July 29, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor’s Son. Part 37 and 38

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The next day, Tolu arrived around 9.30 and came to meet me in the library. I was reading one textbook on fine art while i waited for her.

She sat beside me and we were making out plans on when and when i will be taking her and we decided to start that day. While we were yet speaking, one of the lib. staff came and warned us against talking in the library so we had to leave there and we went to a class and i started taking her the logic n linear algebra from the scratch.
As i was teaching her, i couldn’t resist taking quick glances at her bobs. They were so inviting and to make matters worse, she complained of heat and loosened the first two bottons of her shirt and I could see her black lace bra hugging the bossoms tight like someone that is seeing his lover after months of not seeing. I kept staring at the b0s0ms to the point that at a point i lost track of what i was saying or where i was. She brought me back to reality with a push “seems you’re making a mistake oo..”
Me and Tolu continued our tutorial everyday acos i wanted to finish everything under the course in two weeks. We were getting closer with time.
One of the days, she called me in the morning and i was still sleeping cos i read from 12am to 3am. I told her to come to my hostel, so we can do the lesson there, i was so tired to get up and go to class.
I got up and brushed, had my bath and ate and waited for her. She showed up adter like 20mins of waiting for her.
She wore a very tight gown that exposed the upper part of her cleavage, making it look so inviting. Immediately she arrived, my friend Bayo and i were the only one around at that time so he greeted her and was lost staring at her bobs. He pulled me out of the room and i told her i was coming.

outside the room

Bayo: guy, na wetin be dis kin temptation dis early morning? you wan kill yourself?
me: how?
Bayo: guy, dat chick bobby na killer nau… na overload you go carry
me: na tutorial she com do oo
Conversation continues
Bayo: tutorial ko! totorial ni!! dey whynne yurself.
me: guy, you funny oo
Bayo: oya tell me say you nor get plans to fk dat girl this morning
Me: i nor get plans before but as i dey see am ehn! even if na Molest, i swear i must fk her punna today
Bayo: na you sure pass oo… my realest nigga
We shook hand and he left and said he’ll be voming back later in the afternoon.
I went back to the room and suprisingly, i saw Tolu standing as she was before i left the room.



Me: why aren’t you sitted nau? abi you wanna do ushering for me? this is not a church nau

Tolu: is this my house? that i should just sit anyhow
me: common, be free nau
I pushed her gently to sit on the bed and i sat with her
me: babe, you’re looking take away oo
Tolu: hmm… you’ve started again this morning with your whynning
me: am not whynning you oo.. am serious, i love this gown so much, you look cute
Tolu: aiit, thanks, lets get to the business of the day
me: hmmm… serious student, okay ma..
I brought out a book and pen and we started the lesson and in my mind i was just like “omor… dis girl wan form serious student sha! i go bleep am today sha! weda na rape or molest, i must bleep her well today sha!”
I was teaching her and she was assimilating, nodding her head at interval to show she was understanding. After a while, she said she’s tired, that we should rest small.
I knew it was [b]SHOW TIME[\b] She lied down on my bed and i moved to another bed, backing my own bed and continued reading. After a while, she called my name and i turned back to behold the most shocking moment of my life.
There she was, totally unclad. My mouth hung open and i was like “what’s this?”
she said “Victor, you’re too serious jare, you need to cool sometimes oo.. have you had sx before?
i said yes and went closer to her and we started kissing while my very sharp left hand located her big b**bs. Gosh! it was soft, juicy.

I started kissing her b0s0m and sU-Cking it but i didn’t touch the nip. She begged me to sU-Ck her tips and i circled my tongue around it. I took my time to do the sU-Cking and she was enjoying it cos she pressed my head hard against the bbs and i did justice to it. I sU-Cked and bite it softly at intervals. My other hand slipped down and she was damn wet. After the hot romance, she layed on the bed and spread her legs for me.
Her p. was well shaved and looked inviting.
I stood for a while and admired the beautiful creature laying on my bed, all mine. Her skin was smooth with no spot.
I first licked her from the leg upward. I was licking her thigh and romancing her legs at the same time. I moved my mouth up and buried my tongue in her punnany. It smelt and tasted fresh. While eating her, my hands reached for her two bbs and started squeezing.
This lasted for about 4 minutes within which she was just m0an!ng and raising her leg higher and rubbing and pressing my head.
ashhhh!! oh sh*t! oh fk! Vic…. oh yea, sh!t, you’re killing me, oh yea, eat that kitty, yeah like that, oh ashhhh!!! My di.k was over erected at this point. I stood up and raised her leg and put on my shoulder and penetrated her, burying my full length into her pssy. She m0aned as i put my d..k into her. I maintained that style for like 2mins, hitting slowly and steadily, then changed scissors, from the back.
It gave me access to fk her and sq££ze her b**bs at the same time.

Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 39 and 40
Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 35 and 36

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