June 14, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 87

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Venessar High School.

Episode 87

Flashback continues.

Author Feather’s POV.

Five hours later!

The older doctor exhaled that his secrete is now kept from the world. If the woman kept insisting , Lucas might have probably taken a legal action which may jeopardize his career and send him into a long life jail.

He felt pathetic for the woman he told the nurses to kill. He wished he didn’t have to that but he had to in a bit to protect his integrity and the illegal business of selling children that he had being into for over twenty years.

He was soon done with work at the hospital and he went home in his exotic car.

On getting home , his one and only child ran towards him and jumped up to hug him. He carried the boy happily and kissed him on his forehead.

“How are you doing?” He asked the boy smiling.

“Fine dad. I miss you” the little boy said. He had said that because it’s being three days that he had seen his dad.

The old doctor spends most of his time at work and although he loves to spend most, if not all his time with his only boy , but his job would not permit him.

He had given birth to that bot at a very old age of his when he had believed he would never be able to give birth again.

He had tried all medical means to give birth but his wife and he were barren and they soon accept it as fate.

But in a twist of fate ; no one can explain precisely what really made the wife got pregnant all of a sudden only for the boy to be given birth to.

He dropped the boy from his shoulder and went to the kitchen to greet his wife while the little boy went to where the Piano is.

He began to play it so loud that it was disturbing the gentle conversation that the doctor was having with his wife.

He was forced to stand and went to meet the boy where he is.

“Common Sean, stop it. It’s disturbing us and…have you done your assignment?” He asked the little boy.

“No dad , I do not feel like. I feel like playing the keyboard” The little boy replied

“Common , go inside and do your assignment ” His father instructed him and he walked away sadly.


The doctor that bought the child ; Mr. Neil. He stepped down from his car and brought the little child he had bought together with him.

On getting inside ; his wife was stunned to see a new born baby in his hand.

“It’s our baby from today’s henceforth. Don’t bother to ask where I got the child from but believe me ; no one can come to claim her in the future. She is yours forever ” Neil told his wife.

“Mine! …forever…thanks baby. ” The wife appreciated Neil and didn’t bother to ask where the baby came from.

She accepted the child and adopt her as her daughter forever.

She was most especially glad that the baby was a female cause that is what she had always wanted.

The little girl whose name was Kimberly , began to grow up with her adopted parents believing fully that they were her parents.


After seven years.

The old doctor , the one that sells children and killed the wife of professor Lucas without him knowing had a business deal with Uncle Lucas who is now a professor , more powerful and more wealthier in the society.

The old doctor bears ; Doctor Patel.

The transaction between them went on and at some point , Doctor Patel decided to pull out of the business when he discovered that it’s getting illegal and that they would soon be caught.

Even though he himself had always being in illegal business , he believes his smartness will never make the cops or the government find out about his illegal actions plus he doesn’t leave any traces behind.

This made Professor Lucas angry. He threatened to hurt Doctor Neil but Neil wasn’t moved.

He then orchestrated a plan that worked which was to kidnap the only son that he had.

Professor Lucas abducted the child ; whose name was Sean and sent him to a far away country so the cops or anyone in search of him would never find him.

Doctor Neil did all he could to find his son but he couldn’t.

This left him heartbroken. He stops seeing every reason to be happy and soon , he developed stroke.

His only heir has left. All he has labored for over the years will soon be in vain as soon as he dies.

Everything suddenly becomes meaningless to him. He missed his dear son ; Sean.

And died when the stroke became a severe one.

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