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The Poor Girl. Episode 33 and the last Episode

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The Poor Girl. Episode 31 and 32

(Journey to success)
Episode 33 and The Last Episode????

Henry sat down on that hot afternoon hour thinking of the possible way to find Chester and propose to her because he has not made the move yet. Since they wrote their waec six years he has not heard from her but seeing how the situation is, he decided to settle with her. I still can’t believe that melody is death just like that. That was meoldy in the coffin, her face but the body structure didn’t look like that of melody that I know. Something is telling me that my melody is still alive. Henry said to himself climbing down his staircase that leads to his office.
Melody’s parent were seriously ill and they didn’t have much percentage of survival especially her mom. Though they have started to forget about Melody but seeing their condition reminded them of melody who promised them that it will be better soon.


People were crowded on the airport as they just landed from where they came from, some were about to travel to somewhere else.
The crowd was just too much to be counted as security was so tight to ensure people’s safety.
Amanda was seen with her luggages trying to sign some tickets so as to leave the country to another place. One who see her would not recognized that it’s her because she had something that covered her face. She knew vividly well that she’s wanted in the state because of her crime that’s why she wants to leave.

Just as she wanted to proceed a police officer ???? stopped her on the way. He stood and studied her movements and how she was behaving before sending call across requesting for back up team. Before they knew what happened the Corp surrended Amanda in a way she can’t even escape. She was so scared as she wondered how they knew it was her and how they were so fast to notice, she was weak and helpless as she stood there not knowing how to escape.

“Put your hands on your head! The chief officer commanded pointing his gun at Amanda likewise every other officers. They handcuffed her and just as the wanted to proceed to the station using their car something caught their attention.
They looked at the plane that just arrived and there comes a beautiful and adorable melody accompanied with five security men who guarded her like a queen. She was dressed in a pair of black suits with a glass on her eyes. Her heels ???? were making noise on the ground as she catwalked to take her already prepared car home.
The sight was just unbelievable to Amanda who stood there wondering whether he’s dreaming or is her ghost which got her confused because melody is dead and this is the six year she died and she was buried.
Some people who knew melody began running because that was the same clothe she wore in the coffin the day she was buried. It can’t be true, some police officers too were scared ready to take on their heels in case of any power exchange between the two of them.
Amanda eyes popped out of its socket as she kept staring at melody who arrived where she stood with her guards who followed her behind.
Some people began looking for sand to pour her so as to prove whether she’s a ghost. Her guards stepped forward to prevent them but melody signalled then to stepped out so as to tell them that she’s alive.

“Melody! Amanda yelled in shock and faint.

“Melody Armstrong is that you? Sir Edward the chief police officer nodded which she agrees to it.
Once again silence enveloped everywhere. Henry was on his way to the airport for a business seminar in China, he stepped out of his car with his briefcase heading to the queue but seeing the crowd of people who stood watching one person he wanted to stop and check what’s the problem but his mind kept telling him to move forward but he ignored his mind and went to the scene only to see the most shockest thing in his life. There stood melody well dress as he walked further to know whether he is not dreaming, seeing melody he was like seeing the resurrected Jesus.

“Melody! He shouted from where he stood and all attention drifted to where he stood wondering who he was but seeing that it’s Henry was cool.
Melody didn’t knew who called her because Henry has changed to the extent she can’t even recognized him anymore.
He walked further trying to touch melody but was stopped by her guards and melody did nothing still Amanda was unconscious.
“You were dead how come you are here? Henry asked looking surprised as melody recalled how it happened and the good Samaritan that sacrificed herself for her as fresh tears drop from her eyes.


Melody’s car speeding on the highway to arrive the airport on time so as to caught the plane to Europe for her scholarship study when a car overtake them a signalled then to stop. Her driver didn’t want to stop but she asked him to stop which he finally did, she was wondering the person that asked her to stop when suddenly another melody appeared before her. She had her face and everything about her was just the same, melody gasp wondering whether she had a twin sister around somewhere and her parents does not tell her.
The lady that stood before her entered the car and closed the door panting heavily.

