July 26, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 84

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He and her V

Episode 84

Tucker’s POV

I was so glad on hearing what Camila said. That were the last words I was expecting her to say.

I walked towards where she stood with Grace and stood behind her. She noticed my presence and turned to me.

“My Love. I’m sorry for leaving you. I know you can’t do without me. I’m love you so much ” Camila said and kissed me.

She held my wrist and we both walked away leaving Grace and her child standing.

I was stunned. I can’t describe the degree of happiness that filled my heart. Camila walked me to my room and stared into my face.

I sincerely didn’t know what suddenly came upon her , she has always being that woman that always try to avoid trouble but now she seems to be facing the trouble and ready to fight it.

“I’m not weak anymore. I must get you back from Grace. ” She said and I watched her for a while before I nodded.

“Camilla, I can’t love any other woman expect you. My love for you is eternal ” I said with tears almost streaming down my face.

“It’s alright baby. ” She said and locked her lips with mine.

We both began to kiss each other and we suddenly heard a knock.

We pause then I tried to stand to open the door but she told me to sit instead. She stood and went to the door and opened it herself.

I stood and walked behind her to watch what’s about to happen. I had never planned on having two wives in my life, but how do I separate my past from my present.

The lady I use to love in the past still loves me but the Lady I now love is the one I wish to spend the rest of my life with.

“What are you doing with my husband alone in the room?” Grace voice came through.

“Excuse me? Your husband? The court never said he’s yours alone. He belongs to me also. Yeah, we are having fun inside ” Camilla replied.

“Whatever gave you the courage to challenge me will soon fade away. Camilla , no one dared me and live to tell the tell the story ” She threatened.

“Grace, no one dared to scare me and survives ” Camilla retorted.

“It’s obvious you now have some people behind you encouraging you to come and frustrate my daughter and I. Come to think of it. Tucker is suppose to be mine alone reason being that I have a daughter for him while you have none. I knew you guys must have made love a number of times so why didn’t it lead to pregnancy? ” Grace said in a mockery tone.

“I’m pregnant” Camila said and I furrowed my brow in utmost surprise. Why didn’t she tell me?

Graces’ face dropped and she looked away. She didn’t say any more word , she just left.

Camilla turned to face me and I nervously touched her belly. ” why did you hide this from me?”

“Just had to tell her that , I do not know if I’m pregnant or not ” She said and I nodded.

“Oh! How about you go for text?”

“Not yet , I will feel somehow when the baby start to develop. I will then go to the hospital to confirm ” She said and closed the door then went to sit on the bed.

“Camilla, I can’t wait for you to get pregnant for me?”

“We are doing this thing once a while ” She said and looked away.

I smirked and went to her , I pushed her to the bed gently , we kissed for while then we launched into a deep romance after which we made love.

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