June 17, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 7 and 8

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O.N.S. Episode 9
O.N.S. Episode 6

One night stand ????
Episode seven
Late at night, Justin was about going home when Joan asked him to stay for dinner.
Joan: Justin,stay for dinner,will u?
Justin:Who am i to say no?????
They all settle down to eat.
Liam:Dude, what was that noise from your room?
Jenny:it..it was nothing.
Justin:She was dancing and trust me it was soo funny.
Jenny:Shut up, Justin (hits him with a spoon)
Liam: I would love to see that ????
Justin:i got it on video.
Jenny:You recorded me. ????
Joan:Let me see.????
All through dinner,they made fun of Jenny.Later,it was time for Justin to go home.
Jenny: Thanks for embarrassing me in front of my family ????
Justin:(chuckles) I couldn’t help it????
A text came into Jenny’s phone,she looks at it and becomes sad., Justin notices.
Justin: It’s him, right?
Justin: Stephen, your ex
Jenny: Justin,i don’t want to talk about it.
Justin: I Know but if you want to have your revenge plan..i can help you.
Jenny: Okay, when i need it i will tell you bit for now go home.. it’s late.
The next day,At school, Jenny was heading to the school’s canteen when someone grabs her.
Jenny: Stephen,what is your fucking problem?
Stephen:I just wanted to see how you are doing.. You miss me?
Jenny:No,i don’t????
Stephen:(laughs)We both know that’s a lie..You miss the way i used to touch you,kiss you(he tries to touch her,she moves away)
Jenny: Don’t touch me????
Stephen:No one will love you like i did because no one wants a girl who can’t give her body to her boyfriend.
Jenny:I told you that i am not ready…now leave me alone
Stephen:You will come back ..you always do(walks away)
Meanwhile, Justin was with his friends when Jenny interrupted them
Jenny:we need to talk
Justin:Say the magic word
Jenny: which is?
Justin:”Please”.. it’s simple..just.(Jenny drags him by the ear to a quiet place)You almost cut my ear off..What do you want?
Jenny:I want you to be my boyfriend.

One night stand ????
Episode Eight ✨
Justin:Your what?????
Jenny:My boyfriend..my pretend boyfriend actually
Jenny:I want to make Stephen Soo jealous ????
Justin: Okay
Jenny:You said you are help me on my revenge..so are you in?
Justin:On one condition
Jenny: Which is?
Justin:No.. actually it’s two… Number one,You have to apologise for dragging my ear like that.
Jenny:Okay,fine..am sorry ????????
Justin:Number two,..my family always have this yearly get to together party
Jenny:So how does it concern me?????
Justin:I want to be my date ????
Justin:You in or not?
Justin:Nice..time for revenge (they smile at each other)
A week later, Justin and Jenny started pretending and the news was everywhere.. students were talking about it. Jenny and Justin were at the school’s canteen talking.
Wendy: Jenny, am telling you..this pretend might get out of hand.
Wendy:You two might end up liking each other..for real
Jenny:(laughs) That’s not possible ????
Wendy:Why isn’t it possible?
Jenny: Cause i and Justin have no connection..we are totally opposite people.
Wendy:More reasons why you two could fall for each other
Jenny:I don’t see that happening
30 mins later, Jenny is arranging her books for the next class when someone hugs her from the back.
Jenny:You imbecile,i told you to stay away from me.
Stephen:And if i don’t..(laughs) come on,stop all this and let’s get back together.
Jenny:Get out now
Justin:Babe, what’s going on here?
Jenny:(hugs Justin) Hunnie, this idiot won’t leave me alone.
Stephen:So the rumors are true..You two are..
Justin:Yes, Jenny’s my girlfriend and i don’t want you bugging her
Stephen:(laughs)Trust me, Justin..i have been chasing the same thing since but Jenny is not ready to share what the Lord blessed her with.
Justin:Shut your mouth????. If you come near her or disrespect her..i will remould your face.
Stephen: Whatever.. your loss????(walks away)

O.N.S. Episode 9
O.N.S. Episode 6

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