“Melody someone is after you to kill you so as for you not to make it to Europe ” the girl who looked like melody said

“Who are you? Melody asked

“No time for questions, I’m just here to help you escape. You will know me soon” she said and melody was frightened

“Amanda wants you dead, I was in her team before not now anymore. Your pains and suffering really touched my heart and that’s why I’m here to help you survive this. Now go don’t ask too many question” she said.

“How did you get my face on? She asked

“No time to waste, remember they are still following you and if you delay they will find you and kill you ” she said and took off the fake face showing melody her real face. Behold it was Amanda best friend in school Praise who happens to help her and melody didn’t know why she did that for her, she hug her real tide and left the car. She entered the car praise came with while praise took her own car so as to confuse Amanda’s team.
They zoom off instantly, seeing melodys car Amanda overtake it and his men stepped down and shot the girl and the driver thinking that it’s melody because she had her face on not knowing that it’s praise they shot not melody as the real melody escaped. So that was praise they buried with Melody’s face onn not the real melody.


Everyone who heard the story she’d tears instantly including Henry who shed tears of joy that finally his love is back.

Amanda was taken to the police station to be retained while melody and Henry left with her escorts who followed her behind to their house for her to show herself to her parents.
On getting there, the same scene that took place in the airport happened as people too were shocked while others ran for their dear lives thinking that it’s a ghost but after the explanation melody gave to everyone on how she survived they believed that it’s her not her ghost. Oh what a great joy that filled people’s heart that instant as they all knew that “the poor girl ” is alive not dead.

The news got to everywhere that the poor girl is back with a changed story, melody’s house was filled that day with visitors from far and near to see the news they’ve heard whether it’s the truth.

#2 months later

Melody came back as the minister for education being appointed by the National president, it was really a great story as she build her parents a big mansion to live in after their years of suffering which has finally end.
Mr Mrs Armstrong were looking really good and fresh as they were being taken proper care of by melody, they had guards and their own car which they didn’t even dream of. Their story has finally changed through their own daughter melody.

???? HIGH COURT ????

The court was filled with people as it was the day to look into the case of Amanda as a murderer. After so many evidence and she was found guilty, she was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour but melody was so touched as she she’d tears for Amanda.
To be continued.

(Journey to Success)
Final Episode ????
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The day was so bright as usual, Henry placed a call through to melody requesting her presence which she promised him that she will be there when she’s done in the office.
Henry couldn’t wait to see melody so as to do what was in his mind.
It was later in the evening the melody arrived Henry’s house with her guard who followed her behind to ensure her safety as instructed by the government.

“We need to hang out dear “Henry said

“To where? She asked

“Just follow me first and stop asking questions ” he said and dragged melody by the hand and they zoom off using Henry’s car while her security used melodys car. The music that was playing inside car added to the romantic surprise that Henry had for her, on getting to where he wanted to go. He matched the break and they both alighted the car walking further and that was when she noticed that they were at the beach, melody was somehow wondering what could be the cause of her being there with Henry. People were there too but none care to look at them nor behave as if someone just arrived. Henry walked holding hands with melody walking further to the water side that was overflowing it’s bank.
Melody followed him like a goat that couldn’t talk nor say anything. Henry walked and stopped walking turning back to look deep into melodys eyes to see the love in them, he was ready to spend the rest of his life with melody. Before melody knew what was happening Henry has already got on his knees dipping his hand in his trouser pocket bringing out a shinning ring ???? thus making Melody gasp for air to breath.

“Please Melody Armstrong I’ve waited for this day to come and here it is. Will you marry me? Melody looked around to see all those that stood as if they knew nothing with different signs and symbols with the inscription that says “Henry loves you “. She looked back to the river and saw a well decorated boat with the same inscription “Henry loves you “. She also looked at the trees and saw the boldly written letters “Melody I love you ” melody couldn’t just control her happiness that finally she’s going to spend the rest of her life with someone she loves, but she later changed her face expression to am angry one.

“Please melody reply me, will you marry me? Henry asked still kneeling down and melody turned and back him so as not to look into his eyes.

” No Henry, I’m sorry I can’t marry you ” she replied and a sharp pain crossed Henry’s heart because he was not expecting anything like such from her because he knew that she loves him too. Everyone were disappointed too with Melody’s response.
“Melody why can’t you marry me? He asked feeling his heart beeping to explore Amy moment from now.
“I’m afraid Henry, you will dump me at last ” she said backing him.

