June 12, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 9

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One night stand ????
Episode nine✨
After Stephen left
Jenny:I think that got him
Justin:Yeah, I think so too
Jenny: Thanks for defending me..no guy has ever done that for me.. well, except my brother.
Justin:No problem ????
One month later, Jenny’s p.o.v: Making Stephen jealous is the most exciting thing ever, seeing him jealous is so good but i can’t deny the fact that I still love him so much ????. Justin is actually doing a good job acting as my boyfriend..any girl will be lucky to have him.
At school, Jenny is arranging her books for school when Stephen arrives.
Jenny:What do you want?
Stephen:I don’t see your boyfriend around.
Jenny: He’s coming and if I were you I would leave now.
Stephen: You know what?..i think you two are just pretending.
Jenny: why would you think that?
Stephen:Cause i have never seen you two kiss.
Jenny:We kiss all the time.(Justin arrives)
Justin: What’s going on here?
Stephen:i was just saying that I have never seen you two kiss.
Justin: You don’t need to see us kiss.
Stephen: That’s just proves that you are lying.
Jenny:We are not.
Stephen:Then kiss, because if you are really dating, you would..(Justin kisses Jenny on the lips)
Stephen is shocked as Jenny also kisses back,they keep on kissing ignoring Stephen’s presence,he walks away angry..Wendy comes and sees them still kissing,she clears her throat,they separate and become shy.
Wendy: Can’t believe you two didn’t notice my presence
Justin:Um.. Jenny..i am so sorry for kissing you without your permission,i..
Jenny: It’s okay..we needed to prove to Stephen.
Justin:Um.. okay
Jenny:Um..i and Wendy will be going to the library…bye(drags Wendy away)
At the library, Jenny leans on the wall and sighhs while Wendy is smiling at her.
Jenny:Why are you smiling?
Wendy:How was the kiss?
Jenny:the truth?
Wendy: yes.
Jenny:it was the best kiss i have ever had..it was amazing.

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