July 31, 2021

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My Master. Episode 28

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I arrived at the Council mansion, and was escorted to my usual room. It was just as I remembered it, cold and lonely. Just like my life had been a few months ago. +

“Is there anything you need, Lord Kayden” a maid asked just as I had settled down onto the bed. I looked up and her and immediately I recognised her, and cursed myself for being such a man whore before now.

“Yes. I need you to knock from now onwards” I grunted and the look of pure shock on her face almost made me laugh.

“Of course, my Lord. I simply thought….” she trailed off.

“What we had is over, little maid. Now if you don’t mind, I would love to be left alone. The first session is beginning in a few hours, yes?”

“Yes. It begins at 8pm” she stated, trying to keep the disappointment from her voice.

“Then I would love a bathe and some rest before then. Are there fresh towels in the bathroom.?” I asked

“Yes. Rose scented, just like you like them” she replied.

“Thank you Lydia” I said then walked towards the bathroom while undoing my buttons.


“Wake up, we need to talk?” A voice boomed.

I groaned and prepared myself to scream at the person disturbing my dreams of Talia.

“This better be good Darrien” I groaned.

“It is. I finally found out how my father managed to get me nominated for that post” he said and that really caught my attention.

I sat up almost immediately and looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to tell me what he had found out.

“You ever heard of memory fixing?” He asked.

I froze. This did not sound good at all.

“Dark magic?” I asked. I could hardly even believe it.

This just made things a whole lot more complicated.


I walked into the council meeting room, knowing fully well that I was the center of the gossip. The weak Lord who had followed in his weak Father’s footsteps.

I knew that was all they were thinking. I did not need to read their minds to know that.

I did not wish to dwell much on their thoughts about me. I was more worried about what Darrien had told me. If it was true that Lord Vincent had used dark magic then that means Darrien and I wouldn’t be able to fight this on our own. We needed help. And I knew exactly where we would get it.

I sat down in my designated seat, right beside Lord Vincent.

“Ah dear nephew. And here I was thinking you’re actually better than my late brother. But I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.”

“It’s good to see you too, Uncle Vincent. I take it you have heard about my mate and my unborn baby girl” I said with a cheeky smile.

“Ahhh look at you. Even your sémen is weak, you’re going to have a girl as I first born” he said with a chuckle. ????????

“And you had a son, two actually, one who hates your guts and prefers to call my late dad his father, and one who is a weakling whom you have to use black magic to get him into power. You did well with your boys, dear uncle.” ????????

His nose flared in anger and I smiled cheekily at him.

I looked towards the centre of the room and saw Dean approaching.

“I’ll invite you to the baby welcome” I said just before Dean silenced everyone.

“Lords and members of the council, welcome to 250th council meeting in my reign. Sadly it’s also my last.” He announced and everyone clapped their hands respectively.

“For this meeting we have 3 orders of business. The first one being the election of the new Council leader which will be done tonight. The next order will be dealt with tomorrow night, as is customary, one matter per night.” He said, repeating those words I have heard over a million times over. +

“In front of you, gentlemen, is a tablet. If you switch on this tablet, you’ll see a list of all the nominated candidates, and just beside each name there is a small box. If you press that small box beside your preferred candidate, a tick will appear showing the candidate is your choice. If you wish to make a change you press the big ‘x’ on the right bottom of your screen. If you’re satisfied with your choice, you press the button written ‘submit’ so as to submit your vote. Voting will only be open for 5 minutes, which means you have 5 minutes to place your vote or it will be classified as void or null. Votes will be counted by a computer so as to minimise error and cheating. Those caught cheating will automatically be disqualified. Any questions?” Dean said.

The whole room shook their hands.

“Good, let the voting commence” Dean announced and immediately people leaned down towards their tablets.

I did not need time to decide, of course. My decision was already made. I just prayed I wouldn’t regret this decision.


“Gentlemen, the votes are in” Dean announced holding his tablet in his hands.

He lifted his head and looked towards thr candidates.

“It was I close one, but there was one winner” he said, then paused.

“The winner was Lord Markus, with almost half of the votes” People got up and cheered.

My heart dropped and I frowned. This was not what I was planning. I needed Darrien to get that position so he could help with my case.????

“Please settle down, I was not done.” Dean shouted over the voices who were cheering.

“If you listened carefully, when I announced the results, I clearly said the winner ‘was’ and not ‘is’. The computer recorded an irregularity. Someone tried hacking into out system and tried changing the votes of others in favour of Lord Markus. This is classified as cheating, and hence Lord Markus has been disqualified. Lord Darrien was the one who came second in the polls, and he automatically wins the election. ” Dean explained.

The room broke into cheers once more and I found myself actually feeling sorry for these people who were unknowingly being used as puppets in my uncle’s power game.

I looked towards Darrien who was surrounded by a large crown who were congratulating him. He sent me a discreet wink, and I let out a huge sigh of relief.

He was still with me.

“My dear nephew, you don’t look too happy” my uncle voice boomed behind me.

I rolled my eyes and fixed an angry and dissatisfied expression on my face.

“Am I supposed to be.” I snapped.

In all honesty I was not happy, I was over the moon. My uncle was falling into our trap.

“Well of course not. This has just sealed your fate. You days are numbered, dear nephew” he said with a bright satisfied smile.

I grinned in my head.

If only he knew!! ????????



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