July 28, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 23 and 24

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O.N.S. Episode 25 and 26
One Night Stand. Episode 21 and 22

One night stand ????, Episode 23✨.. Wendy: Jenny!! Oh my goodness, what did you do to your self.. Jenny,wake up.. Wendy checks Jenny’s hand and sees a deep cut, She brings out her phone and calls Justin… Justin:Wendy,i wanted to call you.. Wendy: Come quick, Jenny is in danger, she’s unconscious.. Justin: What happened?!! Wendy:She cut herself, Justin,come quick.. Justin:Am coming..2 hours later, Jenny was rushed to the hospital and was attended to,her parents and brother already arrived..joan:what happened to her?Wendy:i don’t know but yesterday i called her and she was crying and saying something about Stephen cheating on her.. Justin:I guess she caught Stephen cheating again.. Liam:That bastard,i will kill him.. Liam rushes out ignoring the calls of his parents, Justin goes after him.. Meanwhile,at school, Stephen p.o.v:I messed up again,i cheated again,am so stupid, now Jenny won’t forgive me..i have lost Jenny forever..Liam rushes into the school,he sees Stephen,rushes towards him and smashes him into the wall, Liam punches Stephen repeatedly, Justin tries to stop him, Liam:You animal,you are the reason my sister is in the hospital.. Stephen:Am sorry,i..i love her.. Liam: love her?..you don’t love her..if anything happens to my sister,i will kill yoy.. Justin:Liam, let’s go.. Justin and Liam walk away..30 mins later, Jenny wakes up.. Wendy:Thank goodness,you are awake.. Jenny:What happened?.. Joan:We should be asking you?..why did you cut yourself?

One night stand ????, Episode 24✨.. Patrick:Tell us, Jenny ,why did you cut yourself?.. Jenny:I caught Stephen cheating again.. Wendy:You shouldn’t have cut yourself for that bastard..Liam and Justin walk in.. Jenny: Liam.. Liam: Jenny (they hug) Don’t cry, your big brother is here for you, don’t scare me like that again.. Jenny:I won’t,am sorry.. Wendy: Thanks to Justin,you were brought here on time.. Jenny: Thanks, Justin.. Justin:No problem.. Jenny: Could you all give Justin and I some privacy?.. Joan: okay (they leave the room for Justin and Jenny) Jenny:You can say it now.. Justin: Say what?.. Jenny:Say i told you so.. Justin:Am not gonna tell you that.. Jenny:I was such a fool to believe Stephen,i actually loved him soo much but he kept hurting me.. Justin: It’s okay, Jenny..you were just in love.. Justin hugs Jenny and they stay like that for some time.. Justin:Hey,i got you ice cream.. your favorite.. chocolate.. Jenny: Thanks.. Jenny licks her ice cream in silence..10 mins later, Justin: wanna hear a joke?.. Jenny:yeah.. Justin:What did the panda say to the photographer before taking his picture?.. Jenny:What?. Justin: Don’t make it black and white (they laugh).. Jenny: That’s the lamest thing I have ever heard.. Justin:At least,you laughed.. Jenny:For an idiot,you do know how to make a girl laugh.. Justin: one of my many talents.. Jenny: thank you..2 weeks later, Jenny was discharged from the hospital and already started school.. Justin:hey.. Jenny:hey.. Justin:we should go shopping after school.. Jenny: shopping? I don’t think so.. Justin: Come on,it will be fun.. Jenny:will Hailey be there? Justin: About Hailey,her parents relocated so she got transferred to another school.. Jenny: okay,i will come..After school, Justin and Jenny were in front of the shopping center when Justin sees someone.. Justin: Jenny, don’t look back.. Jenny:why?..???: Jenny.. Jenny: Stephen,what do you want?.. Stephen: Jenny,am sorry,i love you,i swear

O.N.S. Episode 25 and 26
One Night Stand. Episode 21 and 22

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