July 28, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 25 and 26

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One night stand ????, Episode 25.Stephen: Jenny,am soo sorry..i love you.. Jenny:Love me?you don’t love me,am so stupid for believing you all those times,you took my love for granted and I hate myself for loving you… Justin?.. Justin:yes.. Jenny:Meet me inside (walks away).. Stephen: Justin, you have to help me beg her.. Justin:Help you beg her? That’s what i did last time but what did you do..you cheated on her..get out and never come back.. Justin walks away from Stephen and meets Jenny inside the shopping center.. Justin:You okay?.. Jenny:Yeah,am fine.. let’s shop,i saw alot of nice jackets.. Justin: wait,we are not shopping for jackets .. Jenny:so what are we shopping for?.. Justin:Dresses,skirts…girls stuff.. Jenny:Why?.. Justin: Jenny,you don’t dress like a girl at all.. Jenny:Am not shopping for that.. Justin: yes,you are.. Jenny:I have rights.. Justin: Don’t care.. Justin carries her over his shoulder.. Jenny: Justin put me down now..put me down.. Justin: nope.. Jenny:put me down.. people are staring.. Justin takes Jenny to the dresses section and forces her to put on different dresses.. they ended up having fun together the whole day.. Jenny:today was fun.. Justin:Yeah, remember to wear those dresses.. Jenny:i will..2days later, Liam, Joan and Patrick were having breakfast when Jenny comes downstairs.. Joan:Wow, hunnie,you look beautiful.. Jenny: Really? I think the dress is too tight.. Patrick: it’s perfect..Liam:I thought you said you would never wear a dress, what happened?.. Jenny:Well, Justin forced me to..joan:He did a good job.. Justin enters.. Justin: Good morning, everyone.. Joan: Morning,hunnie.. Patrick: Justin,you did a great job on Jenny.. Justin: thanks.. Liam:Can u teach her how to stop snoring too?.. Jenny:Shut up, Justin let’s go.. Justin and Jenny leave for school.. Justin p.o.v: Jenny is looking so beautiful, the boys won’t stop staring at her,i wonder when i can be able to tell her how i feel..

One night stand, Episode 26.. Two months later, Justin p.o.v: it’s been two months now and i haven’t been able to tell Jenny how i feel.Tamara said i should wait a little so that she can heal but honestly, i don’t think I can control myself anymore, she’s just so beautiful and amazing.. Tamara:Bro,what are u doing? Justin: picking out an outfit.. Tamara:Let me guess,you are going out with Jenny.. Justin: Yeah.. Tamara:i love the way the name Jenny makes your eyes sparkle.. Justin:I love her.. Tamara:You two would make a good couple.. Meanwhile, Jenny and Wendy are together in Jenny’s room.. Wendy:So it’s a date?.. Jenny:No,we are just going out.. Wendy:Seems like a date to me.. Jenny: Keep shut and help me choose an outfit..30 mins later, Justin comes to pick Jenny up.. Justin:You look amazing.. Jenny: Thanks, you too.. Justin: let’s go?.. Jenny: Let’s go.. They went to a fancy restaurant, Jenny notices girls staring at Justin.. Jenny: The girls can’t stop staring at you.. Justin:I didn’t notice.a waitress approaches them,she winks at Justin and ignores Jenny’s presence.. waitress:What do you wanna have, handsome.. Justin:Ask my friend first since you can’t acknowledge her presence.. waitress:Am so.. Justin:Save it, maybe i will just leave.. waitress:No,wait..am sorry..she takes their orders.After eating,they head to the beach.. Jenny: It’s beautiful.. Justin:And peaceful.. Jenny:Come to think of it I haven’t seen you with a girlfriend.. Justin:I have eyes for one girl but i haven’t told her.. Jenny:Who is she?.. Justin: Someone you know.. Jenny:Is it bella in our class?.. Justin:Nope,you will know soon.40 mins later, Justin took jenny home, they hig each other, then Suddenly Jenny kisses Justin on the lips,he kisses back,they pull away.. Jenny:Am..am so sorry,i don’t know what came over me.. Justin: it’s.. Jenny:Am sorry..she leaves….

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