July 22, 2021

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 29 and 30

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Caught Betwen Crossroads. Chapter 27 and 28

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 29
Dave’s POV cont
After thorough search all over the house I found her cooking in the kitchen.
‘Why are you cooking? Where is Dan?’
‘Relax Mr. I know how to cook. Dan went to the market,’
‘I came to apologize for my behaviour earlier,’
‘Its fine, I understand. I would have done the same if I were in your shoes,’ she said with that cute smile of hers.
‘You are beautiful,’
‘I guess the beauty I used to seduce you,’ she said and faced the food.
‘Do you have evidence?’
‘Yeah I witnessed,’
‘What!’ I said almost in a yell.
She wanted to talk when the phone call interrupted.
????Hello, Mr. Dave you are needed at the station.
????Is something wrong?
????Richard confessed.
????Okay am on my way.
I hanged up and we went together with her to the station.
As far as I wanted justice, am scared. The drive was silent as mind was not there. We got there after a while and were showed to the room he was surrounded with police men.
‘Mr Dave we have already arrested two men who were in the country, the remaining one is on his way and will be here any moment from now,’ he said and sighed.
I stole a glance at Shanel and she just stared at the police with an expressionless face.
After some hours waiting he walked in tied. Mr Scott, he stood and stared at his daughter. A tear dropped from her eye and she quickly wiped away. I felt pain in my heart, I just wanted it to be a dream.
‘They are the culprits,’ the policeman announced. After discussions we drove home. I got down and wanted to go upstairs when she spoke.
‘Please don’t file charges on my dad,’ she said.
‘It’s simple choose me or your dad,’ I said and walked to my room.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 30
Shanel’s POV
I stared at him as he went angry. How am I going to choose between them?
I went to my room and started packing to leave. I want to go away since I can’t choose anyone. I pulled my bags downstairs and Ken was seated there.
‘Where are you going?’
‘This is the address to your work place start work tomorrow. I have already talked to the people there. You tell the receptionist I have sent you,’ I said and left.
I was fighting back the tears and didn’t want to breakdown. It was late but I just had to go. I took a cab to my house, it has been long I was here.
Dave’s POV
I woke up really tired. I didn’t even sleep as I had weird feeling. I feel bad to tell her what I said. Apart of me wanted to forgive her dad but my other part couldn’t. I fought with the feelings until I decided to hear her out, it won’t cost me anything. After taking a shower I put on a more comfortable cloth before going to her room. After knocking for some minutes without a response, I twisted the knob only to realise it wasn’t locked. I got in and the room was empty.
‘She left me,’ I yelled and hit the wall.
I felt a little pain but not compared to what I was feeling within. I continued to shout until Ken came in.
‘You are hurting yourself,’ she yelled at me.
‘She left me,’ I fired back.
‘Go after her,’ she said.
‘But her dad killed my dad,’
‘Her dad, not her and your dad killed her mom, so its equal,’ she said and I could see sense in her words.
‘Where will I get her?’
‘I don’t know but you can track her phone,’
I quickly took my phone and tracked her number.
‘Thank you,’ I said running downstairs after getting her location.
I left the house and drove speedingly to the location I had. I knocked and she opened almost immediately. She looked pale and her eyes were red and swollen. She stared at me and without a word gave way for me.
‘Am sorry,’ I said after I stepped in.
‘Am the one to be sorry. My dad killed your dad and needs to pay. Since I can’t choose between you two, I will be living here,’
‘If you want I will call the station for his release,’
‘Don’t, that’s the justice you have always wanted,’
‘ I love you and can’t live without you,’
‘Will you forgive me?’
‘I did baby,’
‘Thank you,’ she said and hugged me.
‘I love you to,’ she whispered in my ear.
It has been two days since she came back to the house. We will be going to the station after a while.

We went to the station and her dad accepted to pay for his mistakes though he did it for revenge.

In life we go through a lot and sometimes the choices we have to aren’t pleasant. But follow your heart and do the right thing it will always pay.


Caught Betwen Crossroads. Chapter 27 and 28

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