June 10, 2021

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One Night Stand. Episode 21 and 22

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O.N.S. Episode 23 and 24
He Bought Me. Episode 32

One night stand ????, Episode 21✨..At school, Stephen: Babe, I got you a gift.. Jenny: What is it?.. Stephen brings out a box and opens it.. Jenny:wow,a bracelet, thanks.. Stephen: Anything for you.. Stephen puts it on her wrist,they hug each other.30 mins later, Jenny goes over to see Justin.. Justin:Hey.. Jenny:Hey, look at what my Stephen gave me.. Justin:A bracelet.. it’s beautiful.. Jenny: Stephen is the best, that’s why I love him..Hailey arrives.. Jenny: Hailey: Look at what my…wait,are you two wearing matching outfits.. Justin:Yeah, you like it?.. Hailey: Justin suggested we wear the same thing.. Jenny:But Justin,i asked you to wear the same thing with me but you said that it’s stupid.. Justin: Yeah, but I like it now.. Jenny:But you.. nevermind.. Hailey: So Jenny,you wanted to show me something.. Jenny: Forget it,am leaving..bye(walks away) Hailey:is she alright? Justin: don’t know, Jenny is one crazy girl..30 mins later, Jenny:can u believe they wore matching outfits.. Wendy:I saw it, it’s nice.. Jenny: Wendy,are u serious right now? Wendy: Jenny,just admit you are jealous.. Jenny:Am not jealous..am just.. concerned..you know girls of nowadays, they use and dump guys.. Wendy: Didn’t you use Justin to get Stephen, then you dumped him.. Jenny:No, i didn’t.. infact topic closed..After school, Stephen and Jenny are cuddling up on the sofa , watching a movie.. Stephen:Babe?.. Jenny:Yeah.. Stephen: You and Justin are just friends, right? Jenny: Yes,why are you asking? Stephen: Because I have noticed you, anytime you see Justin and Hailey together,you get so uncomfortable..like you are jealous.. Jenny:Am not.. Stephen, it’s you that I love, okay?.. Stephen: okay.. Stephen kisses her,she kisses back,the kiss gets intense and Stephen tries to unbutton Jenny’s shirt,she stops him.. Jenny: Stephen,am still not ready.. Stephen:But I have waited for you.. Jenny:We only got back together 3weeks ago….

One night stand ????, Episode 22 ✨. Jenny:We just got back together 3 weeks ago.. Stephen:i know,am Sorry.. I have to go before your brother sees me.. Jenny: Are you angry at me? Stephen:of course not..At school, Justin was preparing for his basketball game.??:Hey, girlfriend stealer.. Justin: What do you want, Stephen? Stephen:What happened when i went on that trip?What happened between you and my girlfriend?.. Justin: Nothing happened,why are you asking?Are you scared that i will steal her away from you?.. Stephen: don’t try anything or i will break your bones.. Justin:You can’t do anything to me and FYI, Jenny and I did nothing immoral..am not like you (Walks away).. Stephen’s p.o.v:I love Jenny so much but i love sex more, it’s like am addicted to it and it seems she is falling for Justin, I can’t lose Jenny to Justin..2weeks later,at school, Justin’s p o.v:Where is Jenny?she is never late to class?Why am i having this feeling that something is wrong..Jenny walks in looking pale and her eyes are big and red, Justin tries to talk to her but the teacher enters, Justin couldn’t concentrate in class,he kept staring at Jenny.. immediately the teacher left the class, Jenny runs out, Justin follows her but she rins away quickly.30 mins later,wendy was at the school garden when she sees something that makes her scream, Jenny was in her own pool of blood.. Wendy: Jenny!!!!

O.N.S. Episode 23 and 24
He Bought Me. Episode 32

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