June 18, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 27 and 28

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One night stand ???? Episode 27.. Jenny ran inside her house after the kiss,she leans on her door and starts to hit her head against the door, Liam sees her.. Liam:Woah, what’s wrong?i have the mental hospital number on my phone.. Jenny:Am not crazy,am just stupid.. Liam:What happened?.. Jenny:I stupidly kissed Justin..on the lips.. Liam: That’s good.. Jenny: Good?i thought you would be angry.. Liam:No,am not.. Justin loves you and i know,he’s a great guy.. Jenny:soo.. Liam:So am saying you two are good for each other.. Jenny:But i don’t like Justin.. Liam: Trust me you do.. Jenny:How are you so sure?.. Liam:I have noticed you..you are always different when he is around, your smile is always beautiful when you are with him.. think about it.Meanwhile, Justin gets home, smiling so widely.. Tamara: Justin,why are you smiling like an idiot?. Justin: She kissed me.. Tamara:Who? Jenny?.. Justin:Yeah,she kissed me on the lips but she ran off.. Tamara: Woah. Justin:But now I don’t know what’s going through her head.. Tamara:Tell her how you feel.. Justin:I don’t want to make things awkward.. Tamara:So what are you going to do?.. Justin: I Know what to do already.Next day at school, Jenny drags Wendy to an empty room to talk.. Wendy:Okay, why are we hiding here? Jenny:Wen,i did something terrible.. Wendy:What did you do?..did you kill someone? Jenny:No,i..i kissed Justin on the lips.. Wendy: Really?how long was it?did you enjoy it?.. Jenny:I just told you that i kissed my friend and all you could say is that If i enjoyed it.. Wendy:You and i know that Justin is more than a friend to you..you like him.Jenny:am still confused..but for now i will avoid him.. Wendy:Okay,can we leave this empty room please?.. Jenny: let’s go.. they leave the room and start heading to class..??: Jenny?.. Jenny turns around.. Jenny: Justin..you are here.. Wendy:i will leave now,bye.. Wendy walks away.. Justin:Can we talk.. Jenny:yeah.. Justin:Am sorry i kissed you back.. Jenny: sorry?

One night stand ????, Episode 28.. Jenny:You are sorry? Justin:yeah,i know you didn’t mean to kiss me.. Jenny: Okay.. Justin:so i don’t want things to be awkward around us.. Jenny:Okay,so let’s just forget it..30 mins later, Jenny: Then he said he was sorry..i mean how can you be sorry kissing me.. Wendy: Jenny, you yourself said you didn’t want to bring the kiss up,now that he has made things easier you are complaining.. Jenny:Am not complaining,am just surprised.. Wendy:No, you are in love and you are angry because Justin saw the kiss as a mistake.. Jenny: whatever.Meanwhile, Justin and Ryan were talking..Ryan:How can you say it was a mistake.. Justin:I had to.Ryan:You could have just confessed your feeling right there..you are scared.. Justin:Am scared she will reject me..Ryan:You will never know until you tell her.. Justin:i will tell her soon.. Ryan:Okay but do it fast.2 weeks later, Justin fell sick,so he couldn’t go to school, Jenny came to visit him.. Justin: Thanks for coming.. Jenny: Don’t mention,you are my friend..so have you taken your medicine.. Justin:Yeah,i have.. let’s go watch Netflix.. Jenny: Okay..they go to the sitting room to watch TV,they watch for hours.. Jenny:Am hungry.. Justin:Me too, let’s go make something..they stand but Jenny trips on something, Justin catches her,they stare at each other for a while beford Justin kisses her, Jenny pushes him away.. Jenny: Justin: what are you doing, we are friends and friends don’t kiss.. Justin:So why did you kiss me last time.. Jenny:i..i don’t know.. Justin: Jenny,i have been thinking about you lately,i can’t go a day without thinking about you.. it’s like you live in my head.. Jenny: What are trying to say?.. Justin:Am saying that am in love with you, Jenny..i love you so much and i can’t keep hiding this feeling,i thought i could supress but i can’t, that’s why i can’t date other girls.. Jenny: Justin,I…

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