July 26, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 19 and 20

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One Night Stand. Episode 21 and 22
O.N.S. Episode 17 and 18

One night stand ????
Episode nineteen ✨
Justin: How did you know?.. Liam: cause am a guy,am older you two.. Justin: She’s in love with Stephen.. Liam: She’s not in love with that bastard,my sister os just confused.. Justin:i don’t want any awkwardness between us.. Liam:So you prefer loving her from a distance?.. Justin: Anything that makes her happy is fine by me.. Liam: okay,if you need my help with anything,am here.. Justin: Thanks..2days later, Tamara:You and Jenny have been spending time together.. Justin: yeah,as friends.. Tamara: but for you, it’s different.. Justin:(smiles) Yeah i know.. Tamara: Stop smiling like an idiot.. Justin:At least,i don’t snore when I sleep.. Tamara: Take that back.. Justin: Nope.. They start chasing each other in the living room, Pattie arrives to see them.. Pattie:You two stop it.. Justin:mom, tell tammy to stop chasing me.. Tamara:He said I snore when I sleep.. Pattie:I said stop it.. Justin mistakenly hits a table an the picture of his late dad falls and shatters, everywhere becomes silent.. Pattie:What have you done?.. Justin:Mom,am sorry I will get it fixed.. Tamara: Yeah, we are sorry,mom.. Pattie: Enough!i told you two to stop running, this was my favorite picture of your dad.. Justin:I will get it fixed.. Pattie: That’s what you always say but the picture will never be the same, the same way you ruined our family 3 years ago.. Tamara:mom, what are you saying? Pattie:if you didn’t push your dad to buy cake for you,he would still be alive.. Justin:mom,i already said that am.. Pattie: sorry? sorry won’t fix anything (pushes Justin)it won’t fix this picture or bring your dad back.. Justin:mom,pls don’t say this to me ????.. Pattie: Leave!i don’t want to see your face cause anytime i do,it reminds me of everything.. LEAVE!!.. Justin leaves the house.. Tamara: Mom, why did you do that?.. Pattie:i need to be alone (walks away)..Late at night, Jenny’s house, Jenny is about to head to bed when her phone rings..

One night stand????
Episode Twenty ✨
Jenny: Hey,tammy.. Tamara:hey..is Justin at your place?.. Jenny:No,why?.. Tamara:My mom asked him to leave the house this morning and he isn’t back.. Jenny:Huh?..why.. Tamara:i will tell you about it later but I am coming over to your house to help me look for him.. Jenny: okay..30 mins later, Tamara arrives in her car, Jenny runs out and enters the car… Tamara: Thanks for helping me look for him.. Jenny:no problem.. Tamara: I have checked everywhere for him,i have called all his friends,no one knows where he is.. Jenny: Have you checked club cabana.. Tamara:That club downtown?.. Jenny:Yeah, that’s where we first met.. let’s go..on the way there, Tamara narrated the whole event to jenny, they got to the club and saw Justin sleeping,he is already drunk.. Jenny: Justin, wake up, let’s go.. Justin: What do you want from a useless son?.. Tamara:Bro, stop it..you are not useless.. Jenny: Let’s take him inside..They carry him to the car and he sleeps off… Tamara: Jenny,can Justin stay at your place?.. Jenny:Yeah,sure.. 10 mins later, Jenny drags Justin to her room,she puts him on the bed and starts to unbutton his shirt.. Justin:You trying to rape me?.. Jenny: Shut up,i want to wash your clothes.. Justin pulls her closer,they stare at each other for a while.. Justin:You are very beautiful.. Jenny: Justin,you are drunk,go to sleep.. Justin:I..i.. love you,i love you Jenny.. Jenny:You are talking nonsense..go to sleep.. Justin dozes off.. The next day, Justin wakes up to see Jenny staring at him.. Justin: What happened, how did I get here? Jenny: you were drunk last night so i brought you here.. Justin:I have to go home.. Jenny: Tamara told me everything.. Justin:I don’t want to talk about it… Jenny:You can tell me anything.. Justin:you won’t understand.. Jenny: What makes you think that?.. Jenny goes to her drawer and brings out a picture,then shows it to Justin.. Justin:who is this?..

One Night Stand. Episode 21 and 22
O.N.S. Episode 17 and 18

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