August 4, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor’s Son. Part 39 and 40

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After about 10mins, i came and she said she has already Pour like thrice. twice during the sU-Cking and once during the Bleeping.
We both rested for 10secs to catch our breath and started romance again and i sU-Cked her and she decided to reciprocate the act. She took me into her mouth and swallowed my full length and i felt my di.k touch the entrance of her throat. She sU-Cked and sU-Cked while using her left hand to work her punna. I was enjoying the good loving she was giving my di.k.
In about 5mins, i came in her mouth and she swallowed it and licked me dry and left my di.k to go numb in her mouth. She stood up, we kissed and smooch some more and had another sweet round of sx and both got dressed
Tolu: that was sweet, never knew you’re so good like that
me: lol…I’m a silent killer nau
Tolu: you look so quiet and serious, like someone that cannot even kiss a girl
me: don’t judge a book by its cover, hope you had fun sha?
Tolu: are you kiding me? more than fun sef. Thanks
Me: thanks for what?
Tolu: for treating me right, for the great sx
me: wow… so you really enjoyed it then?
tolu: enjoyed is an understatement, i’m impressed
me: what of your bf? don’t you guys have s*x?

tolu: mtcheww.. that one? over serious is his problem, he’s so boring in bed. Mummy and daddy style all the way. He doesn’t even use his hand or mouth for anything during sx, just his dik, which he doesn’t last up to 5mins and after one round, thats all.
me: ehyaaa
My di..k was already rising again from the sx talk and she noticed it
tolu: you’re getting hard again already
me: yeah
tolu: so you mean you can go another round?
me: yep! if occassion demeands
tolu: my bf stops at one round, and his di..k is just big for nothing, he doesn’t know how to use it, wait oo.. how did you learn sx like this
me: practise makes perfect they say, its from years of experience
tolu: bad boy, so how many of our class girls have you fuc*ed?
me: just one
tolu: who?
me: :/


tolu: sorry, ermm.. that was a useless question right? demanding to know who you’ve had it with, silly me
me: lol… yeah
She started rubbing my hard di..k and before i knew it, her mouth was around my di..k already. We sU-Cked and fuked for another 30mins and i was so exhausted. We both slept off ineach other’s arms.
I was woken later around 3pm by a hard knock on the door. I woke her and she put her clothes on. I opened the door and saw Bayo
Bayo: guy, i don dey knock since nau
me: i dey sleep na
Tolu stood up and told me she was leaving. We hugged and i sq££zed her arse while she giggled. We agreed to meet the next day but in class. As soon as she left, bayo striked a converstion
bayo: guy how the totorial?
me: na tutorial i give am not totorial
bayo: na so, how the babe punna
me: guy, no dey talk nonsense, i be virgin
bayo: you, virgin! na im be say i never see woman for my life
me: na you sabi
bayo: but guy, on a serious note, hope you bleeped her?
me: i dey mad? why not?
bayo: so how e be?
me: she sweet nau, i wan sU-Ck her bobby dry,
bayo: ehen! i notice say the size don reduce
me: laugh so hard guy you no sha well
bayo: so aofa wetin we discuss yesterday?
me: i no dey interested, i swear
bayo: why nau? beneficts dey oo
Bayo was a cultist and he was trying to persuade me to join but nothing in my life can make me join cult. I told him NO and i meant it.
I told bayo that i wasn’t interested in joining cult and he told me that if i ever needed their help in the cult to clear any issue or if anyone treathen me, i should let him know, that they’ll help me out. I said okay and we cooked and ate and slept later at night.
The next few days went very well between me and Tolu. Any day she came to my hostel, it was tutorial in maths and in sexicology. She was enjoying the good sx i was supplying her but i had no extra feelings for her.

We were progressing fast in the lesson but we had 2weeks left before the exam day so we had to hasten things up. We decided to do overnight lesson one day and that day was very eventful.
That day, while the lesson was going on, Nepa took the light and everywhere became dark.
We were outside at the back of a classroom cos the class was filled with students and there was no space. It was already 1:30am and the school gen wasn’t turned on and we had no lamp with us.
She lied down on the bench placing her head on my lap. I started developing a hard-on. She knew this and started playing with and rubbing my di..k inside my trouser. Before i knew it, she has unzipped me and brought out my di.k and started sU-Cking it. She then stood up and said we should do a quickie since no one else was there. She pulled down her trouser and pant and leaned over the table while i just brought out my di..k from the zip hole and started pounding her punna with fast successions.

Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 41 and 42
Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 37 and 38

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