“Who told you that? I’m ready to settle with you and you alone ” he said praying that she agrees to it.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you Henry, not to just marry you. I want to be with you till the end, and that’s where you made the mistake by asking me to just marry you ” Melody replied and Henry chuckled knowing what she’s referring to and finally set his knees on the ground again.

“Please melody will you spend the rest of your life with me? He asked with the ???? ring in his hand.

“Yes Henry I will. I will spend the rest of my life with you “she replied and Henry slipped the ring into her finger hugging her with she felt warm and people were all shouting and cheering the latest couple ???? in town.


The cool breeze that blew at that moment was a pleasant one as melody and Henry matched into the church auditorium according to the rhythmic music from the keyboard ????. Melody was dressed in a long white wedding gown while Henry was dressed in a pair of sky blue suit all of them being followed by their followers. They matched into the church and took their place settling down right before the church, smiles didn’t depart from melodys lips as she kept smiling every now and then.
The church was filled with people both inside and outside the church, top government officials, business men and lots of people both known and unknown who was there to witness the wedding of the poor girl and to congratulate for her success and victory.

The priest finally came with his Bible asking them to exchange the marital vows which they did to each other in turns.

“You may now kiss your bride ???? “the priest announced after everything, Henry gently unveil Melody’s face which melody was shy that he will kiss’s her in the public which some people noticed that and laughed at her. Henry placed a soft kiss on her lips which due to the feelings she reciprocated to the kiss forgetting that they were in church until the priest step forward and remind them before the quit and start signing the marriage register. They day was a memorial one to melody and her household even Henry too who didn’t believe that he has finally gotten married to melody whom he thought sometimes ago that she was dead.
Amanda stayed in the prison and heard about Melody’s wedding all she could do that moment was to shed tears, remembering how she made the poor girl suffer and finally she’s more better than her.
Time was against her as she thought about her ten years in prison and when she will be free for her to apologize to melody for all her wrong doings but ten years was not coming as she expected.

???????? HONEY MOON???? ????????

The house was so cold for the new wedded couple ???? as Henry sat on bed thinking of the possible way to start to make thing happened that night because he was a learner in the field likewise Melody too.
He was lost in thought when melody tapped her covering herself with the duvet after taking her bath ????.

“Honey what’s bothering you? She asked with the ring glittering

“Nothing baby I’m fine ” he replied

Melody too was expecting him to do something or say something but he didn’t, the room was becoming boring to her when she saw Henry holding his stomach shouting as someone who is suffering from food poison, melody rushed to him feeling scared to loose him so soon wondering what’s happening.

“What’s it honey ” she asked Henry who was still shouting holding his stomach

“My stomach is paining me ooo, I don’t know what’s wrong and the light is adding more salt to it ” he complained bitterly.

“You mean I should first off the lights? She asked and Henry nodded smiling that his plan is working out perfectly. Melody stood up and off the light, returning to bed she didn’t find Henry again. She became afraid instantly and shouting Henry’s name who was hiding under the bed, threatening him that she will on the light again if he doesn’t come out. Henry jumped out of his hiding place and pounce on her like an hungry lion who is ready to finish it’s prey.
He took off his singlets and help melody did same as he was on top kissing melody hotly like never before, she reciprocated to every touch Henry’s giving her thus making Henry to know that he is doing the work perfectly well enough. The tense was just too much for them, as Henry finally took off his clothes now on top of her naked, melody was already wet deep down getting ready for Henry to do what he suppose to do when suddenly she felt Henry’s dick inside of her as she let out a loud scream that echoed the house holding the bed sheets so tight as blood covered the bed sheet.
Henry was surprised that melody was still a virgin since childhood till then which was not easy to find such a lady but here’s is Melody right before him a virgin as he is the only one to defile Melody’s virginity.

Surely it was a great day and memorable day for the both ???? lover.

Melody’s dream finally came to pass and all her struggle in education landed her well, but for Amanda she will pay the price of wickedness.

The Poor Girl. Episode 31 and 32

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    Pls,notify me for more of this cos i really love this shocking story….Much love for the writer too,God continue to add to your morale and understanding in Jesus name…..

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