July 29, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor’s Son. Part 35 and 36

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After rounding off the whole service, i went home with my family as i planned with my mum and as she promised, she kept two big turkeys and snails in my soup. I really enjoyed the meal and then went to rest in my room.

I woke up later around 6pm and got a call from Tiwa and we talked for about 30mins, then i called Tope and we talked till my call card finished. I also called Moyo that day to greet her and she gave me her facebook username and i added her immediately and before night, she had accepted.
On monday, the next day, i got back to school and when i saw Tope, she jumped on me, hugged me and kissed me in front of almost all our coursemates. I felt shy at first but got bold and held her waist while she was telling me how she’s missed me and the rest. When i went to sit down, one of my friends was like
friend: guy howfa, shey na you dey package that babe?
me: na so i see am oo.. the babe just like me
friend: hope say you don sample am sha and hope say you no dey spend your money untop her head?
Me: na small small money i dey spend on am, like buy me gala, buy me chips money not big money sha
friend: but you don enter am sha?
me: yes, i don enter am, why you dey ask sef?

friend: You be my nigg na, i no want make you spend without effing. Yabatech girls bad oo.. dem go sU-Ck you dry, dem no go wan give you p.u.ssy fu_k
me: me no be dulling guy nau. Any babe wey taste my money must taste di.ck as well
friend: surest guy… smart nigga, na why you be my guy for life
me: na so o, you dey whynne mi ni?
Tope and I started having s.ex on the regular.
At anytime, anywhere possible, we even had quickies on some occassions and we became closer and closer. She came to my hostel almost everyday and we had se.x each time she came.
I had a room mate that joined anti-aids club and dey share condoms at every of their meetings, so condom was never scarce in my room. We had a place where we kept condoms untop of our cupboard.
Tiwa and i also became very close but we didnt have the chance to see on the regular.
Tiwa was a full time student while i was part time. She had lectures in the morning while i had in the evening. So, when she’s free, i’ll be in class and when she’s in class, i’ll be free.
We only saw on weekends. She would come to my hostel on saturdays, cook for me, and we’ll be together till evenings and on sunday after church, she’ll come and see me.
One saturday, she came to my hostel as usual and after cooking for me, she helped me wash some of my dirty clothes and we sat on my bed to relax.


Part-time exams was fast approaching and students became more serious than ever.
Students who didn’t have library cards, started registering for it and those who had expired lib. cards did renewal. Library became the hostel of most students, even students that i never saw with book started reading unending. School sweet, na exam spoil am.
I had to take a break from all the f.uck.ing activities and drew closer to God as others were doing. Fellowshipd started becoming filled up with students.
I started attending morning devotion in the school chapel and RCF evening meetings.
One day, i was in the library reading as usual, when this angel of s£duct!on was sent to me by lucifer himself. Her name is Tolu, a coursemate of mine.
Tolu: hey Victor, watsup
me: I’m cool, hw u doing?
Tolu: am fine oo.. just need a little of your help
me: my help? in what way?
Tolu: you see, this logic and linear algebra, ko ye mi oo… I dont understand anything under it
me: are you serious ?
Tolu: yeah, am dam serious, I’ve tried to read it but i don’t understand it at all and i know you’re good in calculations
me: ehe, okay, I’ll help you but we can’t start today cos am already engrossed in what I’m reading
Tolu: what are you reading sef?
me: Morphology and physiology of plants and animals
Tolu: okay… well done. So when do we start?
me: maybe tomorrow, come to school early because, once i pick something to read for the day, I wont leave it till the end of that day.
Tolu: okaaayyy
Me: yeah, you have to catch me before i pick something to read.
Tolu: so where do i meet you
me: meet me here in the library, this same seat before 10am, when i usually start reading for the day
Tolu: okay Stands up and moves closer and whispers in my ear thanks a lot am really grateful and i hope i’ll be able to show my gratitude someday pecks me on my ear and uses her tongue to lick my ear
me: okay, you’re welcome
after that act she did, i couldn’t concentrate on what i was reading again.

Her lips was so soft, and her b0s0m, oh my God, big is an understatment, it was massive.
She had the biggest b0s0m in my class and it was soft. How did i know? it brushed my arm when she leaned to peck me. I felt all the blood in my body rush to my d!ckson, giving me a massive uprise. I couldn’t get her off my mind and i couldn’t focus on what i was reading so i just closed my book and took a walk downstairs of the library and bough chilled water to wash and clear my head, then went back upstairs.
I went back into the library and tried reading some more before i was taken into the land of dreams.
i walked into a chemist shop and met a lady of say 18 or 19 selling and requested for a pack of condom. She gav eit to me and i asked if it was original and she asked if i would like to test it right there. I said yes and got behind the counter with her. She pulled up the flair skirt she wore and pulled down her pant.
I wore the cd and inserted my di..k and started pounding.
I kept pounding and pounding till i was about to release
A tap on my back brought me back to the real world and i saw Tope standing, smiling at me.
She leaned and gave me a full kiss which only aggrivated my already hard Mr. d!ckson. She noticed the hard-on in my trousers and she commented
Tope: eyhh!! Victor you’re having a hard-on under this hot sun
me: all thanks to you
Tope: me, how?
me: you just kissed me and your b0s0m, they’re apealing
Tope: hit melol… you’re not serious at all oo.

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