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The Poor Girl. Episode 25

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???????????????????? THE POOR GIRL ????????
???????????? (Journey to Success) ????????

Episode 25

Jubilation filled the house as Melody’s name was changed by both junior and some senior students, even Mr Adams too was surprised that for the first time in history that Amanda is being defeated in a competition and he wondered the family that Amanda came from to be this brilliant and intelligent. Amanda felt so jealous that he left the place immediately heading outside while his father went to congratulate melody the poor for such a success though she has defeated her daughter. Mr Patrick went and congratulate melody and encouraged her to study more hard so as to represent their school well in the competition.
Mrs Hannah too was overwhelmed with joy that melody is going to compete I’m the top best schools competition because she believes so much in melody as she walked and congratulate her hugging her to study more hard cause it’s only two days left for the main competition. Gladys was so crazy as she lift melody high up celebrating her success even Henry too was happy for his bae melody though she’s doing as if such a person called Henry doesn’t exist.
Other teachers that didn’t know melody use that opportunity to congratulate her and know her fully as they all asked her to study more hard for the big task ahead of her.
The day finally ended as melody returned to the house in Henry’s new car after so much pleading by Henry because she didn’t want to go with him in the car, she was avoiding him for that moment so that she won’t be thinking of him instead of thinking on how to win the competition that was before her. Melody is a determined girl who is willing to sacrifice her time to education so as to come out the best and changed her parents status.
Henry drop her and wave her goodbye after explaining the outcome of the new car that it’s because of her(melody) that his father bought him the car which they fixed a date to celebrate their success after the most important competition.
Amanda got home feeling so jealous and her hatred for melody increased the more from 100% to 120% ???????? which she couldn’t control it anymore.
She entered the sitting room man’s found her parents, she greeted them and walked inside her room in a hurry without looking back and her parents knew that she was really angry because she’s being defeated by another girl which has never happened. Mr Patrick smiled a little seeing her daughter behavior.

“Honey why are you smiling when you daughter is not in a goof mode ” Mrs Patrick asked looking at her husband

“That poor girl called melody is really brilliant and intelligent, I’m happy her and I pray she makes it in the coming competition ” he said still smiling which got Mrs Patrick marveled

“Oh my God I can see that woman has bewitched you that’s why you are behaving this way. Oh God please help my husband to get back his sense ” she said lifting up her both hands.

“What’s wrong with you woman, is obvious that you are just jealous of the girl just like your daughter ” Mr Patrick said and Amanda who heard him from inside her room hated her father too for siding melody instead of her. Mrs Patrick ran to her room saying some audible word as she returned with a bottle of olive oil and sprinkle it at her husband.

“Lord whatever the woman used to bewitched this my husband let it die ooo and let him returned to his normal senses ” she lamented sprinkling the oil on him as Mr Patrick stood up angrily and slapped her instantly.

” How dare you say that I’m out of my senses woman? That’s for saying that nonsense and to get back your real sense” Mr Patrick said and left the room angrily as Mrs Patrick held her cheek feeling the hotness of the slap.
It was Friday as normal known as weekend, none knew that Amanda was dressing up in her room as she emerged looking beautiful without anyone knowing where she wants to go.

“Mom where is dad?

“That man that just slapped me because I’ve discovered that Melody’s mother have bewitched him” she said shedding tears as the name melody kept increasing the hatred in Amanda’s heart.

“Mom it’s okay he’s your husband you shouldn’t have said that. Anyway I want to visit grandma in the village and spend the weekend with her ” Amanda announced which got her mom surprised because she hates her grandmother so much but now she wants to visit her what could possibly be the reason?

“My daughter what’s the reason of the sudden visit without letting us know earlier and we all know that you hate your grandma what’s happening?

“Forget about that mom I just missed the old woman and I want to assist her in some things in the house this weekend and talking about hating her, that’s past tense not now” she concluded and her mom didn’t say anything again as Amanda left and returned with her bag that has few of her clothes inside for the weekend.
She bid her mom farewell who promised to inform her father of her whereabouts when he’s back.
Melody’s name was the topic for the students of how brilliant she is. Her parents too congratulate her for the success because they heard it too. Time was really running so fast as melody was not even seen outside anymore, she was really prepared for the competition as she locked herself in her room from morning till evening preparing for the competition. Amanda arrived her grandmother place and the old woman was so shocked to see her though she welcomed her in but she was shocked that she said she wants to spend the weekend with her because she has never stayed a single day talkless of staying for the week.

The long awaited day finally arrived as melody dressed up in her well ironed uniform heading out of their compound to the school but not without her parent blessing her and wishing her success. Just then Henry’s car arrived and she hop in without asking question because she was a little bit confidential with Henry.

After the long drive, the car finally halted before Miles high school the most famous and we’ll known school as the best and expensive.
The building was awesome and students from different school were there too for the competition, melody stepped down followed by Henry as they both walked inside the big school hall that was filled with both teachers and students from different schools . It was not long the competition was announced to be started as competitors took their place in the podium, it was five top best school to compete and it was going to be war between the brilliant ones.
Soon Amanda arrived smiling mischievously as she entered the hall viewing melody from her seat.
The bell rang for the start of the competition.

The Poor Girl. Episode 26
The Poor Girl. Episode 23 and 24

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