July 26, 2021

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Caught Betwen Crossroads. Chapter 27 and 28

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By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 27
‘What do you mean?’ He asked.
‘After the explanation you gave I wanted to find the truth from him that was why I went and he confirmed my suspicions am that girl,’ I said and sighed. I hope am not making a mistake by doing this.
‘Where were you all this while?’
‘After my mom’s death in front of me I went to stay with my dad for a while,’
‘Am sorry,’
‘Am fine now,’ I said.
I had the urge to tell him the truth but I couldn’t make myself do it.
‘I doubt if your dad will approve me,’ he said.
‘He said your dad killed my mom,’
‘For heavens sake my dad isn’t a murder,’ he said.
He was really trying to be calm. If he can’t accept his dad being a murder what will come of me if he finds the truth.
‘I need to leave,’ I said in a serious tone.
‘Am sorry I didn’t mean to be mad at you?’
‘It’s fine I understand you. Can I leave?’
He unlocked the door and I went to my room. I had a slight headache but had to brush it off when I remembered I hadn’t checked in Ken. I walked to her room and from the door I could hear sobs. I opened the door without making any sounds and sat beside her.
‘Am sorry for what I did to you,’ she said in sobs.
‘Don’t worry it’s okay,’ I said patting her back.
‘Have you forgiven me?’
‘Yes, I did long ago,’
‘Thank you so much,’
‘Its nothing. Do you want to share to lessen the pain?’
She nodded positively.
‘Let me get you a glass of water first,’
I said and went for the water.
‘Promise me you won’t tell anyone,’ she said after I got back.

Flashback seven years ago.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 28
Ken’s POV
I wept in the hospital after my mom was announced dead. My heart was bleeding and I feel weak.
My mom was the only one supporting me and my dad never cared. Sometimes I wonder why I was born to such a man. All my life I have tried to impress him but it has never worked. After my mom’s burial he gave me to a certain man because of money and everything changed. I started working in a club and was sometimes assaulted. When I travelled back to this place he told me if I don’t get married to Dave he will disown me. I don’t know what he has done this time around but I know he is a monster.
Why do I have to be the victim?’ She said in tears.
‘Am sorry, but its not to late to start again,’
‘Are you sure, yet everyone hates me,’
‘I don’t; I can give you a job, that’s if you want,’
‘Thank you so much,’
‘I will take you there tomorrow morning,’
‘Just like that,’
‘Yeah, go and freshen up then I will bring your food,’ I said and left.
Ken’s POV
Even after everything I have done to her she forgave me and offered to help. I wish I had a sister like her, maybe my life will be different.
I feel happy right now, I will have a job.
Dave’s POV
I never wanted to be angry with her, I just got pissed of. My dad can never be a murder. He was my hero. What if its true? Why didn’t I recognise her? I have to listen to her, maybe he has evidence.
I walked to her room but she wasn’t there.
Where can she be?

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