July 25, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 88

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Venessar High School

Episode 88

Flashback Continues.

Sean , the son of Doctor Patel began to grow up under the close watch of professor Lucas. The man that Sean was living with at Germany found out that Sean loves to play keyboard.

The man himself is a lover of music and then he began to make friends with Sean. They both began to make a friend.

Sean had loathed the man so much cause he thought that the man had kidnapped him from his father. He had asked him several times for the man to take him to his father but the man use to reply that he will do that at the right time.

The man was a teacher for thirty years before he retired and created his own mini music school. He’s so skilled in music but not many people knows him.

He believed Sean might be that person that might make his own skill known to the world. Cause if Sean is asked how he came successful as an artiste , he would mention his name as the teacher.

He began to teach Sean music and Sean loves the man because of that. He trained Sean majority part of music. Most of all it entails to the best of his knowledge.

Taught him how best to play the keyboard and how well to sing. Sean began to grow in the vast knowledge of music.

The training went on for many months after which the man thought it will be good for Professor Lucas to know about the skill of Sean.

He wrote a detailed letter to professor Lucas telling him about the skill of Sean and how fit he thinks he will be for his band.

Professor Lucas was working on building the biggest music band in America and he kept auditioning trying to find the best.

He had already find Seth and Silas , Sebastian and Santiago and they were good.

Professor Lucas thought it will be great bringing Sean in not just because of his skill but because his name started with S

He ordered for Sean to be sent and he auditioned him and to his amazement , he received more positive commendations from the mangers of the audition than all other other ones he had chosen.

Professor Lucas had only one aim of creating the music school and that is to become wealthier in the society.

And the only way is for his band to keep winning the duet that takes place every 4 years.

He employed very talented music guru to begin to train the ‘5S’ band.

About three months later ; Doctor Neil the owner of the biggest hospital in the state and the father of Kimberly ; the stolen daughter of Professor Lucas.

Professor Lucas was trying to will more power in the state by connecting to almost all rich men in the state

During the process , he invited Doctor Neil over and offer a contract he wanted to make with him.

He was stunned at the illegal deal that Professor Lucas had offered to a reputable somebody like him so he answered professor Lucas by saying ;

“No. However ,I’ll be exposing your silly acts to the cops too”

Having answered professor Lucas , he walked out.

Professor Lucas laughed at his foolishness. He was a bit scared that the man may tell the cops for real so he hurriedly ordered his men to kill him but all the efforts were futile as the man was too smart for them.

Professor Lucas got frustrated and kidnapped the only daughter Doctor Neil has which was Kim.

Now we getting to the what originally made the Kim and Sean lost their memory.

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