several times..Joan:Liam, let’s give him a chance..liam:What?Mom,u agree to this.. Patrick: Let’s give him a chance.. Liam:Am outta here(walks away)..After dinner, Stephen left Jenny’s house , Jenny goes over to Liam’s room,she sees him laying on his bed facing the ceiling.. Jenny;Liam,i…. Liam: Leave,i don’t want to talk to you… Jenny:Let me explain..Liam:(faces her) Explain what? Explain how you let that idiot fool you again.. Jenny:He has changed..Liam:And you so stupid?. can’t you see he is pretending.. Jenny:He’s not.. Liam:And what about Justin?. Jenny:I don’t understand .. Liam: Justin loves you.. Jenny:He doesn’t.. Liam: How are u so sure?.. Jenny: Because he helped me get Stephen back..i love Stephen and I don’t care if you don’t like him,i love him and that’s all(walks away).. 2 weeks later, Stephen abd Jenny started dating fully, Stephen would come to her house but Liam still hated him.At school, Stephen and Jenny were in the hallway.. Stephen: Babe,bad news.. Jenny: What is it?.. Stephen:Am going on a two weeks trip with my dad.. Jenny:Aww.. really?.. Stephen:Yeah,i will miss you.. Jenny:Miss you too.. let’s spend our quality time till you leave..3 days later, Stephen went on the trip leaving Jenny.Jenny decides to hang out with Justin.. Justin: Jenny ..why are u here?.. Jenny:am i not allowed here?.. Justin:No,u are, it’s just that you are always with Stephen.. Jenny:He’s on a trip for 2 weeks.. Justin:no wonder.. Jenny:you wanna hang out?.. Justin:Um..i have plans.. Jenny:plans?..with who?..???:me.. Jenny:um..who are you?..???:Am hailey, Justin’s friend.. Justin: Jenny,i can’t hang out with you cause i and Hailey have plans.

O.N.S. Episode 17 and 18
O.N.S. Episode 13 and 14

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