June 17, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 16

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Episode 16


I stepped down from the office to where the meeting is being held.

“I welcome you all ladies and gentlemen to this meeting. ” He said and I placed my phone on silent.

I put a call a across to him and watched him as his phone rang. He picked it and smiled at the phone.

“Excuse me ” He said to us and went to receive the call. Just as he walked away , I hung up.

He tried calling my number not more times and when he notices that I’m not picking it anytime soon, he walked back to where we all sat.

“Sorry friends , I received a call from a very important person. Yeah, as I was saying…” His phone rang again and he stood up again to pick it.

To him , the beautiful girl must be calling to hear his voice , not knowing it’s his ugly secretary that is putting a call across to him.

And that reminds me , I must request of why he actually put the money inside the purse.

I stopped disturbing him with calls and he had the meeting with us for several minutes after which we all went to our various offices.

I had already resumed work in the office but he isn’t back yet , I presume he’s attending to some stuffs.

He walked inside after few minutes and went directly to his sit.

“Sir , you looked happier today” I said and he snubbed and started working.

“I’m talking to you sir ”

“Would you mind your business you ugly psycho. I wonder what man would even think it fair to date someone like date. Gosh! So disgusting ” He shot me a look like I was some shits.

“Is it a curse to be ugly?”

“Are you just knowing that? A big curse, very big one. Woman, concentrate on your business ” He said and we continued working without saying any more word to each other.

I was done with my first assignment so I chose to disturb him a little. I put a
call across to him and I watched him with the side of my eye as he checked his phone to see whom the caller was.

Smile formed on his lips and he muttered “my baby” He looked around and to me and I quickly pretended like I wasn’t starring at him.

He stood up even as his phone kept ringing and walked swiftly outside.

Oh…that’s awesome now. I should speak to him.

He picked the call and his voice came through.
“Hi baby ”

“Sorry , why calling me your baby?” I asked.

“Erm…I’m sorry. You know…I really wish someday that you will be one ” He said and I chuckled

“Is it because I had being putting a call across to you?”

“Oh , no. I appreciate it and I promise not to take it for granted ” He said.

.”Alright , I just called to say Hi”

“Oh! I’m grateful. Erm…please can we see ”

“Why? ”

“I just want the two of us to go on a date , Please don’t say No” He said.

“Well , where did you ant it to be then? ”

“Wow! Thanks.. How about we visit Donald Bugger restaurant or…”

“That’s cool, what time?” I asked.

“Erm…could we make it today , like after work , around 5PM”

“No,it’s late already”

“Erm…choose time then ”

“2: PM” I said and he went silent for a while.

“Well,I’m the boss here ” He laughed ” No qualms ,I’ll make it up , where should I come and pick you up from?”

“Let’s meet at the restaurant ” I said.

.”Great I can’t wait to see you. ” He said enthusiastically and I hung up the phone.

After a while , he walked inside and went to his sit.

“Hey ,young girl. ,I’m going somewhere by 2PM , make sure you deliver a perfect Job and don’t mess around ” He said.

” where are you going , sir?” I asked.

” Your father’s house ” He replied harshly.

“I’m following you sir , since it’s my father’s house ” I said and he shook his head.

.”Employing a psycho is a real problem ” He muttered to himself as he continued working.

Few minutes to 2. He stood and adjusted his long sleeve.

“See you tomorrow ” He said and walked away.

I smiled and shook my head. He’s leaving me at the office here not knowing that it’s the same ME that he’s going to meet

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